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    • Hi it's the same for me. did you find a solution? by erasing the longhouse cells in the esp it gets better but there is nothing to do for dushkhin, i always get a crash at this place even by erasing the cell )= it would be great if someone had a solution ūüôā ps:the problem comes from the esp Dolls - Children Overhaul.
    • View File PillowFun's Wren (The Original) - UUNP ¬† The Original Wren was on the Nexus until I was asked to remove her So she is available here to you as she was originally created. ¬† Name:¬† Wren Race:¬† Breton/Vampire Hybrid Voice:¬† Female Sultry Marriage:¬† Yes Height:¬† 1.00 Weight:¬† 20 Body:¬† UUNP (Base & HDT) Weapon:¬† Ebony Dagger & Magic Location:¬† Whiterun - Hall of the Dead ¬† Class:¬† Combat Mage Necro Style:¬† Human Magic (think Serana) ¬† Levels with Player Skills/Bonuses/Perks:¬† Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion Sneak, Light Armor ¬† Tested with EFF & AFT ENBs Pictured:¬† Rudy (Customized) ¬† *This has been sitting in my external hard drive for a long, long time so if there are any issues please let me know and I will try to rectify them as soon as possible¬† health permitting* Dawnguard and/or Obviously HDT & Compatible Skeleton for the HDT Versions ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Submitter mfeile1974 Submitted 07/05/2020 Category NPC Co-Authors Guest ¬†
    • View File Mighty Power Armor Paints - Green Lives Matter Watch the video. Everything you need to know is explained in the video. Requires Fallout 4 Base Game and ALL of the DLCs Submitter The Mighty Nine#9485 Submitted 07/02/2020 Category Armor Co-Authors Guest ¬†
    • View File Dolls - Immersive ¬† This is an immersive mod. I added the Dolls to the correct race forms and things like that so they will have better interactions throughout skyrim like a vanilla race nearly. Also this includes¬†outfit ALTs for the Dolls. Simply makes your game a bit more interesting¬†and in my opinion, more "Skyrim" like.¬†Also i made is ESL so it will not take a load slot. FOR LOAD ORDER, DONT WORRY, YOU CAN NOR MESS IT UP! ¬† Snowflake unapproved mod. If your panties make you shake every time you hear "Schaken-Mods" then you may want to leave before your brain explodes. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy Location - Skyrim By playing the game, you will fine them.¬† ¬† ¬† Discord¬†==¬†Schaken-ModsChat¬†==¬†Steam ¬† ¬† Submitter Schaken Submitted 07/02/2020 Category Child NPC Co-Authors Jobobby04 ¬†
    • View File Mighty Power Armor Paints Watch the video. No, seriously watch the video. It will tell you everything you need to know. Ok fine, its a standalone Power Armor Paint in the Schaken Mods website theme. Its Hazmat Orange and white. Comes in two versions. Fresh Paint and Post War. Its a legendary Paint which boosts your Charisma. The plugin is ESL flagged¬† It requires ALL of the DLCs.¬† Why? Because plugin limit is a real thing for me and because I want it to require all the DLCs. There will not be a version that doesn't require the DLCs. This is for T-51 Power Armor only. Depending on if people like it, I may work up textures for the other sets. So if you like it, let me know by endorsing the mod. Submitter The Mighty Nine#9485 Submitted 06/29/2020 Category Armor Co-Authors Guest ¬†


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