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BriansBasement.zip 1.0.0

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About This Mod

My first play-through in Fallout New Vegas I was pretty content to just store all my stuff in a Crate just outside the saloon.
But with a smidgen of modding experience and a hare up my a**, I spent four days putting this mod together.

It's basically a basement full of ordered containers for storing weapons, armor, junk and just about everything else in an organized fashion.


I went ahead and added all the accoutrements like the reloading bench, workbench, laboratory, infirmary and cooking station.
It has a Wasteland map-marker so you can fast travel to the entrance once it's been discovered.
I also added a "mini-quest" that will give you access to a couple of weapons that would work great for a stealth build, if you're interested.
There's also a plaque with a short dedication/memorial to a late friend from whom this mod gets its namesake.


It's located behind Doc Mitchell's house in Goodsprings amidst a ruined brick building.


This is my first mod for this game so please leave comments about any issues you find.

NOTE:  Everything you need to find the key and cave is in the basement.  There's no need to go outside.  Just look around.  It's all there.  I've tested it dozens of times 🙂

Thanks Much!


  • The Civil War images on the wall next to the bedroom may fall off after a while.
  • You can't sit down in the desk chair.
  • There's a glitch in the roof of the cave near the back, nothing serious, just looks ugly when you see it.


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