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Skyrim's Shrouded Secret Complete Version 1.7

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Compatible with:




  • All DLC's and Sexlab



  • MUST ASK for permission to convert this to other games.

About This Mod


Skyrim's Shrouded Secret - 1.7

(A Futa Story)

Over 8400 lines of voiced dialogue

This mod was built in LE but works on LE and SE, has been tested by many! Thank you to all who did bug reports for me!





This mod does not add a penis to females, that needs to be done on your end.

There is a link below the videos leading to a mod that will do this

How to Install

Install with your mod manager (All Chapter are included in The latest Chapter)

(If updating mid playthrough, see details further down on the page)




What is this mod?

     This is a story based mod for Futa females in Skyrim. The mod plays along the story of Skyrim and the Dragonborn with its own quest and lore of why females in Skyrim have a cock. The is a progressive story, as you progress you unlock features and radiant quest, Lovers and Mistresses This is not a mod that you install and fuck everything that walks right out of the gate, nor will it ever be. (There are enough of those out there already)

As Chapters have been added, each Chapter has all the content in it that the previous Chapter already had, so all that is needed is the latest Chapter. 

(This mod DOES NOT add a dick to all the females, you need to choose a mod to add dicks, there are a couple out there, this dialogue assumes the females have cocks) 

 SOS schlong for females - UNP - Sexual Content - LoversLab

(Above is one example that can be used, if you want others then you just need to search)




Meet and Greet- Quest -(Voiced)

Quest Giver - Mod Activator  outside the exit to Bleak Falls Barrow (See Get Started Section Below)

Short but immersive Quest to introduce you to Galesse Barkwing, Win a brawl with Uthgerd the Unbroken, then speak with her.





The Road Less Traveled- Quest -(Voiced)

Quest Giver - Hulda speak with her after completing "Dragons Rising"

A lengthy quest that runs along with "Way of the Voice" with some added stops and scenes, This will set the stage for the story of woman with cocks in Skyrim (Is recommended to bring Galesse along with you, but not required until you are go back up to talk to the Greybeards with the horn. Galesse has many voiced line for this quest and Way of the Voice)



Once you have completed "Road Less Travel"-you will have 3 lovers available:

Adrianne - (Voiced)-Speak to her after you delivered "The Jarls" sword to her father, then again when she is on her walk at night after completing "Road Less Traveled"

Irileth -  (Voiced)-Complete "Missing in Action" - Between 8pm and 11pm
*Side note - The Irileth conditions is an example of Immersion, 8PM when the Jarl heads to his chambers, and Irileth has a few free hours, a lot of these conditions on different NPCs are in place for this reason.

Ysolda - (Voiced)-Complete "Road Less Traveled




A Family Tree Withers - Quest -(Voiced) 

Quest Giver - Arngeir speak with him after completing "Way of the Voice", must have Galesse as a follower. ask him about the strange book you have discovered and ask him to translate the phrase written in the Dragons Tongue. ( A scene with start with Arngeir and Galesse and the quest will start when the scene ends)

This is the first quest in uncovering the past of Galesse Barkwing as she searches for answers to the disappearance of you mother, the identity of her father and the reasoning behind her unique eyes.




Only Death Awakens the Soul - Quest -(Voiced) 

Quest Giver - Solving a Riddle in a book from Galesse's father you receive after completing "A Family Tree Withers"

This is a long quest, answering the questions of what happened to Galesse in her past, where her mother and father have gone and you learn that the Souls of the Quatern was more than a myth. Why do they tie in with Galesse and what effect could this have on the Dragonborn.

(Galesse is Required as a follower for this Quest)

Quest Rewards (Only Death Awakens the Soul)

Spell - Freeze Time (Power)
Spell - Spectral Dragon (Conjure)
Unlock hundreds of New Galesse Dialogue Commentary 
Unlock Galesse and your wife sex
Unlock Galesse gets Ahead ( She looks for BJ)
Unlock NPC approach player for service
Unlock Galesse Tavern Sex Dialogue
Unlock Galesse as a Mistress Option ( Must also Complete "Reign in Obedience")
Unlock bonus dialogue/scene with Galesse and Valerica (After Completing "Only Death Awakens the Soul" and "Matriarchal Machination")




The Seduction of Influence - Quest -(Voiced)

Available after completing "Dragons Rising" and "Clear Cragslane Cavern for the Jarl of Riften."
(Has to be before the quest "Seasons Unending") 

Speak to Laila Law-Giver

This quest can be long due to the many vanilla quest it ties into, again this is setting the stage for future update and a storyline (These 2 quest set the stage for everything else coming)


