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This is the Mod-For-Money Group. At the end of each month I will tally unique downloads for every Mod Authors posted creations and each Mod Author will get a percent depending on their downloads. All Membership Subscription Fees, recurring or new will be tossed into the pot, and that is the pot that will be divided into the amount of money you will be rewarded.

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To better improve your Gaming experience, we have Decided to let you also tell us what you would like to see in this club. you can message Schaken or JoBobby ANY mod and we will do our best to make it happen and post it here in the club!

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  1. What's new in this club
  2. While we appreciate feedback, we do not enjoy huge long weeks worth of 1 conversation. we have a chatroom hosted on discord that we have links all over the page to. we ask that you please come join us on discord so we can help you diagnose and solve this issue in a matter of minutes instead of weeks here posting ever so rarely. A link to our server on discord it HERE or you can simply click on "Discord" at the top of any page on our site.
  3. It crashes to desktop when equipping necklaces too. The Akuma armors do give invisible bodies. I tried building in Bodyslide to see if that would help... It didn't... Not sure how to make this armor work...
  4. thanks for the heads up. I was about to install 🙂
  5. This is incompatable with iAS. IF you use iAS manager then you can make it compatible easily.
  6. There is a problem with this mod. When you remove the clothes there is no body, only the head, feet and hands. I've reinstalled the mod several times and checked on the BodySlide but there is nothing listed there. Any thoughts?
  7. I even have 3. "The Kids are alright", "other daughters" because I just like the faces better, and Dolls. You just can not select the replacer with dolls because otherwise it overwrites the others. For me that works very well together.
  8. Ive downloaded it twice, but both times I get an error saying its either an unrecognized archive format, or a corrupted download both times.
  9. As long as they are using physics clothing/body they should. So you need something like TeenDolls - Physics(Official) for teens, and for dolls the only way I can think of is to put the dolls in some physics clothing with iAS support.
  10. Thank you for your hard work! Will this make the npc's and pc look prego too?
  11. Dropped, as in- No longer needed? If so, shouldn't it be hidden or removed?
  12. Lol, I don't hear any problem. But anyway that wouldn't be my fault, I didn't touch the script, I only added the needed values to the arrays.
  13. I have these files and love the concept, but lol, all of my mannequins now have babies and a third of the population. None are growing up, just npc's walking around Skyrim with babies. I have the settings where there are not supposed to be random pregnancies. thanks again for all your contributions
  14. I love the looks of this armor, please repair so I can use it 🙂 thanks
  15. Version 1.0


    Sassy Teen Dolls Physics - Body Replacer What is this? This is a mod that will add give you breast sizes options for the Sassy Teen Dolls AND has Physics Sassy Teen Dolls LE
  16. Version 1.1


    Sassy Teen Dolls Physics - Body Replacer What is this? This is a mod that will add give you breast sizes options for the Sassy Teen Dolls AND has Physics Sassy Teen Dolls SE
  17. Basically sexlabs has filters that will block certain races from being used. Elin for example can not be used by any sexlab mod. If you install sexlab unfiltered, you can now use any race, any NPC in sexlabs.
  18. I'm confused, what does this do exactly? Maybe I'm just not reading between the lines good enough
  19. Make sure you updated fertility mode - Doll children withing the last few days. A new update was released and I remade it.
  20. the Akuma armor gives invisible body. The chain bikini CTD when trying to equip hands or feet. The tops and the under work fine. Not sure about the necklaces
  21. Version 1.1.0


    This is a addon for for Fertility Mode - Doll Children. This mod allows Teens and/or Dolls to get pregnant and give birth. There are 3 versions for each version of the addon - A version with no requirements. - A version with iAS as a requirement as I put the children in vanilla clothing. - A version where Outfit Randomiser Framework and iAS is a requirement, this makes dolls come out with a random outfit from the base game. Sadly for the combined teen and doll version I ran out of space. So I had to cut out some vampire races for the main teen and doll races to fit. Doll Vampires that cannot get pregnant: Doll Histling Vampire Doll Ohmes-Rhat Vampire Doll Snow Elf Vampire Doll Dremora Vampire Doll Wood Elf Vampire Doll Orc Vampire Teen Vampires that cannot get pregnant: Teen Histling Vampire Teen Ohmes-Rhat Vampire Teen Snow Elf Vampire Teen Dremora Vampire Teen Wood Elf Vampire Teen Orc Vampire
    Works great if some days you not feeling small breasts then other days you are, just simply reinstall and select which one you want, quick and easy 🙂 I personally edited all the sliders to have slightly pointier nipples then re-zipped them 🙂
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