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  1. Mods are an electronic form of Art.
  2. Mod Art, like all art, will have an emotional response, both positive and negative.
  3. Mod Artist have the Right and Freedom to express their artist vision as the Artist sees fit, without fear of censorship or alteration from the community or sponsors.
  4. Mod Artist have a right to express their thoughts and viewpoint within the community, without censorship.
  5. Mod Artist will respect these same Rights of another Mod Artist.
  6. Individual users have the right to accept or reject any Mod Art for himself or herself personally, but does not have the right to suppress those works of Art…with whom he or she does not agree with.
  7. Individual users have the right to choose not to view Mod Art they don’t agree with.
  8. Mod Artist are accountable to following International Law with their Mod Art.
  9. Mod Artist are not accountable for individual users who violate their individual nation’s laws.
  10. Because Mod Art is an electronic art form, Individual users may possess the skills to alter them.
  11. Mod Artist are not accountable for any mod alterations that an individual user has made to the Mod Artist’s work.
  12. Mod Artist have a right to a fair share of any revenue that their work produces.
  13. Mod Artist understand that their work may have a limited appeal and downloads, therefore limited potential revenue.
  14. Mod Artist are not required to accept any revenue, or may direct any earned to whatever they choose.     


 - Please review Terms and reviews for further details.


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