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Male Randomization. Presets N' Unified Textures 0.8.0

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  • Bodyslide: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/201 EBD: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/15257 FNIS: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/3038 Racemenu: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19080 XP32 Maximum Skeleton: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/1988 zEBD: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/36019 SMMB 3MW Texture Pack: https://schaken-mods.com/file/507-smmb-3mw-texture-pack/ Java: https://www.java.com/en/ Masculine Argonian Textures for SMMB: https://schaken-mods.com/file/508-masculine-argonian-textures-for-smmb/ Masculine Khajiit Textures for SMMB: https://schaken-mods.com/file/509-masculine-khajiit-textures-for-smmb/ Masculine Khajiit Textures SOS FULL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/70481?tab=files SKSE: https://skse.silverlock.org/ SMMB: https://schaken-mods.com/file/505-schaken-mods-male-bodyslide-se/page/2/?tab=comments zEdit: https://github.com/z-edit/zedit/releases



  • This can be posted on other sites.,MUST ASK for permission to use assets from this mod,MUST ASK for permission to convert this to other games.

About This Mod

What Does this Mod Even Do?
It causes every male in the game to look distinct from one another in skin texture, body shape and armor/clothing shape, and randomly distributes any or all installed headparts.

How's it Do that Now?

Schaken Mods Male Body Slide is an excellent and to my knowledge the only Male Bodyslide.  It allows the adjustment of more than 60 sliders to create thin, fat, muscular, or really pretty much any sort of male body type.  
MR.PNUT applies SMMB textures and meshes to male NPCs using:

zEBD, a patcher that uses the underlying framework of EBD (which it still relies upon for headpart changing options) to apply textures, meshes, heights and more to NPCs.  It can do so randomly, applying a different combination of each to every NPC in the game.  It can also apply specific combinations to individual NPCs, type of NPCs, races, and etc.  MR.PNUT's settings are somewhere in between.
SMMB and zEBD are two mods so awesome that I had to make this mod so that I could use them both in my game!

What this Mod Does not Do
>MR.PNUT does not apply body types based on class or any other feature except in a few very limited cases:
*The hairier bodies are distributed based on race.
*The most muscular texture is distributed only to high weight NPCs.
*The thinnest body shape is distributed only to low weight NPCs.
*The sweatiest texture is applied only to higher than mid weight NPCs
This could be made much more precise and logical, but as it is any given NPC might by thin, fat, muscular, or anywhere in between.  You may see fat beggars or skeletally thin guards.
>MR.PNUT has problems with Khajiits.  Not racism or specism, but neck and genital seams.  There is also only one Khajiit texture as I was unable to figure out a way to use zEBD to distribute different textured schlongs (hereafter this will be referred to as the "one schlong problem", it comes up a lot).  Khajiits will still have the underlying meshes that make them appear fat/thin/etc, but they are all going to be Grey Cats (which is still much more texture variety than vanilla)
>MR.PNUT causes clipping.  Some animations cause flesh to clip through some clothing, extreme body shapes cause clothing to clip through clothing and flesh to clip through flesh.  It's worth it to me to see a randomly obese guard claim to know nothing about my stolen sweetroll.

While any individual NPC can have any valid combination of texture and mesh some are overall more likely than others.
>"Normal" NPCs are most common,
>Followed by "muscular",
>combination of "muscular" and "fat",
>"thin" (using slider values in the negative),
>combination of "very muscular" and "very fat",
>"very muscular",
>"very fat",
>and finally "very thin"; which is applied to less than 1 out of every 100 NPCs.
Every part of MR.PNUT is easy to customize as it is really just a collection of settings for zEBD.  The above probabilities are especially easy to change.

Textures and Meshes: Together... Forever?
zEBD allows connecting different types of meshes to different kinds of textures.  MR.PNUT makes use of this feature to limit the range of textures applied to a given type of mesh.  For example a "normal" mesh can have a "normal", "fat", or "muscular" texture applied but not a "thin", "very fat", or "very muscular".

RBS is Awesome Too
Realistic Body System 
 is, let's face it, actually a lot more awesome than this mod.  It can be used to easily randomize the mesh of both Male and Female NPCs.  However, just like MR.PNUT it requires bodyslides for the sexes it controls.  RBS can be used as a substitute for the mesh portion of this mod, which is why that portion is an optional file.  You can also use both to up the randomness factor.  The downside to RBS is that it does not have a way to control textures, so the morphs it applies might make a body that MR.PNUT applies a muscular texture to be fat shaped, etc.

Options Not Included in the Config Files
* any of the normals that have no pubes as they look odd in combination with the pubed schlong due to the one schlong problem.
*smooth options are included but disabled as enabling them naturally doubles the number of permutations.  If you prefer the smooth you can enable the smooth and disable the detailed in zEBD's Texture and Mesh Settings and everything will work the same.  You can also enable both AT YOUR PERIL.
*Khajiit and Argonian textures as I prefer the Masculine Khajiit and Argonian and the one schlong problem prevents me from using textures that are very
different from one another.
>Masculine Khajiit Textures:
*The Tiger Texture due to the one schlong problem.
>Masculine Argonian Textures:
*ALL ARE INCLUDED.  I feel the Lizard schlong works well enough with the Chameleon body.

