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This is for everything I haven't made a category for yet.

55 files

  1. Schaken Moons SE

    As the moons drift over head we are reminded that there will always someone out there, crafting new dolls wishing a brighter future for Tamriel.
    This mod adds both Schaken Mods logos, one empty logo and one full, to the night sky. 
    Message me on discord or leave your screenshots in the comment and I may add them to the mod page 😃


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  2. immersive Armor Swapper - Public Version

    Immersive Armor Swapper is a dynamic armor swapper, capable of swapping regular armors with a custom one per selected body type.
    With iAS, Me and Schaken (and any other person that decides to contribute) don't have to make custom plugins, convert armors so that only work with teens or dolls, and we don't have to package the original mod. We can just make a addon that makes the specified outfit appear only when a teen or a doll wears the outfit from the original mod. (View videos below for examples)
    Another feature of iAS is that it does what the all hair and eyes patch does, it makes all hair and eyes available in racemenu. This does not mean that the hairs and eyes will work with them, it just makes them available.
    This is the public version, so it is incompatible with Teen Dolls Lewd and Teen Dolls Physics (Official). There is a version in the club for people who use those.
    Known Teen and Doll iAS addons:
    Vanilla Replacers:
    CBBE Armor Remodeled Armors Clothing Replacer TRX Sloot Armor Replacer Female Outfit Replacer Clothing Mods:
    Doctuer87 Outfits Rektas69 Outfits Tera Armors Grim Clothing SunJeong Outfits Immersive Armors Legendary Armors DeserterX Collection Andreis Outfits Random Outfit Mods NSFW Clothing Pink Princess PS Armored Chainmail Bikini Simple Skirt Aradia Kato Outfit BDO Kibelius Raven's Luxurious Seduction Mashup Hepsy's Basic Clothing Natsuno Outfit Luxury Collection Highheels Dress Outfits Trap 48 Stockings The Traveling Magician COCO KDA Ahri - CBBE SE Charles Rene BDO [Melodic] Assassin CBBE SE Bodyslide [Melodic] Dragon Fighter Aion Opulent  
    General Load order:
    Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
    (All your other crazy mods)
    Sassy Teen Dolls.esp
    Sassy Teen Dolls - (Lite).esp
    Sassy Teen Dolls - (Females ONLY).esp
    TeenDolls - (Any and\or all Replacements)
    TeenDolls - (Any and\or all Followers)
    TeenDolls - (Lewd\Physics)
    SK immersive Armor Swapper - Teens.esp
    TeenDolls - Racecompatability
    Bug reporting:
    Before you report a bug please check the iAS log in "Documents/My Games/Skyrim Special Edition/SKSE/iAS.log"
    Technical details:
    To make iAS recognise a race, you need to have a separate home folder for the desired race you are wanting to swap armors on, a plugin that contains iAS armor races(can be the original mod), and an ini file so that iAS knows the races you want to start swapping.
    When making a plugin for a custom race you need to have a few thing so that the DLL knows what to do
    Make a ini file in data/skse/plugins/iAS, and make a section called [General] put "bEsp=Your plugin that has the armor races.esp"", and "bArmorstring=[##IGNORED|MaleMeshFolder|FemaleMeshFolder|IGNORED|IGNORED|000800,000801,000802,000803,##]" under it. Now I'm going to explain the above content.
    The first ignored in there would the backup armor directory if it was there, but it is not in integrated into the dll so it is ignored. 
    The second section is the MaleMeshFolder, if it was kept the way it was currently, for a vanilla armor that was in directory "meshes/armor/elven/m/cuirass_1.nif" the armor swapper would look for male clothing in  "meshes/MaleMeshFolder/armor/elven/m/cuirass_1.nif". If there was one it would make only the specified race wear that armor. 
    The second section is the FemaleMeshFolder, if it was kept the way it was currently, for a vanilla armor that was in directory "meshes/armor/elven/f/cuirass_1.nif" the armor swapper would look for female clothing in  "meshes/FemaleMeshFolder/armor/elven/f/cuirass_1.nif". If there was one it would make only the specified race wear that armor. 
    The third and fourth are ignored, they both would be vanilla if they were integrated.  
    The fifth are the armor races selected, not the actual races. The way this works is that there is a armor race for each race, the form id is used in the fifth section of the description. To make a armor race I suggest you take one of my templates and copy it and rename as many times you need it into your own plugin. Then put the form ids of the races into the description. If your using xedit and cant put anymore into the description, open creation kit and use that to edit the description. It has a much higher character limit for descriptions.
    For each race there has to be a armor race, in the non-armor races you have to change the RNAM of the race to the armor race that corresponds to it.
    And lastly you have to add the armor races to the armor addon records of the body for the race. If you do not do this each race you have edited will have invisible body parts.
    Example files(For version 1.0.0, for 2.0.0 look at the teendolls and dolls plugins and inis included)
    Example files Explained
    immersive Armor Swapper - Core Addon Example.esp - This is a normal custom race esp, with no armor swapping capabilities.
    sk immersive Armor Swapper - Addon Example.esp - This is a armor swap addon example, this is what tells the armor swapper what to swap for the races in "immersive Armor Swapper - Core Addon Example.esp"
    sk immersive Armor Swapper - Intigrated into Mod Example.esp - This is what a armor swapper integrated custom race would look like. 
    DLL made by Zelden, heavily edited by Jobobby04(me). 
    Plugins made by Jobobby04(Me)
    Here is the before iAS:
    Here is the after:


