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By Schaken


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By Schaken

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    1. Mod Author Requested

      Disclaimer: The mod author requested has the right to deny the request.
    2. Mod Request Description

      Custom Voiced Follower Mod
      Character and outfit is 100% owned and designed by myself. Artwork provided examples is commercially commissioned. Full rights holder.

      * Custom made NPC.
      * Fully voiced, supporting up to 3,000 custom lines ( dialogue not yet written) ( voice acting not needed as I have a voice actress in mind ) 
      * HDT outfit and hair
      * Dynamic Dialogue Animation Framework
      * Climate and progression adaptation. She will change her behavior/dialogue based off key changes in the weather, story progression, other NPC appearing, etc.
      * Exclusive rights. If made available for the public, credits will be applied.
      - - - -
      * Ability to add on in the future after project is completed: Questing?




      Vae's outfit.png

      1. FilesIncluded


      2. Donation

        $ 1200 USD
        Disclaimer: The mod author will receive 90% of this amount upon completion.

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      While this is truly amazing artwork and the Offered Donation is generous, I sadly do not think i can do this. While I can do an extreme amount of manipulation, Creating that outfit from scratch with the textures im afraid is beyond what i can do. If you can have someone create just the model and texture, no matter the format or model resource, i can then put it in skyrim, add HDT and i can make the actor, quests, Dialogue, all the rest. In fact I may be able to do the hair pretty close and HDT as well. The issue is largely the outfit. If you can find someone who can make that, If you like, I can ask people in my Discord chat room, there is a few thousand people there.

      Along with this deal, Im already doing a project like this and im nearing 2K lines, its been a 6 month project. Since this is such a large project I would ask that the payments be made along with progress, Like when we hit 1/4 of the job, I ask you make that payment as a good grace, and i would make a GitHub page and give you access so you can download and test and play as I Build.

      Again im honored that of all the mod authors out there you would choose me to take this task. I do hope to hear from you soon.

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      awesome, yes. what i found to work best is to go ahead and write everything up in full detail first. Line for line. Then when your ready, we will go over everything and we can make edits where they are needed. Its best to be imaginative, just assume you can do anything in skyrim, pretend there is no limits, I can usually do about anything.. Then when we are ready, you can have the VA start recording and we will try to work at the same pace so if any words need changed, you wont be throwing money at the wind to the VA to keep making changes.

      once you have the model and textures, from there i can bring her to life for you.


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      6 hours ago, Schaken said:



      Found someone to make the outfit. Should be ready in about 4-5 days. In the meantime working out all the voice lines.

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