Once you have completed "The Seduction of Influence" you will have 10 lovers available: (Open Spoiler for Info)




Maven Black-Briar - (Voiced) - Becomes Lover after completion of "The Seduction of Influence"

Laila Law-Giver - (Voiced) - Becomes Lover after completion of "The Seduction of Influence"-(Dialogue only if her chambers at night)

Lillith Maiden-Loom - (Voiced) - Becomes Lover after completion of "The Seduction of Influence" (Gross I know but hey some people like a gummer)

Gerdur - (Voiced) - Becomes Lover after completion of "The Seduction of Influence"

Nenay - (Voiced) - Becomes Lover after completion of "The Seduction of Influence"

Atub - (Voiced) - Becomes Lover after completion of "The Seduction of Influence"

Also opens up "OrcStronghold" prostitution (Voiced)

Idgrod Ravencrone - (Voiced) - Becomes Lover after completion of "The Seduction of Influence" ( I know..gross..lol between 8pm and Midnight)

Elisif the Fair - (Voiced) - Becomes Lover after completion of "The Seduction of Influence" ( In her chambers after midnight)

Cindiri Arano - (Voiced) - Becomes Lover after completion of "The Seduction of Influence"

Frabbi - (Voiced) - Becomes Lover after completion of "The Seduction of Influence"






Reign in Obedience - Quest -(Voiced)

Available anytime

Quest Giver - Haelga in Haelgas Bunkhouse

Medium size quest to introduce you to Mistresses

Each Mistress has certain times they can perform, this is for immersion, some will only do it in there homes which they will give you the key.


Open spoiler for more info




Carlotta Valentia - (Voiced) - Becomes Mistress after completion of "Reign in Obedience"

Narri - (Voiced) - Becomes Mistress after completion of "Reign in Obedience"

Angi - (Voiced) - Becomes Mistress after completion of "Reign in Obedience"

Grosta - (Voiced) - Becomes Mistress after completion of "Reign in Obedience"

Ghorza gra-Bagol - (Voiced) - Becomes Mistress after completion of "Reign in Obedience"

Suvaris Atheron - (Voiced) - Becomes Mistress after completion of "Reign in Obedience"

Bralsa Drel - (Voiced) - Becomes Mistress after completion of "Reign in Obedience"

All Mistress conditions:

Aeri - Complete "Reign in Obedience" - Speak to her outside her home
Angi - Complete "Reign in Obedience" - Every 6 hours
Astrid - Complete "Reign in Obedience" and "Friends Like These" - Every 8 hours
Brasla - Complete "Reign in Obedience" - Speak to her in the Abandon Building - Once per day
Bryling - Complete "Reign in Obedience" - Speak to her outside her home
Carlotta - Complete "Reign in Obedience" - Speak to her in her home - Once per day
Constance - Complete "Reign in Obedience" and"Innocence Lost" Once per day
Ghorza - Complete "Reign in Obedience" - Once per day - Understone Keep
Grosta - Complete "Reign in Obedience" - Inside her home - Every 3 hours
Hert - Complete "Reign in Obedience" - Speak to her outside her home
Narri - Complete "Reign in Obedience" - Every 4 hours
Nirya - Complete "Reign in Obedience" and "The Eye of Magnus" Every 6 hours
Iona - Complete "Reign in Obedience" - Once per day
Jordis - Complete "Reign in Obedience" - Once per day
Karliah - Complete "Reign in Obedience" and "Blindsighted" - Every 6 hours-Nightingale Hall
Lydia - Complete "Reign in Obedience" - Once per day
Rayya - Complete "Reign in Obedience" - Once per day
Suvaris - Complete "Reign in Obedience" Speak to her at work or at home

Edda - beggar Mistress






Consequence of Demise - Quest -(Voiced)


Quest Giver - Frea in Temple of Miraak

This is a quest to run along side the Dragonborn DLC with Frea.
Find out what YOUR fate is with the Skaal.

Open spoiler for more info


NPCs that become a Mistress:

-Fanari Strong-Voice
and any other Female with the Skaal faction





A Daughters Solace - Quest -(Voiced)


Quest Giver - Serana inside Fort Dawnguard

This is a quest that can only be played if you choose to side with the Dawnguard.

Learn the tragic story of Serana's childhood as Sorine encourages Serana to get use to her cock and find out if the curse has been around longer than originally thought




Adversary Allure - Quest -(Voiced)


Quest Giver - Serana inside Castle Volkihar

This is a quest that can only be played if you choose to side with the Vampires.