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  3. HDT SSE Combined Compatibility Set

    Supports all Skyrim runtime versions
    Since the chinese site is more down then up and is hard for some to navigate I decided to repack the 3 parts of HDT, HDT Freamework, HDT SkinnedMeshPhysics(SMP), and HDT High Heels(HH) from Hydrogensayshdt
    This installer allows you to choose what you want and comes with many options, such as compatibility with CBPC, and options to customize everything about HDT SMP. All the HDT SMP configs are customized so you are able to get the most out of HDT SMP.
    There are performance configs, realistic bounce configs, bounce configs that go over the top, and many more.
    There are SMP Argonian and Khijiit tails, compatible with CBPC.
    There are SMP collision objects, such as the equitable tongues, and the collision Sexlab strapon.
    There is also configs that are made specific body type, such as a config for UUNPVaginaN, one for COSHD, and a few others.

    Some mods that you can use with this, make sure to install them before you install this:
    Schlongs of Skyrim SE HDT-SMP files (ball physics) http://www.mediafire.com/file/ctbc5p2b09hq9r5/Schlongs_of_Skyrim_SE+-+HDT-SMP+Collisions+Converter.zip COSHD LE SMP full SOS+anus(CBBE Style Collison pussy and anus, does not use CBBE shape, so you will have to remake your preset with its sliders) http://www.mediafire.com/file/9rcpbpjx4i5f08d/COSHD+LE+SMP+full+SOS%2Banus.7z UUNP Special SMP Pack SSE bodyslide(UUNP Special body converted for use with HDT SMP) http://www.mediafire.com/file/h13uek8iaqf51lz/UUNP+Special+SMP+Pack+SSE+bodyslide.7z UUNPVaginaN Full SMP Bodyslide XPMSSE4.51+anus v2(UUNP body + custom pussy and anus with collisions) http://www.mediafire.com/file/lb9k65zmkbsc25c/UUNPVaginaN+Full+SMP+Bodyslide++XPMSSE4.51%2Banus+v2.7z


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  4. RCOTS_Megaeyespack SE

    This is a megaeyes mod from ATF
    Provide many different eye texture for your character
    This mod adds lots of different eye to racemenu

    Downloaded from ATF by Seetruck-2000
    The R-cots megaeyes pack mod was created by Glouf

    Link R-cots main link


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  5. SexLAb Inflation Framework patches

    Patches for various mods which add compatibility with CBBE SE body

    Patches list:
    Fill her up - raised limit for slot for registered races
    Fall of the Dragonborn - Adds CBBE SE compatibility for Armor Skimpines System (ASS)

    SexLab Inflation Framework
    Fill her up
    Fall of the Dragonborn



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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  6. RCOTS-XPMSE 3.6

    This is a skeleton mod from ATF
    This mod adds the skeleton for the R-cots race

    Downloaded from ATF by Seetruck-2000
    The R-cots xpmse 3.6 mod was created by Glouf

    Link R-cots main link


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  7. Mord Sith Agiel Legend of the Seeker Shock Weapon LOTS

    Mord Sith Agiel Weapon

    As used by Cara in Legend of the Seeker
    I have Altered the appearance Slightly

    Can be Crafted at skyforge
    Two Types Normal & Shock
    Are not overpowered can give shock effect on Hit.

