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Skyrim Vanilla Save Set 1.0.0

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About This File

This compressed file contains the following saves: 

Empire Campaign Complete
Stormcloak Campaign Complete
Empire Campaign Complete + Alduin Dead
Stormcloak Campaign Complete + Alduin Dead

I ran through on god mode (tgm console command). You will be level 1. Use "showracemenu" to set your preferred race/appearance. After you unpack the saves, place them into your Documents > My Games > Skyrim > Saves folder, or wherever your save files are located.
I originally made these for myself. I've hit that modding wall way to many times and got tired of restarting. I'm glad so many of you are enjoying them as well. I will probably work on more saves such as the DLC campaigns. But here is the question. Would anyone enjoy a save with all of the Hearthfire homes built?

Installation: Install manually to you save folder. That should be Document>My Games>Skyrim>Saves

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    • By xenic
      I would love to see a dominate follower. One that made you feel like the companion. This could be done a handful of ways. I don't have the time to attempt it, not from scratch anyway. I could contribute the text if someone wanted to give it a go. 
      Anyway, the ideas:
      Starting off without voice would be fastest. Having silent dom dialogue.
      Have the guards/npc's refer to him as dragonborn when possible. Have them refer to you as a companion/servant/slave. Have a few player dialogue choices.
      When you find him, you have to pay him gold to follow you (MATCHING DIALOGUE). Sometimes he may ask you to carry items.
      As time passes in game, parts of the main story are auto completed, to give the sense he is the one doing it, not you. This could complete up to the junction in the civil war (when player choice is needed) and from then to before the fight with Alduin. This would make the player feel dragged along. Also make it so the player can't shout. 
      The dom would also already own Breezehome and maybe some other properties. 
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