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This is for every category I haven't made yet

1 file

  1. Fallout Music Collection for Fallout 4 Version

    This mod brings the music of past Fallout  games and Fallout 76 into the world of Fallout 4. This is ambient music tracks for exploration, combat, discovery, and many more. These tracks are blended in with Fallout 4's music. You may not notice them at first but as you play, you'll notice the songs start to cycle in. There are some very atmospheric tracks for Sanctuary and the Glowing Sea. This does not include radio songs due to many copyright issues. 
    This mod is not to uploaded to the Nexus, Loverslab, or any other site. They've also made it clear that it's not welcome there.
    Installation instructions: If you've never downloaded this, then just install with your favorite mod manager or manually if you prefer.  If you have downloaded this before, the Version 3 file has much smaller file size due to XWM format. To install the new version, you may need to disable the mod, make a save without it active, then install the new version. Feel free to delete the old version.
    Here's on of the added tracks: 


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