Learn the tragic story of Serana's childhood as she vows to protect you from an aggressive Hestla and find out if the curse has been around longer than originally thought.




Matriarchal Machination - Quest -(Voiced)


Quest Giver -Upon finishing A Daughters Solace or Adversary Allure it will Starts Automatically     

Can a mothers love go too far?

This quest will run with the Dawnguard quest until Valerica is told she can return to the Castle, At which point its time to confront Valerica of her past that dates back to the Second Era.

Travel with Serana and let here vent to you and choose to help her come to terms with having a cock or deny her the desires she has.


Open spoiler for more info




NPCS - Mistess



-Sybbile Mistress (Vampire side)

-Hestla Mistress (Vampire Side)

NPC - Lovers


-Any Dawnguard Females (Lover)





Galesse Barkwing - "This Whole mod was created with her in mind."


-You will meet her thru the quest Meet and Greet.



Galesse is a foul mothed, sarcastic, untrusting woman who you can take along your travels, over time her trust will build and you help her solve the mysteries of her past. She is very interactive with the player, other NPCs and with the quest you are playing. I'll put Galesse up against any follower out, and before you compare in a comment make sure the follower you talking about has scenes voiced with over 400 different NPC, has arguments with guards, can talk to your spouse about having a threesome then do it, can walk off and try to talk other NPCS into having sex with her and do it if they agree. Has dialogue to have sex morning and night that is custom, dialogue for inside player homes, unique to each player home, dialogue for Tavern sex unique to each tavern, aware with weather, location, hold, town, store, camp exact - This whole mod was built around her!

Also her dialogue as a Follower isn't just a bunch of random shit, it can be said at certain times in certain places, she on not a follower that just randomly runs her mouth constantly. Dialogue will change depending on the day of the week, time of the day, and area she is in.

Open spoiler for more info


-Galesse Blackwing

-Follower Scenes (New)

-Voiced Greeting and replies as you travel with her (New)

-Add a book to her inventory that will tell you requirement's to start all the quest  (New)
-Added too Vanilla Follower quest without touching the actually Quest (FormList) So follower  should work with all follower mods.
-Voiced with Trish from Witcher 3
-Own personal introduction
-Custom eyes
-Custom Hair
-Lead in to sex at Inns
-Aware of the day of the week
-Aware of the time of day
-Quest Aware in:
The Golden Claw
Bleak Falls Barrow
Dragons Rising
Way of the Voice
Blade in the Dark
Diplomatic Immunity
Cornered Rat
Alduin's Wall
The Throat of the World
Elder Knowledge
In My Time of Need
The Blessings of Nature
Wolfskull Cave
The Wolf Queen Awakened
The Cursed Tribe
Ill Met By Moonlight
Laid to Rest
First Edition
Road Less Traveled
The Seduction of Influence
Reign in Obedience
-Location comments in:
Raven Rock
Shor's Stone
and many other locations like Giant camps. Bandit camps ect.

Comments on certain days of the week or weekend
Comments about certain NPCs, animals and creatures
Jokes are voiced
She will sometimes talk about NPCs she has sex with
Once she reaches status of love, 10 percent chance she will kiss you before she says goodbye after talking with her.
Voiced Morning Sex
Voiced Inn sex
Voiced outdoor evening sex
Voiced - Learn about her past





Radiant Quest



Whoring System

 Voiced in over 30 voices

Amulets and Random Approaches

Amulet of Whores - complete Reign in Obedience

Marauder Amulet - able to go into bandit camps to sell your ass - Complete The Seduction of Influence

If Marauder Amulet is lost or stolen by bandits you can buy another from Maven

I did not use forced greet, instead I used follow player package and here is why:

Force greet does not allow NPC's to follow you thru doors and into other cells, Follow player does

Unique lines for over 100 NPC's that approach


Three's a Party

Can run every 12 hours
Talk to any female NPC and choose dialogue - "Can we talk privately for a moment?"
You will then have 4 Options - (Depending on your relationship status with her)
"I really wannna watch as you fuck someone." - (Requires - Friend Status or Higher)
"I wanna watch as someone else fucks you!" - (Requires - Friend Status or Higher)
"Lets get kinky and find someone for a threesome.- (Requires - Friend Status or Higher)
"Ok here is fine!" (this can be used to bring any female NPC to a different area)
*Side Note - I didnt add the option to fuck the player due to the fact that it is earned thru Complete Quest, this is why you have to have at least "Friend" status, for immersion