    Legend of the Seeker was a series in 2008-2010
    Agiels are used by Mord-Sith to train victims making them into the Mord-Sith's pets. They are also used in combat, in a similar style to daggers.


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  8. Necronomicon Book of the Evil Dead

    Necronomicon Book of the Evil Dead

    The Necronomicon has been Tortured in the Soul Cairn for thousands of Years Waiting for some Poor Sucker Brave Adventurer to release it from its Torment.
    Will that Adventurer be YOU
    The Book can be found in some of the chests in the Soul Cairn under the Giant Soul Gems
    Has Necromancer Pages inside

    Gives the spell to Conjure Five Soul Cairn Creatures in one go which will fight for you

    You will require the perk Twin Souls, if you do not have this perk it will still work But only one creature will be Conjured.
    This Alters the Perk Twin Souls to give Five conjures
    Requires DawnGuard 
    ESL Mod

    This Is Reborn for Skyrim SE,  previously made by me for Fallout 4 But less Dangerous.


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  9. Modders resources

    These tools are here for anyone to use to mod Skyrim SE Mods
    also included is CK (Source Scripts Master File - Modder Resource)
    Place the scripts in the actual Skyrim SE data folder for papyrus compiling.


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  10. iAS Public V1 Files and Addons

    This is where all files supporting iAS V1 are stored, since I had to drop support for a few versions of Skyrim for iAS V2, I decided to keep a place where all my older addons are kept.
    Addons include:
    iAS V1 YgNord plugin
    iAS V1 Mannequins Public Version(Supports only Dolls 2.4.2 and TeenDolls 1.5.2)


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  11. YgNord Race (Racemenu Version)

    YgNord Race (Racemenu Version)

    This is the YgNord Race but withough the "Enhanced Character Edit" (ECE) Mod. 
    A link to the ECE mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12302
    Optional iAS Instructions:
    Install iAS - Public or iAS - Club, if you dont have dolls or teendolls or you dont want to use iAS with them, just disable their options. It will just install the needed files.
    Follow the guide on the iAS Manager web-page but with YgNord, you might need to make a preset that you want to use with the iAS YgNord group(Click save as, select the iAS YgNord Group): https://schaken-mods.com/index.php?/file/271-ias-manager/

    First of all, we do not give permission to post this on any other sites what so ever. We do not allow these mods to be ported to any other games. If your wanting your player Turned into a Follower, please contact either Schaken, or Ezra. All the sources in these mods I do not give permission to use, share, or upload to another site. Feel free to contact us for special permissions, questions, or suggestions. Also for those that panic and sweat at the thought that something might upset them, This holds the name "Dolls" Simply because my first mod is "Dolls SE" and I wanted it to blend with what I already have. 



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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  12. iAS Mannequins - Public Version

    This requires immersive Armor Swapper (iAS). By putting a outfit on a teen/doll mannequin, it will automatically swap to the one made for teens/dolls if you have immersive Armor Swapper and some addons.
    For people in the club there is a club version here: 
    This mod was made in a way that it is compatible with mods with custom mannequins. That means we have to make a addon for each mod that has mannequins for them to be teen/doll mannequins.
    The current addons are:
    Legacy Of The Dragonborn: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/11802
    Skyfall Estate: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/2185
    I have made a few different versions of the addons, such as making all the mannequins teens or making all of them dolls. There are also 2 different versions. Both of them use a mix of teen and doll mannequins. One for a mix of teen and dolls in the same room. And one for teens and dolls to use different rooms.
    The installation order for iAS Mannequins are:
    1. Install Groovtama's XPMS Extended and its requirements
    2. Install CBBE (It may work with UNP but it is untested)
    3. Install the race mod you want the mannequin to be based on(Teens or Dolls)
    4. Install iAS
    6. Install iAS Mannequins(this mod)


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  13. SkyUI SE MCM Limit Upgraded Patch

    SkyUI SE MCM Limit Upgraded Patch
    This ups the limit of MCMs that can be used in SkyUI to 254, making you able to use twice as many MCMs than the original.

