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Jade ENB

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Welcome - Thank you for checking out Jade ENB!

Based on LonelyKitsune's Silent Horizon ENB

Primary copyright belongs to LonelyKitsune, the author of the shader files

The goal of Jade ENB is to give the best visuals possible for both the character and environment, indoors and outdoors, while providing the tools a user needs to take that perfect snapshot of their world. 

Jade ENB is specifically for artists/screenarchers (Users that takes screenshots). It has also been optimized for normal gameplay. 

I would like to thank everyone that has helped me through this process; Charolas for helping me start this project, and especially LonelyKitsune for always helping me and being a great teacher.

Without further ado, please read below:

Jade ENB Overview

SMAA Support
CREAA Support

Kitsune's DoF

Advanced, clean and minimalistic - Kitsune's DoF is a heavily customized, extended and improved version of Marty McFly's excellent DoF shader

Lens effects
Anamorphic Lensflare
Chromatic Aberration
Selectable Lens Dirt
Starburst Lensflare
Weather Lensflare
Lens Reflections
Ghost Lensflare

Integration of the latest ENB features
Complex Material
Complex Terrain
Complex Parallax
Complex Grass and Grass Collisions


100+ LUTs to choose from 

Instantaneous Color Grading and Tonemapping options
Combine multiple LUTs in the ENB GUI to your heart's content
Enable/Disable real-time enhancements such as Sharpening/HDR
Comes with Film Effects such as Chromatic Aberration, Letterbox, Vignette, Fish Eye Camera, Grain, etc.
Many, many more features to use to create your intended screenshot

Tweaked enbeffect values
Tweaked enbunderwater values
Changed values for all weathers to better replicate real-world lighting
IL/AO Enhancement for characters to look great anywhere, Exteriors and Interiors
Tweaked ComplexFirelights/ComplexParticleLights to have less obnoxious lighting
RainWetSurfaces tweaked for characters to have visually appealing wet skin in exterior

Changed Adaptation Values of Kingeric1992's Histogram based Adaptation to give simplistic and clean visuals across all weathers and times
Highest Quality settings for SSAO (Disabled Self-Intersecting for Increase Performance) and altered values - meaning smoother shadows on any subject


Jade ENB is an ENB tweaked with the highest settings for SOLAS Weathers and is meant for mid/high-end rigs (Some lower-end rigs can run this ENB smoothly as well) - SOLAS Weathers is strongly recommended for the weather mod. SOLAS is also built with performance in-mind, with the same quality as NLA/NAT3 weathers in terms of visuals.

All of these pre-setup guides are from Silent Horizon ENB's front page and are verified to work - For the most optimal experience, read through the guides.

Pre-Setup and Helpful Tweaks:

Set Dynamic Range to Full

Note: This tweak can apparently lead to a very rare bug which will cause random backscreens (depending on your setup). If you encounter such a problem, you can fix it by reverting to limited dynamic range. While the ENB won't look exactly as intended in the shadows and highlights afterwards, it's still going to work.

For Nvidia users:
Go to your Nvidia Control Panel (right click on your desktop)


Then go to "change resolution" and find "Output Dynamic Range" and change it to "Full". (if it is grayed out press "Use NVIDIA color settings" first)

Updating/Reinstalling your graphics driver will RESET the dynamic range! So make sure to do those tweaks again!


For AMD users:
If you're using a AMD/Radeon graphics card you need to do a similar tweak, but you have to change the display pixel format instead. This can be done by selecting "RGB 4:4:4 Pixel Format PC Standard (Full RGB)" instead of the default "RGB 4:4:4 Pixel Format Studio (Limited RGB)" inside of the AMD Catalyst.

INI Tweaks

Add or change the yellow lines in your skyrimprefs.ini under [Display] (if you use mod organizer edit the ini inside your profile folder as usual)

Disables the new SE snowshader (has some problems and doesn't look good)

Disables the anamorphic lensflare (a better one is included in the ENB)

Disables vanilla's Ambient Occlusion (can also be done in the Skyrim launcher instead).
If you don't want a pixelated black mess on your characters and grass do yourself a favor and disable it. The ENB AO is much better and accurate than Skyrim's built in AO solution (which is a low res scalable ambient obscurance implementation).

Has little effect on the image quality but costs a bunch of performance (2+ FPS on my system, this varies from setup to setup).

The main advantage of higher bit depth render targets is their improved precision. Low precision artifacts from disabling this option can be noticed as banding in some areas of the game like alpha blending (can be seen best on smoke) or the sky gradient.
If you don't see any banding in those areas after turning this thing off, you can leave it disabled and enjoy better performance. Otherwise, turn it back on (by setting it to 1 again)

This option does not impact the ENB shaders themselves, it only affects the base game shaders!

Disable vanilla Depth of Field

Go into your in-game settings and turn the DoF slider all the way to the left.

Install the ENB Particle Patch
Download link: ENB Particle Patch

Install ENB Light
Download link: ENB Light

Basic Install

1. Optional - Install Lux, Lux Orbis, and Lux Via (or any other lighting mods)

2. Recommended - Picta Series Improved Sky Meshes

3. Install any weather mod, but SOLAS Weathers is strongly recommended

4. Install the ENB Helper mod

5. Download the latest version of ENB Binary here

6. Copy d3d11.dll and decompiler_46e.dll into your skyrim game folder

7. Download Jade ENB

8. Copy all of the files inside the Jade ENB folder and extract to your skyrim game folder

9. Done! You can now enjoy (As a disclaimer, I will not provide full support for users not using SOLAS weathers for the foreseeable future.)

My Personal Recommendation


1. Install Lux, Lux Orbis, and Lux Via - The standard of lighting mods in Skyrim today. Lux is constantly being updated

2. Install the ENB Helper mod into your mod organizer

3. Picta Series Improved Sky Meshes - For improved sky meshes that reduces color banding compared to vanilla sky meshes

4. SOLAS Weathers - The weather mod Jade ENB is tweaked for

5. EVLAS - For Enhanced Volumetric Lighting and Shadows 

6. Soft Shadows - Simple SKSE plugin that adjusts correctness of shadows appearing under cloudy and overcast lighting situations

7. Shadow Boost - SKSE plugin that dynamically adjusts shadow and view distance to boost performance

8. SSE Display Tweaks - Includes a physics fix, borderless fullscreen performance boost, refresh rate control, highly configurable frame rate limiting, various bugfixes and more

9. Silent Horizons 7.1 Photo Studio Update - The photostudio addon is compatible with Jade ENB. Photostudio is created by LonelyKitsune; It is an amazing addon to create screenshots with custom backgrounds of your choosing

10. Complex Parallax mods - I will not link all of the ones I am using because there's so many of them. However, if you are new to Skyrim modding, keep this in your mind since Complex Parallax mods will help to increase the visuals of your game significantly

11. Texture/Mesh mods - Personally, I would only download mods that are 1k/2k in resolution size for texture files when it comes to environment settings. As for armor, that is up to you. 4k or above for environment texture mods is simply too much, even for high-end rigs because you will not notice much of a visual difference between 2k and 4k within the game.
Some mods off the top of my head that I use are:
Majestic Mountains
Northern Grass
ENB Complex Grass - Patch Compendium for various grass mods (For Northern Grass)
Grass FPS Booster
Field Grass

12. Water for ENB - Absolutely amazing water mod
Bright Waterfall Fix for ENB
FYX - Water Splash
Splashes of Skyrim

13. Installing Jade ENB - Extract the contents of Jade ENB into your game folder where SkyrimSE.exe is located

The items highlighted is the content that should have been extracted:

14. Installing Photostudio

Head into your enbseries folder for Jade ENB:

Next, go into the Sddons folder and extract the contents from Photostudio by Silent Horizons to it like so:

Last, head back into the enbseries folder then go to the Textures folder. There will be a folder named "Backgrounds". All of your custom images will be placed in there and must be named like so:

Photostudio can only hold 10 pictures in .png format, choose carefully! :)

15. Enjoy Jade ENB!

ENB Customization
The most exciting part for artists and screenarchers! This guide is from Silent Horizons ENB's front page - Instructions apply to any ENB. Huge thank you to LonelyKitsune for everything!

If you already know how to navigate inside of the ENB UI, you can safely skip this section. This is meant for everyone thats relatively new to ENBs or ENB customization.

After you open the ENB UI (Shift + Enter is the default key combination to do that) you should see a similar layout to this in front of you. Except for the blue part, but we'll get to that.

Load, Safe and Apply
This is the place where you can save all changes to your hard drive or reload the currently saved ones from there. Some ENB effects require you to apply changes (cloudshadows or water related settings for example), this can also be done here. But don't forget to save your changes before you hit apply!

You can change settings from your enblocal.ini from here (or by editing the ini file directly).

Other windows
Open (or close) the shader and weather windows from here.

All of the ENB binary effects and controls are located here. You can toggle different shaders (or the whole ENB) and customize those shaders in here if you scroll a bit further down.

External shaders
This window shows the UI of all of the external shaders that are currently loaded. If I mention something like ENBEFFECTPOSTPASS, ENBEFFECT or ENBLENS you can find it right here.

Weather window
The weather window is disabled by default and has to be opened first (yellow section). Weather editing is a bit more tricky and time consuming than most other tweaks so I won't go into any details here. If you want to know how to do that check out the reference article. But if you read something about the weather window somewhere you know how it looks and where to find it from now on.

Keybinds for Jade ENB

To open the ENB GUI - F8
Turn ENB off - F11
Toggle DoF - F9

You can change the inputs on the top left of the ENB GUI if you wish! There is a tab named input.

Credits & License
Bethesda - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Boris Vorontsov - ENB Series

LonelyKitsuneSilent Horizons ENB
"Textures" Folder and its .png contents from Silent Horizons ENB 

HaeVakSa - PI-CHO ENB for Inspiration
enbeffect.fx improvement

Kingeric1992 - Procedural ghost flares, Adaption shader and SMAA Header

rhellct - Contrast Adaptive Sharpener for ENB

Sandvich Maker - Reforged Bloom for ENB

JawZ - Lens Dirt Textures and ENB Postpass Shaders

napoleonofthestump - Revolution LUT Filters

TheDaedricDoll - D.D. LUT Filters

tetrodoxin - LUT Filters

Christoph Peters - Blue Noise Textures

L00ping - HSL Shift Code

For Help or Knowledge

Timothy Lottes - VDR Tonemapper presentation

Adyss - Shader Coding Knowledge

John Hable - Filmic Worlds blog

All code rights are reserved for their respective authors
Big Thanks again to those who gave me permission!

View the original Mod page.

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