One Last Thing 
Before you dive into those long installation instructions below.  MR.PNUT could be improved upon in many ways, namely:
>Fixing the one schlong problem would allow the inclusion of many more textures, which would especially increase Khajiit texture variety.
>It might be possible to use the Dynamic Animation Replacer to give different mesh types different animations, making the "fat" ones waddle or such and possibly fixing the clipping problems.
>What is up with the Khajiit seams?
>Many Bodygen presets use the syntax of "[email protected]|[email protected]|[email protected]" while I use "[email protected]:1.0".  My way is much easier but I suspect the other way increases the ability of sliders within a preset to move independently?  Or perhaps it decreases the amount of time the plugin takes to work?  I'm not in any hurry to change as I am unsure as to the effect this would have and not certain I have yet perfected my parameters.
>I am not a mod maker.  I am a person who liked two mods so much that I made a way to use them both in game.  If you have a way to improve on MR.PNUT, please let me know.  I'll most likely download your mod 🙂


What follows is a probably unnecessarily long and detailed installation guide.  It assumes that you have already installed Bodyslide, FNIS, Racemenu, XP32, Java, SKSE, and zEdit.  Options that are not mentioned should be deactivated, left deactivated, or will not allow you to deactivate them (greyed out as enabled in fomod).
I. Optionals:
a. Racemenu Morphs [REQUIRED]  (for use with Racemenu and EBD Cosmetic Menu.)
b. SOS Compatability [REQUIRED]
c. Physics [OPTIONAL] 
d. WIP High Poly Outfit Refit [OPTIONAL] (I tried it, but it did not remove the clipping of Sigurd's manflesh thru his clothing as he chopped wood, so I turned it off.) 
II. Modders Tools:
a. CBBE Compatibility [OPTIONAL]
III. SOS Plugins Compatibility:
a. Enable all  
B. 3MW
I. Diffuse:
a. Any option with pubes.  This is required as I was unable to assign different schlongs through zEBD.  If you are playing as a male humanoid character pick whatever option you want your character to use.  If not just pick any option with pubes.  Either way, you MUST pick one of the pube options, or else it is going to look weird.
II. Normal:
a. If playing as a male humanoid Install for the muscle/ fat level you want your character to use.  Otherwise it doesn't matter.
III. SOS Compatibility:
a. Enable all 
IV. Optional Argonian Textures:
a. none (We will be installing Masculine Argonian Textures Later and the Lizard schlong doesn't match with 3MW textures.)
V. Optional Khajiit Textures:
a. none (We will be installing Masculine Khajiit Textures Later and the Grey Cat schlong doesn't match with 3MW textures.)
VI. Sporty Sexy Sweat:
a. If playing as a male humanoid Install for the sweat level you want your character to use.  Otherwise it doesn't matter.
a. HRFMFM Patch - Detailed Version (to match NPCs).
C. Masculine Argonian Textures
I. Chameleon Textures:
a. do not enable so that all Argonians have Lizard Schlongs instead of Chameleon Schlongs
II. MSN Modifier:
a. Install for male Argonian player character muscle/ fat level if male Argonian player character used.
III. SOS Support:
a. Enable all
D. Masculine Khajiit Textures
I. SOS Full
a. Variations:
i. Grey Cat for Grey Cat Schlong.
b. Leave mod disabled in MO2.  We will be moving the relevant files into the SMMB version shortly.
a. Options:
i. Type:
1. Grey Cat
ii. MSN:
1. Install for male Khajiit player character muscle/ fat level if male Khajiit player character used.
iii. SOS Support:
1. Enable all
b. Transfer files from SOS Full version:
i. copy both files ( malegenitals_khajiit_1 and malegenitals_khajiit_1):
1. from mods\Masculine Khajiit Textures for SOS (Grey Cat and Leopard)\textures\actors\character\SOS\Smurf Average  
2. to mods\Masculine Khajiit Textures for SMMB\textures\actors\character\SOS\
A. Smurf Average
B. VectorPlexus Muscular
C. VectorPlexus Regular
I. Installation:
a. In Mod Manager 2 Install Mod
b. click Executables
c. add an Executable: Add From File...
d. Select in Executable list:
i. Binary: javaw.exe's location (mine is E:\Program Files (x86)\Java\bin\javaw.exe)  
II. Run:
a. Back to MO2 main menu and select executable EBD.
b. Main Settings:
i. Change Headparts [OPTIONAL]
ii. Change Female Animations [OPTIONAL]
iii. Enable Consistency [OPTIONAL]
c. Head Settings:
i. Disable Unique NPCs [OPTIONAL]  (this effects more NPCs than not, expect to see few headpart changes if this is selected)
ii. Disable Elderly NPCs if you don't care about Elder Headparts and want to save some processing power.
iii. Disable NPCS in Combat if you want to save processing power and reduce stuttering as hostile NPCs appear.
iv. Enable Customizer Spell [OPTIONAL] recommended- this spell is very useful for debugging and customization.  Particularly useful are the Fix Face Tint and Open Cosmetics Menu functions.
v. Enable Debug Spell [OPTIONAL]
vi: Headpart Editor and Custom Race Editor are worth looking into.  The first sets probability of parts beings changed, the second applies headparts to Custom Races as if they were Vanilla races.
d. Other Settings:
i. Import mods on startup [RECOMENDED] 
e. Click Patch in the upper-righthand corner.
I. Installation:
a. Create folder in your tools/zEdit/modules folder called zEBD.
b. extract contents of zEBD archive into tools/zEdit/modules/zebd. 
c. asset pack installation:
i. Download all the files that start with "Config files" from MR.PNUT and follow the instructions in the zip files.
II. Run:
a. Launch zEdit 
b. Right click on the list of plugins in the left pane.
c. Manage Patchers.
d. zEBD NPC Customizer.
e. Settings:
i. Main Menu:
1. Main Menu:
A. Apply Assets from Config Files [REQUIRED]
B. Customize Character Heights [OPTIONAL]
C. Enable RaceMenu BodyGen Integration [OPTIONAL] (Enable if you are not only using RBS to control NPC meshes.)
D. Abort patching if required assets are not found at the expected paths [RECOMENDED]
E. Enable Consistency [OPTIONAL]
F. Link multiple instances of the same NPC [OPTIONAL]
G. Display tooltips [RECOMENDED] 
2. Patchable Races:
A. Click Get All Available Races
3. Group Definitions:
A. Recommend leaving it as is.
4. Show Miscellaneous Settings:
A. Recommend to leaving it as is.
 ii. Texture & Mesh Settings:
1. General Settings:
A. Change NPC Textures [REQUIRED]
B. Change NPC Meshes [OPTIONAL]  (Enable if you are not only using RBS to control NPC meshes.)
C. Apply to NPCs with custom skins [RECOMENDED]
D. Apply to NPCs with custom faces [RECOMENDED]
E. Display popup alerts from Asset Settings Packs [RECOMENDED]
F. Remaining options are for debugging or saving/loading permutations.
iii. Height Configuration Menu:
1. Do as you like, I left it as is.
iv. BodyGen Integration Menu [OPTIONAL] (Follow the following steps if you are not only using RBS to control NPC meshes, otherwise skip
down to v.):
1. Click Import a BodyGen zEBD Config File and select the BodygenConfig.json we downloaded from MR.PNUT.
2. Set RaceMenu BodyGen ini file
3. Save Current Configuration
4. Menu can be used to control body meshes, their likelihood, etc.
v. Specific NPC Assignments
1. Use this menu to force specific NPCs to use a specific texture/mesh/height.
vi. Block List
1. Recommend leave as is or use to block specific NPCs from being affected by this mod.
f. Run:
i. Click Build Patches in the left pane.
ii. Click Build in the right pane.
iii. Wait until it reads "All Done!" then close the window.
iv. Close zEdit
v. Save zEBD.esp.
vi. Enable zEBD.esp plugin in MO2.
G. Final Steps
I. Bodyslide
a. Launch Bodyslide
b. Select Outfit/Body SMMB High Poly SOS Body Physics (if you are using physics) or SMMB High Poly SOS Body (if you are not).
c. Set all sliders to 0.  Recommend saving this as a Preset in case you ever have to do this again.
d. Enable Build Morphs
e. Click Batch Build...
f. leave all selected except for:
i. SMMB SOS Underwear Physics
ii. SMMB High Poly Body Physics
iii. SMMB SOS Underwear
iv. SMMB High Poly Body
v. SMMB High Poly SOS Body Physics (if not using physics)
g. Click build. 
h. Recommend leave all options as are and click OK.
II. Run GenerateFNISforUsers

