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Remodeled Armor for Teens SE (OBSOLETE)

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About This File

This is Remodeled Armor V1.2.1 for Sassy Teen Dolls. All credits go to the original mod here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/22168

What each file does:

  1. Remodeled Armor For Teen Dolls SE - This is the main file of the mod. It adds teen variations for each outfit in the game. 
  2. Teen Remodeled Armor Outfit Replacer - This is a outfit replacer for teen dolls that replace the vanilla looking outfits included with Teen Dolls with Remodeled Armor versions.
  3. Teen Remodeled Armor Outfit Replacer - Default Outfits - This is the default outfit replacer(replaces all teen dolls outfits with only vanilla outfits, removing teens from getting custom outfits) included in the FOMOD of Teen Dolls, with all outfits converted to Remodeled Armors versions.
  4. Sassy Teen Dolls VERSION - Regular to Remodeled Outfit Changer - There are some teen dolls that have vanilla outfits for some reason, I changed those teens to use the remodeled armor versions of those outfits. Be sure to pick the version according to what Sassy Teen Dolls version you use.
  5. Teen Remodeled Armor Helens Addon - This is the extracted npc from the modified version of this file included in Helens Outfitters FOMOD. I suggest you get this addon if you are using my Remodeled Armor version, not the one included in Helens Outfitters. I made the Helens Outfitters addon so people could update with me, and not rely on Helens Outfitters updating their modified version of this file, just so they would be able to buy it at Helens.

It is fully standalone and will work together with the original mod. It also has physics for those using CBP, CBPC, or HDT. The requirements are as follows

  1. Install Groovtama's XPMS Extended
  2. Install CBBE (It may work with UNP but it is untested)
  3. Install a physics mod such as CBPC or HDT Physics (you'll have to find this one outside of the Nexus).
  4. Install Remodeled Armor for Teens.

To get them: Use commands, use AddItemMenu Mod, or craft them in the tanning rack by having one of the vanilla version in your inventory.

What's New in Version   See changelog


Updated Teen Remodeled Armor Helens Addon to TeenDolls 1.5

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