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TeenDolls LE - Shizuka 1.2

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About This File

TeenDoll - Shizuka

      When the orcs have been forced out of their homeland, Orsinium, they were now a divided people, as they began to split across Tamriel as clans. One of them, the Morkul clan, were well known for being extraordinary blacksmiths whom can use their own blood to enhance their weapons and armors at the forge. They settled in Skyrim, and while they were well equipped for the cold ... their orc chief became terribly ill. No one within the tribe knew how to cure him, even the wise woman and her apprentices in alchemy knew of a solution. All hope seemed lost when he was lying in his death bed. However, as all was lost ... a woman on her travels was seen near the stronghold. The orcs watched her, as she gracefully walking along. Accusing her as being a spy, the orcs took her hostage and brought her in for questioning. Never did the woman show fear, anger, or even showed any emotion towards the orcs. She wore clothing that was never seen by the locals in Skyrim, and she spoke in a language not heard by the orcs in all their lifetime. As the orcs brought her to the sickened chief to have him decide her fate, she began slowly walking up to the fallen warrior. The orcs immediately reacted by drawing their weapons, but the women didn't even bother stopping to give them any notice. She went onto her knees, looking over the dying orc chief, before pulling out her dagger. The orcs this time threatened her, demanding that she would cease at once or they will take her life. But rather than obeying, the woman did something unexpected ... she slit her own hand. The orcs were dismayed by this, and to make it even more shocking- she hovered her bleeding hand over the orc's mouth. Blood fell down, the man unconsciously gulping it. One of the orcs got hold of his senses and pulled the woman away, cursing at her. Before they could strike her down, the orc chief opened his eyes with gasping breaths. Everyone froze, seeing their orc chief rise up with such energy before clenching his chest. He told them to halt, that the woman had somehow cleansed him of his terrible fate. Feeling like he was 'reborn' again, the orc chief declared that this woman was more than welcome to the stronghold, and that she was a hero among his people. Rejoiced, the orcs began celebrating and spoiled the woman with their finest foods, mead, and everything. Eventually, the woman became a close friend to the orc chief, and though he did not understand her, body language could be adapted to. Eventually, they slowly fell in love, and in a strange twist- she bore his child. This child, would be a half orc ... named Shizuka, a name meaning gentle, quiet, and silent for the baby did not cry on it's birth. Little did everyone know, this woman trained the child herself ... in the ways of a samurai. Even the father, the orc chief, did not know just how skilled in combat this woman was, nor her origins ... but nether the less, it was her mother that helped Shizuka become such a skillful warrior, and at the age of 18, gave her the sword she kept hidden from everyone all these years. This blade was passed down from generation to generation, Shizuka getting the sword ... Shimmering Soul. Entering the age of 20, