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About This Club

This is everything Loli / Shota

Special Note:

In the "Comics" section you may make cool Meme's, or picture stories. do NOT use someone elses, this is a place for YOU to be creative! enjoy!
(P.S. this club is beta, if you want to post in the Comics, and it dont let you, notify me ill make you a moderator of this club.)
  1. What's new in this club
  2. My first impressions are, this is simply a miniature lean body female, who could be anywhere between 20 and 25 with a rather stern face? Certainly no loli. Certainly no Adorable Face, either, which I use on a Skyim LE playthrough using old and various files from LL and ATF. Whereas the face of this mod in my game looks rather like a School Headmistress? I do, however, have sassy teen dolls and dolls installed, so maybe they are affecting this? The x17 armours for lolis do not fit, sadly, also. Even the Lich king armour, downloaded from this site, shows distortions around the hips? Why not simply make the Dolls available as a Player Character/Race? Many thanks for the effort and work, however, so don't take my criticisms personally, please. They are just my initial and honest impressions.
  3. Version 8.1


    Original mod by === Ulithium_Dragon This mod has a companion mod that uses the same store, Watchable Lolicon Videos - VotW. It's not *required* - I kept it as a separate mod. v5.0 added a custom quest with a sex scene at the end (yes, a REAL one with a custom animation). Read more below! v8.0 adds a custom lewd loading screen. You can disable this in the usual Settings Holotape if you don't want it. This mod adds new lolicon doujins/manga to the game as fully readable magazines, as well as many other things (see below for a list). *Just a small note for any shota fans - some of these comics (probably about half?) are about loli+shota sex, so if you're into straight shotacon then there's some of that in here as well. I've finished the "Little Girl" set by Rustle (Little Girl 1-14 are all done), as well as many others (see below for a list), and will do other comics if/when I feel like it. *Feel free to suggest things for me to convert! All I ask that they be fully colored. NOTE: If you'd like to be able to read all magazines and notes without picking them up (like how it's done in Skyrim, Fallout 3, New Vegas, etc.) then I highly recommend this mod: Read Notes from Containers and Corpses *I know the file size of the mod is getting very large. I've tried packing the files into an archive and it failed, so I'm doing my best to keep things fully optimized to reduce the file size. The store is based on a cell copy of Marlborough House, so it's interior lighting will change based on the time of day (meaning the light that comes in through the windows). EDIT: If you are having any issues with the new loading screens causing crashes, use this patch to disable them by default: View attachment Loli Mags v8.1 - Default Disabled LoadScreens.7z Location: You can find all the magazines in a new "Hentai Comics Store" I've created, located near Hubris Comics. There is a map marker: it is visible automatically, but cannot be fast traveled to. Recently Added: - A store location to find the magazines in. - A couple picture frame items with lolicon pictures. - LOTS of new custom posters, paintings, and sign wall art, etc. for the store. - A custom merchant for the store to sell all of the, err, "merchandise" (based off of the random encounter child merchant Kat). - Two different custom "skimpy" dresses I made for Kat and Pat to wear. - Some other "kinky" armors and accessories. - A "dungeon" with some raiders holding some kids prisoner. - A full quest with Kat's little sister, Pat. - A custom deathclaw with some bestiality sex scenes (all text-based till there are sex animations). - Some new "sex weapons". - And lot's more random stuff! Magazines: - Little Girl 1 (Rustle/MIEOW) - Little Girl 2 (Rustle/MIEOW) - Little Girl 3 (Rustle/MIEOW) - Little Girl 4 (Rustle/MIEOW) - Little Girl 5 (Rustle/MIEOW) - Little Girl 6 (Rustle/MIEOW) - Little Girl 7 (Rustle/MIEOW) - Little Girl 8 (Rustle/MIEOW) - Little Girl 9 (Rustle/MIEOW) - Little Girl 10 (Rustle/MIEOW) - Little Girl 11 (Rustle/MIEOW) - Little Girl 12 (Rustle/MIEOW) - Little Girl 13 (Rustle/MIEOW) - Little Girl 14 (Rustle/MIEOW) - Digital Learning (PalComix) - Pan Goes to the Doctor (PalComix) - Bonnie's Diary (PalComix) - Colorfolo (Misc) - Matchmaker Terriermon (PalComix) - Trial Run (Misc) - Diploma Mill (Rustle/MIEOW) - GIRLzH 3 (Rustle/MIEOW) - Lolicon Special 1 (Rustle/Meiow) - Lolicon Special 2 (Rustle/Meiow) - Lolicon Special 3 (Rustle/Meiow) - There's a VERY small "seam" on the right side where the texture for the comics doesn't QUITE match up with the mesh I'm using for them. It's EXTREMELY tiny, and it honestly just looks like it's the magazine's binding to me, so forgive me if I don't spend 20 hours trying to figure out how to fix it. - In a few cases some pages are a slightly different size than others. This is due to the fact that all of these are based off of scans of physical doujins, so this is inevitable. If I tried to resize them all to a common size I would just end up creating distortion issues, so I don't have any plants to try and fix this really. As I said, it's quite a minor issue. - The dialog with the kids in The Dungeon is unfinished, and so it is presently riddled with bugs. Use at your own risk, and know that you may end up breaking the dialog for when I finish it (make a save backup before talking to them)! *PATCH UPDATE FILE - REQUIRES DOWNLOADING v8.0 FIRST! THEN OVERWRITE WITH THIS!!!* - Zixaphir for some of his loli billboards and sign textures that I used in the store. - Rustle/Mieow for the original "Little Girl" comics (and anyone who helped translate them to English or decensor them). - Various artists over at PalComix for their doujins that I used. - Any other misc. artists whose comics I use. - Vader666 over at LoversLab for their Female Masturbation animation and Vibrator model. - Vioxsis over at LoversLab for their Institute Slave Gear models. - Lots of other authors for the assets I ported over from random places. For Assistance, Please contact Ulithium_Dragon, or visit our Discord for assistance!
  4. Version 1.0