    SkyUI SE
    - SkyUI Team for SkyUI
    - Barzing for the original version


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  14. TeenDolls - No Vampire Face

    Removes the vampire face shape that gets added when your player turns into a vampire. It does support players that are already a vampire. 


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  15. Apachii Skyhair Wigs SSE

    Apachii Skyhair Wigs SSE

    Original Author: AlienSlof
    Port of EvenstarGW's Apachii Wigs from Skyrim.

    This was a mod I used all the time in the old Skyrim, so when I was unable to find it for SSE, I decided to port it over myself. Sometimes, I just need a change of hair and this saves me having to console in any changes which can mess up the character's progression. Additionally, these can be put onto followers as well.

    *Additional work by AlienSlof:
    All wigs should now work on ALL races, even Argonians (though most will probably look silly on lizards!), to offer all possible choices for all possible tastes. Some will fit better than others, and will require a little bit of trial an error to find one that looks the best. Some will clip here and there, depending upon character's weight and size of 'attributes'. I did this as I'm currently playing a Khajiit and he wanted more choice. I've also shortened the names of the wigs to better fit the interface, but I've kept the numbering the same.

    This mod contains a grand total of:
    -54 female wig models
    -50 male wig models
    Both male and female in at least 6 colors each, plus extra colors (eg: multicoloured)

    All wigs have their own inventory models, so you can see exactly what you get.
    All wigs are craftable on a seperate wig-only anvil, which can be accessed through the spell. On the anvil you can also create invisible helmets, from each vanilla armor, to wear with the wigs.
    The wigs themself go on the helmet/hair slot and the invisible helmets are set to slot 60.
    A book containing the wig spell can be found on Farengar's desk in Dragonsreach.

    1.1 New: Added a long bum-length hair (the one I use for my Basil character) in 12 colours. Also darkened the ginger textures a little to reduce the harsh orange in bright lighting.

    I've left the old file up for those who prefer the bright orange ginger.

    Geonox - Hair creation and Sims conversion.
    Jeir - help with hair textures color to better match Skyrims hair colors.
    8k sims  - Almighty Hat - Adele - Anto  - - http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/4141
    Peggy - http://www.peggyzone.com/
    Ren - http://modthesims.info/member.php?u=177232
    NewSea - http://www.newseasims.com/
    Nouk - http://www.noukiesims2.net/ - http://www.modthesims.info/m/23182
    Kozaburo - http://digitalbabes.jp/
    Lapiz Lazuli- http://lapizrazuli.blogspot.se/idkrrr
     Saram race and hairs - http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/19387
    FourTSeven (Caitlyn)ciboulettebis - http://modthesims.info/member.php?u=31673
    Fantasyrogue - http://fantasyrogue.livejournal.com/38781.html
    ClayPidgeon162 - A Girl with a Dragon Tattoo - http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/37801
    Charley Custom Race ver 2_2Studio Maya - http://www.3digitalcrafts.net/studiomaya/1download/index.html
    Lunar Eclipse -http://www.modthesims.info/member.php?u=155845
    Raonjena Sims - http://www.raonsims.com/
    Cazy - http://www.thesimsresource.com/artists/Cazy - http://kazumiya619.blog.me/
    AlphaWolF - Witcher Ultimate MOD - http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=9198
    Original author: CD Projekt - http://www.cdprojekt.com/Room207 - Conversion of NewSea hair and Peggy hair from his mod - CCC - Comprehensive Cosmetic CompilationJuno1 - LUCHA - conversion of Peggy hairLUCHA - conversion of Coolsims hair and Raonjena Sims hair and Helga curlyLaughingVampire1990 for the race mod Demoness from where I used peggy hairs -http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=40386
    ziitch - Conversion of Cazy Hair Pack - http://tes.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=40412&navtag=file/images.php?id=40412&tab=3
    chakaru11 - hair from CM Pym - http://tes.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=41855
    Ren - Rens Beauty Pack - http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/4431/


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  16. HDT SMP Physics combined CBPC for body Version 1-5-.80 skse 2.0.16 none fomod version

