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Master Arrows V3.0

   (1 review)

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  • skyrim, dawnguard



  • MUST ASK for permission to be hosted on other sites.,MUST ASK for permission to use assets from this mod,MUST ASK for permission to convert this to other games.

About This Mod



Adds a couple of special arrows. All explosive (area)


Freeze in ice cubes

giant slam disarm


carnaging bats


big explosion fire (does a lot of damage, tuned to my difficult setup)

little fire


see screen for the arrows. Can be crafted and used with every bow. Friends/followers excluded.

Craftable protection necklace for special NPC or followers not in friend state.

The explosion will still knock you, so stay a bit away from explosion (see vid)


As said, damage according to my setup.


Do not upload other sites.

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Tlam99's Other Mods

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    adds 2 amulets and a spell. Give ta  amulet to a follower and he will transform into a werewolf resp. vampire lord during battle. (Serana, Aela e.g.)   Spell transform a follower for ca. 10 to 15minutes (your skill) into a rideable horse. All craftable at forge.

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    44  2995 
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    NPC debug spell

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    NPC stuck in an animation or position can be freed with this spell. Extended version of Serana debug working for all NPC. Tome craftable As only a script and default idles used, it should work in LE, too.

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    Aja and Kaida

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    97  2942 
    19.34 MB

    Serana Sneak Bug Fix

    In Other


    fixes the Serana sneak bug. Should be LE compatible

    67  2700 
    12.92 kB

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