    Original Author: Billyy Original Page: (ATF PAGE) Here is my collection of human petite animations I’ve built up over the past half-year for Skyrim LE. They are designed for smaller females and larger males with a 0.2 scale difference, specifically 0.8 and 1.0. All packs are in a single FOMOD where you can choose whichever you want. Petite animations is my main ‘side project’, so it’s a slow-going as they’re a low percentage of the animations I make. A large portion of these petite animations are conversions of my other human animations (well technically for a lot of them it was the other way around; petite converted to normal scale). The mod currently only contains human animations; I’ve not gotten around to creatures as I’ve got my hands full atm. Sexlab Unfiltered Framework === (Link) Sexlab Animation Loader === (Link) SexLab MatchMaker === (Link) UUNP Lolibody Bodyslide for best alignment USE A MOD HANDLER!!! And use FNIS
  5. Version 1.0


    Loli Nord Race (Remastered) This is a conversion of Lumina's UNPnano body for SSE, as well as Fair Skin Complexion, and Adorable Face meshes and textures. You will be able to create some very high-quality loli (and shota) characters for SSE now. This race requires, and replaces, the Young Nord race (YgNord) from YgNord Race (Racemenu Version). This also includes, optionally, additional eyes and brows, loli (and shota) player voices, and an equipable Schlongs of Skyrim penis, if you want to make a trap (or shota) character. YgNord Race (Racemenu Version) - by the Schaken-Mods Team ApachiiSkyHair SSE - by Apachii KS Hairdos SSE - By Kalilies Imperious - Races of Skyrim - by EnaiSiaion Subtle but Classless - Chocolatenoodle Race Compatibility Dialogue SSE - By Aelarr This race replaces YgNord Race (Racemenu Version), so install that FIRST, with any/none/all of its options. DO NOT install ECE's Race Compatibility options! Install the latest Race Compatibility from Nexus. Then install this, using your method of choice, and overwrite everything. The new plugin is tagged for Wrye Bash and Mator Smash users, and is also mergable. Use LOOT Load Order. Original Mod - Wasabi Ice Cream DIMONIZED UNP female body - dimon99 UNPnano Body - Lumina Adorable Face - Lumina SkyKids - en_hawk Children of the Sky -R2 - jiitek Fair Skin Complexion - HHaleyy High Poly Hands and Feet for UNP/7B bodies - Halofarm True Eyes SE and True Brows SE - JimtownIrish SOS Equipable Schlong - b3lisario Ly Player Only Voice Replacer - lylion12 Additional Player Voices for Skyrim - nanahane Loli voices compiled by Ulithium_Dragon Additional loli voices, and shota voices compiled - Johann7124 the Pure skin textures - Anini and Regenbot03; Lolified by Torpedo
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