>Any mod that adds headparts as these will be automatically distributable by EBD!  The ones I use are:
ApachiiSkyHair SSE
Starsight Eyes
Hvergelmir's Aesthetics - Brows
CN's Fantasy and Demonic Eyes
Elegant Beauty Stunning Eyes Remastered
Eye Full Glow
Beast Hair Horn Beard and Brow
Improved Eyes Skyrim
KS Hairdos SSE
Mikan Eyes - SE
The Eyes Of Beauty SSE
>Bodyslide to Bodygen Converter and Generator if you want to mess around with making your own mesh types or with slider variables in general.  I found it extremely helpful.  LE, but it doesn't matter.

>Women's Absolute Limits N' Unified Textures female version of this mod.  Use both together, why not?


Daria_Gray's Other Mods

    Women's Absolute Limits N' Unified Textures

    In Meshes and Texture Overhauls


    What Does this Mod Even DoIt causes every female in the game to look distinct from one another in skin texture, body shape and armor/clothing shape, and randomly distributes any or all installed headparts. How's it Do that Now?zEBD, a patcher that uses the underlying framework of EBD (which it still relies upon for headpart changing options) to apply textures, meshes, heights and more to NPCs.  It can do so randomly, applying a different combination of each to every NPC in the game.  It can al

    340  5963 
    49.76 kB

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