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Make Skyrim Straight Again 1.2.0

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Compatible with:




  • All DLC's, Sexlab



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About This Mod



NEW 1-30-2022

The first release of Alpha is here this is considered the replacement mod for Make Skyrim Straight Again. New quest, with Galesse Added as a custom follower



In making the last mods over the past year or so, I have learned a lot, fixed many mistakes, plus new and better voice files are available. So in this next project, it will have the feel of Make Skyrim Straight Again. With the addition of Galesse Barkwing and much better quest.

The new Project (Unnamed at the moment) with be a combination of the following:

Make Skyrim Straight Again

Galesse Barkwing Follower (Non Futa)



Amorous Adventure type Quest

(15+ quest already planned) and some of the ideas you have all given me in emails will be implemented


This project has already been started and all attention will go to it after the release of Skyrims Shrouded Secret, which will be early because I have to go out of state for work, for a few weeks. One the SSS release is complete, everything I do will go into the making of this new project!









Now Exclusively on Schaken-Mods

Built in Le but tested on LE and SE, works on both


Also Feature on MXR mods




NO Clean Save Needed for this update.

 This Mod was originally created for the Male PC but I have added dialogue for Female PC. Play quest to gain lovers throughout Skyrim. This mod was built to plat along side Amorous Adventures.


To get started:

Install this mod and its requirements

I have put a mod activator in the game, this is so the mod is not "Start Game Enabled" Finish Dragons Rising and own Breezehome for best results



Sow your Seed - Voice Quest
Requirements, Complete "Dragon's Rising" Own Breezehome
Activiate the quest after you buy breezehome works best.
Speak with Girst in the Whiterun Jail, She will tell you to meet Hulda at BreezeHome


Maven's Mana - Voice quest
Read the note from the Assassin you have to kill in "Sow your Seed" follow directions from there.
Speaking to Lillith after readint the note will move the quest forward.


Matriarchal Matrimony - Voiced Quest
Once you take a wife, she will have dialogue about pimping out the Dragonborn to make quick gold, that will start the quest
*It is not recommended to take Ysolda as your wife, Just because it will lead her as a client, will be fixed in a future update, but is not game breaking if you do.

It is not recommended to marry Ysolda, she becomes a client, is not game breaking but will change client to someone else in future update.

Warning, there comes time to make a choice with your wife, the wrong choice will piss her off and lead down a dark road.


NPC's that can become Lovers/Clients - (Voiced) with personal dialogue
Dialogue will be available once every 24 hours when conditions are met

Aeri - Deliver her Note
Aia Arria - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Alfhild Battle-Born - Complete "Sow your Seed"
Alva - Anytime, Once the mod is active
Anuriel - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Aphia Velothi - Complete "The Final Descent"
Arivanya - Complete "Blood on the Ice" Save her
Astrid - before leaving Abandon shack
Birna - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Bolfrida Brandy-Mug - Complete "Sow your Seed"
Brina Merilis - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Bryling - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Cindiri Arano - Retrieve her book
Constance Michel - Complete "With Friends Like These..."
Colette Marence - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Danica - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Delphine - A Blade in the Dark
Dinya Balu - Complete "The Book of Love"
Dravynea the Stoneweaver - Give her Frost Salts
Dreyla Alor - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Drifa - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Eola - Complete "The Taste of Death"
Evette San - Complete "Tending the Flames"
Faleen - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Fanari Strong-Voice- Complete "The Fate of the Skaal"
Fastred - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Fianna - Complete "Sow your Seed"
Frabbi - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Fura-Bloodmouth - Complete "Bloodstone Chalice"
Gabriella - Complete "Mourning Never Comes"
Galathil - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Ghorza Gra-Bagol - Bring book for her apprentice
Gisli - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Grelka - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Haelga - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Haran - Complete "Sow your Seed"
Helgird - Complete "Blood on the Ice"
Hermir Strong-Heart - Complete "Blood on the Ice"
Hert - After you kill her Husband in the DB quest line
Hestla - Complete "Bloodstone Chalice"
Hilde - Complete "Maven's Mana" (Inside her home)
Hillevi Cruel-Sea - Complete "Blood on the Ice"
Hroki - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Idesa Sadri- Complete "Innocence Lost"
IdgrodRavencrone - Complete "Maven's Mana"
IndaraCaerellia - Complete "Ill Met By Moonlight"
Jora - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Karita - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Karliah - Complete "Under New Management"
Kerah - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Laila Law-Giver - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Lisbet - Complete "The Taste of Death"
Madena - Complete "Pieces of the Past"
Margret - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Marise Aravel - Get her Ice Wraith Teeth
Maven 1st time - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Maven 2nd time - Complete "Dampened Spirits"
Maven 3rd time - Complete "Blindsighted"
Maven 4th time - Become Guild Master
Mena - Complete "The Heart of Dibella"
Mirri Severin - Complete "The Final Descent"
Muiri - Complete "Mourning Never Comes"
Narri - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Niluva Hlaalu - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Niranye - Complete "Dampened Spirits"
Nivenor - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Nura Snow-Shod - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Olfina Gray-Mane - Complete "Sow your Seed"
Saffir - Retreive her husbands sword (Speak inside her home)
Shahvee - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Sigrid - Complete "Maven's Mana" (Is outside)
SorineJurard - Complete "Prophet (Dawnguard)"
Susanna the Wicked - Complete "Sow your Seed"
Svana Far-Shield - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Tekla - Complete "Dark Ancestor"
Thaena - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Tilma the Haggard - Complete "Proving Honor"
Tonilia - Become Guild Master
Tormir - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Tova Shatter-Shield -  - Complete "Mourning Never Comes" (But don't kill her daughter)
Una - Complete "The Mind of Madness"
Vex - Become Guild Master
ViolaGiordano - Complete "Blood on the Ice"
Vivienne Onis - report news to her aunt about the death of her daughter
Voada - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Voldsea Giryon - Complete "Maven's Mana"
Wylandriah - Collect her lost satchels


Eat pussy to heal illness
Milore Ienth


Whore yourself out Availible after completing "Sow your Seed"-Females(Voiced)
Farmers (Currently being redone and revoiced, will be all fixed in the next update)
Fisherman Faction-Females
Inn Keepers-Females (short on gold for a room, you can earn gold another way-Gold less than 50 between 5pm and 10 pm)
Orc Srongholds-Females


Dialogue Sex for Marriage-Females(Voiced)
Voice Types


Dialogue Sex for Followers-Females(Voiced)
Morning Sex
Evening Sex


Talk to Danica in Whiterun after completing "Maven's Mana"
Agatla Blackthorn
Cinline Caemlock
Renna Umefir




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