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Warlock's CBPC Physics Preset (SKSE Configs) 3BA/CBPC 1.0.0

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  • CBPC Physics, 3BA



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About This Mod

I love HDT SMP. Literally god tier. Unfortunately, I always have two main issues with it.

1. It's a ridiculous resource hog. Even with the best optimizations you can drop 10-20 frames just by trying to get nice jiggle physics in crowded cities. 

2. There is a known bug with the "Even Actors Height" feature that SL uses to properly align a lot of scenes. If you are playing a character a little larger or little smaller then the standard height of 1, and you use HDT SMP, there is a very real chance that out of nowhere your breast physics go absolutely ballistic. Smarter minds then me have surmised that it's because the game "thinks" it needs to attach the physics node to a different location, causing the movement to become "stuck" on a point, while the rest of the breast physics continue to try and "bounce." This causes the weird fluttering, the inverted breasts, the crazy weird movement. 

I decided I had enough, so I started using HDT SMP for all the clothes, and CBPC for the bodies. The one big issue that I had was that for me, the CBPC movement was INCREDIBLY unrealistic. The movement was like someone had attach a chain to the nipples, and started playing jumprope. The rotation around the axis' were frankly really frustrating, because my armor, my clothes, and my body all looked like they were getting smeared behind my character as they ran, and they had this ridiculous bounce setting that I couldn't handle.

Listen, there is NO WAY to get CBPC physics to work EXACTLY like HDT SMP, they use two completely different methods of calculation... however, that being said. I kept tweaking, and tweaking, and tweaking the files, and I FINALLY got something that looks amazing, performs well, and best of all doesn't brick my character during the best parts of the game 😉

This contains 3 files, the main CBPConfig_3b.txt, the CBPCollisionConfig_Female (makes some needed changes to overhaul the breast/belly movement) and finally the CBPConfig_3b_armor.txt which I have optimized to move well with the armor, and retain a good "pushup" effect.

This physics preset looks amazing with my ThiccumUp 3BA Bodyslide preset, which is JUST under 8 thousand downloads. See for yourself why!



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