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Dolls SE 2.5.0 Update Preview Patch 2

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About This File

The dolls update preview patch includes many fixes + edits that are going to be in the next update. So far the preview includes:
- Fixed Dolls vanilla vampires
- Fixed Dolls BV
- Fixed Dolls + TeenDolls vanilla vampires
- Fixed Dolls + TeenDolls BV
- Added Racecompatibility Vampire system for compatibility
- A updated and customized skeleton that allows you to choose the base height of dolls
- Fixed Doll Ulfric crash
- Removed child flag
- Outfit fixes, mostly fixes clipping but it also fixes for outfits that has physics while the body didn't
- Super experimental head update, only use it if you want issues


Reccomended way to install
1. Install Dolls
2. (optional)Install Racecompatibility
3. Install this update patch

What's New in Version 2   See changelog


Added some things to the experimental heads option
Added fixes for outfits.

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