    Since the chinese site is more down then up and is hard for some to navigate I decided to repack the 3 parts of HDT, HDT Freamework, HDT SkinnedMeshPhysics(SMP), and HDT High Heels(HH) from Hydrogensayshdt
    Some mods that you can use with this, make sure to install them before you install this:
    Schlongs of Skyrim SE HDT-SMP files (ball physics) http://www.mediafire.com/file/ctbc5p2b09hq9r5/Schlongs_of_Skyrim_SE+-+HDT-SMP+Collisions+Converter.zip COSHD LE SMP full SOS+anus(CBBE Style Collison pussy and anus, does not use CBBE shape, so you will have to remake your preset with its sliders) http://www.mediafire.com/file/9rcpbpjx4i5f08d/COSHD+LE+SMP+full+SOS%2Banus.7z UUNP Special SMP Pack SSE bodyslide(UUNP Special body converted for use with HDT SMP) http://www.mediafire.com/file/h13uek8iaqf51lz/UUNP+Special+SMP+Pack+SSE+bodyslide.7z UUNPVaginaN Full SMP Bodyslide XPMSSE4.51+anus v2(UUNP body + custom pussy and anus with collisions) http://www.mediafire.com/file/lb9k65zmkbsc25c/UUNPVaginaN+Full+SMP+Bodyslide++XPMSSE4.51%2Banus+v2.7z


       (1 review)



    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  17. Oblivion Hair Pack

    Oblivion Hair Pack

    Come join our Discord!

    This will be short, sweet and to the Point.
    This is not a mod that I created, I only converted it to SE. This is The Oblivion Hair Pack that was once removed from Nexus for LE. Now the LE version has been put back up. This version that I have was obtained from an offsite mod page from the original creator I do believe. Hell it was over a year ago that I got this, so I can't remember. Needless to say that I used NIF Optimizer (With the Head Parts Only checked, so you can be sure that it was done correctly) to optimize the meshes and scanned the textures. This is a one time deal, there will be no updates. There is a total of 55 hairs in this pack.

    Ousnius - NIF Optimizer



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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  18. Karliah Armor 2 Re-textures

    These are the re-texture files for the Karliah Armor 2. They are in 4 different options. Black, Black & Brown, Brown Leather and White. You can only choose 1 re-texture at a time but, there is nothing keeping you from downloading all 4 and change them when you want. Since these are texture files, they will not effect your plugins count, nor will it cause an adverse effect to anything else in game.
    I contacted the original creator of these re-textures almost 2 years ago, but never got a reply. So here they are for you to download.


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  19. Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers Boss Theme for Combat

    This adds the Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringer's Boss theme to combat. This adds the track and doesn't replace the default music.
    To install, use your mod manager or install manually. 


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  20. Alternate Actors SE

    Alternate Actors allows you to play as anyone, as well as change the looks of NPCs! Cast one of two spells to control animals or people. The control people spell allows you almost complete control over that actor, the control animal spell lets you travel as far as you like, and gives you 3 unique attacks for that creature.

    Skyrim Script Extender is required!
    Better Messagebox Controls is required!
    SkyUI is required!

    Without these mods, AA will never give you the spells or leave the loading screen!

    Control any creature and:

    - Take control of nearly any animal and take them as far away as you like
    - Most animals have a left, right, and special attack (activate button)
    - Some animals (think Atronachs) can cast spells!
    - Revert from an animal at any time by pressing the shout button

    Take control of any humanoid and gain access to their:
    - Looks
    - Skills
    - Health/Stamina/Magicka
    - Crafting/ object interaction
    - Basic factions (rub elbows with bandits, or vampires!)
    - Original player can acts as a follower, mill about, or disappear
    - Return to original player at any time
    - Dying as new actor results in death/load, or reverts to original player
    - Save/load while playing another actor, then return to playing your original player later
    - Literally play the game as that actor!

    Controlling an NPC allows you to affect them by:
    Leveling their skills
    Changing their gear
    Changing their face, hair, and hair color (10 NPC’s can be remembered)
    And more!
    - Many MCM configurable options
    - 360 Controller compatibility
    - With the ghost option, dying as the main character turns you into a ghost, who must find a new main character before they can attack again!
    - Lore friendly version with new spells and spell tomes
    - Development Thread for authors to easily make AA quest mods
    - Most face changes to the NPC can be remembered to permanently change their looks!
     - See the “Changes” tab for even more features, sorted by version. (It’s to the left of the description, files, and images tab).

