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Talk about Vilgawulf Nord Follower - Custom Dialogue [SE]

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Vilgawulf Nord Follower - Custom Dialogue [SE]


Schaken-Mods EXCLUSIVE! (Upload NOWHERE  ELSE!)
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Vilgawulf is a grumpy, thuggish, Nord follower.. with a penchant for booze and women and a strong dislike of elves and magic.


He's a war veteran who currently spends his time drinking away his days in Vilemyr Inn, but will gladly join you on your travels simply for the thrill he gets from wielding his axe in anger or bashing  in skulls.

An expert in 2H combat and Block, he's also pretty handy with a bow or 1H mace/axe.

He doesn't use any magic (he distrusts it) but he does have 'Veteran Abilities', which give him a 30% protection against magic/poison/disease.


Name: Vilgawulf
Location: Vilemyr Inn, Ivarstead
Race: Nord (custom)

Combat Style: 2H


 - Uses the vanilla 'Brute Male' voice type but with 187 lines of custom dialogue added. Some has been taken directly from other NPCs and re-purposed for Vilgawulf and some has been cut and pieced together from several different lines or NPCs, to make entirely new sentences.

- Vilgawulf will be more grumpy on certain days of the week than others.

- New dialogue mainly covers Idles, Hellos/Goodbyes, Combat and Taunts. Will vary from day-to-day.

- Gender/Race specific dialogue. Vilgawulf tends to be more polite when talking to a female player. But ruder if you are an elf, regardless.

- Idle commentary triggered by location, weather and player actions/decisions.


FOMOD Options:
- New, high-definition "Charmers of the Reach" head mesh
- Custom outfit included: ESO Nord Armor
 - 2K or 4K textures


Vitruvia Skin  by Mandragorasprouts
Charmers of The Reach by m4mk203
SAM Light v1.3  by KouLeifoh
NPC Nif Merge by Turulo
RaceMenu by Expired
Beards by Hvergelmer
ESO Nord Armor by Newermind43

Hair from The Witcher 3  ported by SC / CD Projekt

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