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Guild Member Request - Gypsy Outfit(Completed)


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  3. Mod Request Description

    I would like this converted to Skyrim Special Edition  in BHUNP format. They are many in the DAZ marketplace but to make it not be overwhelming I will choose one at a time. I would like this balanced as light armor in leather material. I feel like it could fit with the Redguard. I want it to be craft-able, up-gradable, and enchant-able. Adding HDT where is appropriate like the hood for example. Add other than extra colors or compatible footwear that can go with that outfit is optional.


    Gypsy Outfit




  4. Files Included




    $ 90 USD
    Disclaimer: The mod author will receive 80% of this amount upon completion.
    (20% covers transaction fees.)

  5. The Schaken-Mods team has been notified and we will be with you as soon as possible. Thank you for the request.
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  • videoman190 changed the title to Guild Member Request - Gypsy Outfit
  • Administrators

Hello! 🙂 the port cost 90 and the hdt 35$ .. Total will be 130 $. If you agree i will start tomorrow. 

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That is alright the next one is more of an OCD fix of a already made outfit that has something missing it will be after this. I will give the down payment now.

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  • Schaken changed the title to Guild Member Request - Gypsy Outfit
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