    My walkthrough of 1.2 is coming soon.
    My walkthrough of v1.1:

    Mod Reviews:

    My walkthroughs of other versions can be found on the videos tab.

    Gem of the week on:

    YOU ARE A GOD!!! I've been wanting to do this for over a year! This completely transforms how the game can be played. "Alternate Actors" is now featured on GEMS under category 410 - Roleplaying. –Ka3m0n, Owner of Skyrim Gems Site

    Thank you! Been waiting for something like this to give the experience of the rpgs where you can switch between characters. –Maymay1588, Author of hot file: Lilium Follower

    Is there anyway we could save edits we make to the character we control? … Been looking for a mod for a long time that can do that. (Now possible in 1.1) –Phenderix, Author of hot file: Phendrix Magic Evolved

    ha ! a new mod from you dude... another good one as usual –Psychosteve, creator of icons used in SkyUI

    Very few modders can make something as ambitious as this mod. Even fewer come back, fix almost every problem, and add in many requested features too an already outstanding mod. You good sir, have become one of my favorite modders on the Nexus. Great job my friend. –Themusicman

    Lore Friendly version makes me a happy panda! –Nudedragon

    Did anyone say the nexus needs a file of "since forever" vote buttom? – Agunsthemagi

    mod of the year -Mclericp

    Quests that utilize Alternate Actor functionality
    Stability/compatibility – looking into custom race support, and racemenu / character editor mod compatibility 

    If you'd like to make a mod that uses Alternate Actors as a master file, check out the Development Thread to talk about the mod and how we can work together.

    While this mod is fully playable, chances are you will run into limitations and bugs! Please report these to me in the bugs / troubleshooting thread here! Also, if you have ideas, suggestions, or would like to help me implement features/ contribute to the project, join the discussion here! Thank you!

    Make sure to update to 1.2 and have ALL requirements installed (and up to date). If you’re updating from an earlier version, revert to your main character, save, turn the mod off, and save again. Then install the update. You may also need to save and reload once in order to access features like the MCM menu. (A quick save and quick reload will do). 

    Q: Help, the game crashes when I use the full control spell!
    A: Make sure you’ve installed v1.2, Skyrim Script Extender and Better Messagebox Controls!

    Q: My Npc’s face doesn’t look like it should!
    A: I’ve heard that loading Ultimate NPC Unlocker before AA may fix the problem (thanks Witcher5688!)

    Q: My game is stuck on the loading screen!
    A: 1) Make sure you have the requirements from the question above. 
    2) Check the compatibility section below to see if you’re running a mod that is incompatible. 
    3) Try pressing your activate button or your sheathe/drop item button. 
    4) Thanks to a report by o12t14a86, I was able to focus on controller compatibility for 1.2 Simply press X on the racemenu screen and the spell will finish itself. (For people still using 1.1, simply remove the controller usb during the loading screen and reinsert it after you’ve taken control. The screen should finish like normal.)
    5) Are you using a non US keyboard? Some keyboards, such as AZERTY may not work and you may need to preform manual operations. There is an MCM menu option: debug mode, that hides the loadscreen so you can perform manual operations in 1.2.
    6) In 1.2 and above, is the loading crystal frozen? It freezes at the beginning of the loading screen when controlling an actor of a different gender, but then should start moving again in roughly 5 seconds. If the crystal is moving, then chances are the loadscreen is working. If it’s frozen and both actors are the same gender, or it’s been 10+ seconds, try #3.

    Q: Can you make permanent changes to an NPC’s face?
    A: You can currently remember the faces of 10 NPCs. Changes to an NPC’s nose, hair, eyes, mouth and hair color will all be remembered. In 1.2, adjusting the size of said features, or skin tone is now also remembered. That means that as of 1.2, everything is remembered except for textures, and possibly mod added headparts.

    Q: I can’t use furniture!
    A: Type “player.tai” into the console.

