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PAINT.NET extensions #4 - dpy's Plugin Pack 8.1

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Compatible with:




  • https://schaken-mods.com/file/1928-paintnet-free-dds-filetype-extention/



  • The assets can be used for other mods.,This can be converted to other games.,None - No permissions allowed.

About This Mod

This is a pack of plugins for PAINT.NET

for several effects and tools

to apply in program.


INSTALL: The download zip

contains .dll files.


Locate your PAINT.NET installation path.

There is a folder named "Effects".

Copy all .dll files inso that folder.


FEATURES in detail:


Menu > Adjustment
Black and Alpha+
Changes an image into black and white , and changes brightness into transparency.

Color Balance+
Enhanced color balance with Highlight, Shadow & Midtonal adjustments.

Menu > Effects > Color

Eenables the plural threshold.

Menu > Effects > Distort

"Rotate/Zoom+" plugin can be selected the three types.(bicubic, bilinear, Nearest Neighbor)

Menu > Effects > Distort
Perspective Effect (v2.0)

Perspective Effect and Trapezoid transform of your image by adjusting the height &/or width of the sides.

Menu > Effects > Object
AA's Assistant

soften the edges , and adjust alpha.
a detailed explanation (Japanese and English)

Menu > Effects > Color
Applies a chrome or metallic sheen to an image.

Menu > Effects > Text Formations

Sub menu "Text Formations" is created by installing these plugins.

Text+ update!
specify the line spacing and drawing position ,and change Pitch of Font .

Circle Text
Writes text into a circle.

Rotate Text
Writes text on an angle.
there is two dll file for this effect in this setpack.
Both dll is same effect , but different each UI size.
If your display size is 1024x768 , please use RotateTextSUI.dll.
(It is short size UI that decreased Text input box)

Spiral Text
Writes text on a spiral.

Wave Text
Writes text on a sine wave.

there is two dll file for this effect in this setpack.
Both dll is same effect , but different each UI size.
If your display size is 1024x768 , please use WavwTextSUI.dll.
(It is short size UI that excepted "bold" and "Italic")

Speech Bubble
Make speech bubble and writes text in it.

1px Expansion
Menu > Effects > Distort
This is a plug-in to help fill colors of shapes or Manga.
Use to the image that was painted by "bucket" on a transparent layer.

Alpha to 0
Menu > Effects > Color

This is set to zero alpha.
Use when you want to keep the RGB data, as well as "eraser".

Alpha to 255
Menu > Effects > Color

This is set to 255 alpha.
Replace the erased images by "Alpha to 0" or "eraser".

Hidden Content:

Stay tuned.

Remember to give this one a like and even tip me a coffee/send nudes.





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    PAINT.NET extensions #1 - Plugin Browser

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    This is a PAINT.NET extention, it requires PAINT.NET and is an in program explorer showing and examining other plugins of PAINT.NET. _________________________________________________________ You better get this one first before installing other plugins, because some won't work or be not so good and also there are many each different, so have this one prior to keep overview. _____________________________________________________________________________

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    PAINT.NET free + dds filetype extention

    In Tools


    PAINT.NET is a popular graphics program. It has been free for years, now microsoft store decided to make it paid. So this download is getting a free version before they wipe it out of the net. ________________________________________________________________________________ There is also an extention for making it able to open, edit and save as DDS filetype. This is the image format most Bethesda games use. ____________________________________________________________

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    This is a pine tree textures replacer mod I made some months ago as I learned about how to make pseudo3D textures.   Contains only textures, nothing else.   Just put in data folder or install with mod manager of yours as usual.   Available in different resolutions, only use one file.   Consider that one texture is for several branches, so if you normally use 2K textures for example then better pick 4K version or even 8K.   2K is really disgu

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    Nextgen pseudo3D worldmap with 2.566.914.048 pixel, 28 meshes and map sound (optional). Best map mod ever.   Lore: "Through nature the human heart gets mildered and calmed." Adalbert S., Priest of Kynareth, 3rd era "I overlook the earth 'cause I see it from suns angle." Jus A., rarely known avatar of Tava Some time before the civil war a mapmaker named Maphack McHackmap offered Ulfric Stormcloak his services, which he denied even after McHackmap told that one can't rule a

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    Breast Weight Painted Hair SE

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    avoids clipping between hair and breast for affected haircuts   This is a port of gamefevers mods Apachii Skyhair - Breast Weight Painted and KS Hairdos - Renewal Breast Weight Painted Hair   with his friendy permission (see pic).   All honor goes to him and his helpers. There are 3 files, one for only KS Hairdos, one for only ApachiiSkyHair and a third if u have both (=AIO). For more info please visit gamefevers mod pages (linked above).   Can't gi

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    You stink - Textures for Keep it Clean - A Bathing Mod

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    Replaces the 2 texture overlays for dirt and filth status in 8k/4k/2K   The old textures are outdated in my opinion. Made new ones. Not perfect yet since there are little hands seams. But anyways better than large brown puddles over the boobs. Maybe fix later but got other projects now to serve the community. Choose filesize according to your device benchmarks. Not tested with male pc or other body types than UNP type. Please leave a comment if that works if you have a second, I'

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    NSFW MainMenu Replacer with skimpy picture and lovely music; 16:9   16:9 image is a screenshot from modded skyrim se song is composed by me for someone

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    4.02 MB

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