Scene Generator

Runs when Galesse is your follower allows her to interact with almost any Female NPC in the game with different scenes, will also interact with Guards and female beggars
This was done with "Voice Types" so she will even interact with NPCs added from other mods

The Follower and I 

Generates scenes with addition followers that you have brought along that Galesse will interact with
Followers of 10 different voice types, incuding Serana
Will work with custom female followers that use vanilla voice types

Head of the Snake 

Available after completion of "Only Death Awakens the Soul"
Galesse needs some stange from time to time too, she will try and talk other NPCs into giving her a Blowjob
Sometimes she will get shot down, sometimes she will get head and sometimes she will end up with her mouth full


Available after speaking with Hulda and starting "The Road Less Traveled"
Speak to many different factions for the chance to make gold my selling your mouth of ass


The Secrets Out 

Available after completion of "Only Death Awakens the Soul"
Word has spread thru out Skyrim of the Dragonborn's willingness at times to sell sex for gold
Npcs will approach the Dragonborn now and then asking for services


Your Wife and I 

Available after completion of "Only Death Awakens the Soul"
Once you are married, speak with your wife, this will trigger a scene with Galesse and lead to some nasty things.

And must more

Unlock well over 100 female NPCs as lovers or a Mistress by completing Vanilla side quest and main quest
Rape or be raped, careful with some of the aggresive NPCs




The get started: (New Install/Playthru)


Must be installed before you have completed Way of the Voice and not completed any DLC quest
Start Mod with Activator
Once you have the quest to go to "Bleak Falls Barrow" go thru the barrow, once you exit it there will be an activator, click the activator(Picture Below)
Once you have done that, keep following the Skyrim quest.
Once you have finished "Dragons Rising" speak to Hulda in the Whiterun Bannered Mare
After that 80 percent of all dialogue is running
More dialogue will open up all thru your playthru as you complete more quest, main quest and side quest
It really is simple

To Update from previous version:

Completely Uninstall Chapter 4 or Below
Hard Save
Install The Final Chapter
Start with a save that is early in the game or start a New game ( If its an early save, it must be a save the was made before you had activated this mod


I have added an Activator in game near Bleak Falls Barrow Exit, as you can see in the bottom of the photo below.   The reason for the activator is to avoid having quest "Start Game Enable" which having too many quest start game enable can cause crashes when loading a save.






What is this mod (Cont.)

 This is a very light scripted mod, that only calls on scripts only when needed for sex scenes(This mod DOES NOT ADD ANIMATIONS), All content is now in this mod, it is complete!

Over 8400 lines of voiced dialogue currently
17 Quest to play including the Radiant that run in the background only when called upon
No Quest Option is to by-pass the quest Road Less Traveled (Not Recommended)
Dialogue is base of the assumption that you have your females set up at Futas in your playthru
Dialogue is not generic, its nasty and sexual (non of that "lets have fun" bullshit)
Script only runs when sex is called upon, no background scripts running
Adds an option Main Quest you can use on a new start, explaining why woman in Skyrim have cocks
Added a Activator (Reason being is so the mod is not "Start Game Enable", makes for a smoother load of saves)
Npcs dialogue will appear at certain times when conditions are met (See drop down for "Npcs Used")
Dialog for Followers to initiate sex
Sometimes you may just be raped
No doesnt always mean NO
Can be played as a Male or Female PC
Many dialogue lines are on a more personal nature to specific NPCs
Full Marriage dialogue leading to sex, rape or abuse without touching Skyrim's Vanilla marriage quest
Whore yourself out to Farmers, Lumberjacks, Thalmor, Miners and more..
Give and option to uninstall mid playthru
And so much more added in this mod...
 This adds immersive dialogue leading to sex that are personalized either by the NPC you are speaking with or the faction they are with.



Skyrim's Shrouded Secret does NOT touch and Vanilla Quest nor does it alter any vanilla NPCs, the dialogue was made in a quest with this mod that used conditions to put it on certain NPCs

 Conditions must be met for the dialogue to become available, conditions that make sense and most the dialogue is written with Skyrim lore in mind.


With Skyrim's Shrouded Secret you can:

Use dialog to have different forms of sex
Will work with custom followers and NPCs (Depending on custom NPCs Factions)
Personal dialogue for many NPCs once certain conditions are met
You can be raped
You can rape
Have an affair
Find a Mistress
Whore yourself out (Dialogue is different depending on which faction the NPC belongs too)
The dialogue is straight up nasty
NPC on NPC sex
This can be played as a Male or Female PC
Mod recommended to use with this: Simply Knock from Chesko, RDO from CloudedTruth




Desktop Screenshot 2022.01.02 -


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