    Q: Help, I made an NPC ugly! or: Help! Something happened and now their head is gone! Saving and reloading doesn’t fix it!
    A: Use MCM to forget their face. Then reload the game (exit to desktop) and they’ll be back to default

    Q: I can't find the spells!
    A: Do you have SkyUI installed? Did you save and reload? Are you looking in the right place? The spells are lesser powers.
    Answers gleaned from the comments section:
    In the MCM, toggle "Lore Friendly" Off and then back on. - WolfTheWerewolf
    The spells are powers, so to use them you need to press the 'z' key, or whatever button you have assigned to use powers - Goliatron

    Q: Everything is installed and up to date (including all required files), but I’m having a weird problem!
    A: It’s most likely a compatibility problem: AA is having an issue with one of your other mods. Try turning mods off one at a time (or all at the same time) and loading a save that didn’t use AA. When you turn off a mod and it works, you know which mod is incompatible (please let me know!).

    If none of these answers help you, than it’s possible that you’re having a bug that I can’t replicate. 

    I have been away from modding for a year and at this point I no longer have time to do any serious modding. Over the year I've been away I've gotton TONS of pms either asking me to troubleshoot a mod for people, or a mod request. I simply don't have time to troubleshoot everyone's Skyrim. 

    AA is a script heavy, detailed mod that can easily be incompatible with other mods. If you really want to use AA and it's not working, you'll need to troubleshoot the mod. Make a new save with no mods installed beside AA and its requirements. This is the ONLY way to be sure no other mods are causing your issue. If the mod runs successfully on a new save, slowly install mods until it doesn't work. I usually install half of the uninstalled mods on my list and try. If it fails, I know one of the mods I just turned on is causing the issue, if not, I install the other half. I keep whiddling it down until I find the incompatible mod. Back in the day I checked and unchecked esps, but now with tools like mod organizer you can do this much more quickly and thoroughly. I used to spend literally hours troubleshooting mods I wanted to install; it's just a part of the mod experience, and it's too time consuming for me to do for others anymore, (in many cases I wouldn't even be able to without downloading your exact mod setup)))

    If you think you can help me eliminate a limitation, please let me know here.

    Actors that you control may/will exhibit the following: Gray Face bug – nothing I can do Perks and overall level are retained across characters No change in crime, some specific / unique factions, and quests progress I can’t store or change NPC face tints/textures

    I’ve heard reports that this mod may be incompatible with Crimson Tide
    Several people report that SkyRe’s combat.esp is incompatible with this mod
    The main character may not follow people using UFO
    You may not be able to edit the faces of NPC with custom face parts (like Vilja)
    I’ve heard reports that this mod is incompatible with Racemenu and Enhanced Character Editor, though I wasn’t able to replicate any bugs, other than their features not being supported. 

    First I want to thank the people who have made the Skyrim Script Extender. It's a wonderful tool that I love more practically every day.

    In one part of the script I've taken inspiration from Korodic's Werewolf Aftermath mod and Deazurain's Loadout mod. In the script (whose source code is included in the download) I note the section I used from them, and will paraphrase that note here.
    Both dudes understood how many slots there were (counted slot masks on the wiki) and understood how to multiply the hex code by two to get every combo of armor you could have and add it to a formlist. I didn't know how the hex code worked, or had the idea to do a formlist until I looked at their scripts, so I wanted to credit them. 
    However, I believe this inspiration is fair game/ is in the public domain, because two people did the same thing for two different mods, and my inspired section is as different from either of theirs as their script chunks are from one another.

    Update: Being the cool guy that he is, Korodic asked me to "credit fg101 since it was he who developed the slot mask loop (which was brilliant)." I gladly do so and thank Korodic again for letting me know. 😄

    I also want to thank Expired's Racemenu mod. I found the getfacemorph function while looking at his script. Also, it was looking at his script alongside the Creation Kit that made me realize that face morphs are not 1 per headpart, but 2 or 3 (based on the actors tab Char Gen Morphs sliders).

