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Velma and Daphne from Scooby Doo - Jinxxed Followers SE 0.5

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About This File

Velma and Daphne from Scooby Doo - Jinxxed Followers SE
Skyrim LE at the Nexus
Original Author: Jinxxed0
Ported to SE by the Schaken-Mods Team.

Velma and Daphne have been friends since they were kids; always solving mysteries in the Imperial city with their other friends, Freddrick the Splitter, Shagius the High, and their talking dog, Scooby Doobenius such as "who stole Mrs. Grekkle's basket of sweet rolls and framed Shaggy and Scooby". As they grew older, they solved more serious crimes that involved the super natural when people in the city couldn't get the guards involved. They even made a career out of it and traveled around Tameriel solving mysteries. Now adults, they still stay contact, but have their own special interests. Shagius and Scooby Doobenius reside in High Rock where they work at a bakery, earning enough to eat the best Breton cuisines. Freddick lives in Hammerfell mostly in isolation where he writes mystery books based on their adventures. Velma and Daphne happen to be in Skyrim. Velma is somewhat of an adventurer who picked up archery for protection. She likes investigate mysterious events to better understand things. She is a scholar above all else but has no real interest in advancing in magic. Velma heard rumors of Dragons appearing around the world and that the Thalmor may be behind it. With the Civil War in Skyrim brewing, she figured they be distracted there enough to do some snooping. Daphne on the other hand is in Skyrim to document events as they unfold during the Civil War. During her travels, she's picked up on magic as it's the best form of combat to not mess up her makeup.

Hello once again everybody. This started out as just a Velma follower mod but I eventually decided that I may as well create Daphne also. I like the idea of having characters cross universes and have actually had this planned for almost a year but never got around to it because of school. So, here it finally is. When making these characters, I made them with the intention of making them as immersive as possible while maintaining who they are as characters. So, as with ALL my followers, I like to make them as if they existed in the The Elder Scrolls. These characters are definitely more suited to Fallout 4, but there's no generic voiced followers, so here we are. for their backgrounds, I weaved in actual lore from the old series with an Elder Scrolls spin. Not a lot of people know deep Scooby Doo lore, but there's actually a lot of good stuff that not even the modern writers of the new shows know or care about. Like how Shaggy and Daphne actually have a stronger relationship than Freddy x Daphne and Shaggy x Velma (which is only a thing in one of the newer shows). If you're interested, check out 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo. It's one of the better shows in the series despite not having Velma.


Velma is in Falkreath at the inn.
Daphne is in
Ivarstead at the inn.

What's New in Version 0.5   See changelog


Things to come before release:
- Make options for Teen version in the FOMOD
- Possible Custom Dialog

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