    DarkWolfModding for telling me about Bandicam. 😄

    The Nexus and Bethesda should also be credited, for allowing modders such cool opportunity to explore so many facets of game design and then share them with others… for free. 😄

    I do not post any mods on Steam Workshop. If you see one of my mods on Steam Workshop, please report the file to me. Thanks! 😄


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  21. Bloody Rynotis

    Bloody Rynotis
    Large Battle Axe
    Converted by seetruck-2000
    Original mod made by zAzura
    This weapon cannot be created but can be found on top of a mountain.
    Can use Additem from Nexus to obtain
    Comes with a spell book (walk on water for 10 minutes and eyes of drauger for 10 minutes.


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  22. HDT SMP Physics combined CBPC for body Version(OBSOLETE))

    Replaced with 


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  23. Honeystrand Meadery

    Original Creator of this was Funkonaut on LE - Was broken and people had to fix it on their own
    Unauthorized SSE Port was done by Wilmil1219 on SE - Still broken after porting and offered no fix, so people fixed it from the instructions on the LE & SE versions.
    So I took the time and fixed it for you and brought it here.
    The location is outside of Iverstead. The meadery is quite dark at night (outside), I may go into CK and add torches at a later date.
    I DID NOT create this, I only fixed the issue with the 2nd Bottle Rack not being referenced to the 2nd Brew Tank.
    The following is from the original LE version:

    Become a master brewer in Skyrim! Construct, furnish, and run your own meadery in the world of Tamriel. Utilize an enhanced crafting system to create dozens of new consumables. Save them for yourself, or sell them in cities where market trends change over time!

    Please note: Hearthfire required.
    -New crafting game-play – mixing, brewing, aging; simulates real life brewing process
    -Dozens of new drinkable items (potions) and crafting ingredients
    -Build additions and furnishings for the meadery over time
    -Sell your brews in cities all around Skyrim and earn gold!
    -Market trends change over time
    -Dialogue and other key text changes dynamically based on player decisions
    -Fully voiced NPCs
    -Auto start quest when mod loads for the first time

    Compatibility: This is primarily a crafting mod, so compatibility with other crafting mods may be an issue, but is one I did my best to minimize. I did not alter any of the vanilla game’s crafting systems, but rather added my own onto it using custom furniture and containers. Of course let me know if you think there is an issue.


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  24. Xen's Convenient Weapons

    This mod takes weapons that were previously flagged as unplayable and makes them playable. I made duplicates in the CK for everything except the testVorpalSword. I found the testVorpalSword in the CK with 0 uses. It's worth noting that it does 10000 damage. That's enough to throw a carriage driver out of his seat with one swing. I left all the original damage values utouched with one exception, Auriels Bow Replica does 4 less damage than the real thing. I also renamed the duplicate Mirrak weapons to ___ of Tentacles.
    The barrel is located behind the Whiterun stable.


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  25. Devourment Mod

    The Devourment Mod, SSE only
    This mod adds a new element to the game for your desire to EAT any enemy or NPC (not dragons)
    I did not make this mod
    I modified the mod to work with Teens and Dolls
    I tried with Hipoly Teens and works fine.
    FNIS, SKSE, SKYUI, XP32 skeleton
    I have put together the whole mod from LL into one mod
    Important to do, uncheck RND weights in your load order, it must be left in your load order.
    I use MO2 (unzip and install) 
    After install run FNIS
    When you start a new game save and reload to get the spells that are available for a new game.
    Most spells work with the shout key.
    Other Items can be bought inside Winterhold College, in the library (she may have a black face) 
    MCM option are available choose how you want to play.
    Use G when you have prey in your stomach to talk to them or when you are the prey.
    Many option to get eaten, all of it is in the dialog when talking to an NPC.
    Have high speech and you are able to convince other NPC to get in your belly, then other option open up.
    Warning: You can be killed when swallowed by an enemy.  (Playing in god mode is not recommended).
    When killed by an enemy or NPC pressing Z to take over that NPC as the Dragonborn.  If eaten by an enemy NPC your faction changes to that faction.
    When taking over as an NPC or enemy you have a choice in MCM to use Racemenu.
    Careful when using Alternate Actors, you can eat your self but when you die you go into limbo and will need to load a previous save.
    Once in a while the game may crash so save often just in case, (I have played for hours with no problems).
    The prey in your belly may malfunction once in a while and your prey will be expelled. 
    Taking over with different species may have weird outcomes, so for warned.
    The person who put this mod on LL gave permission to do what ever with the mod, it's on the first post.


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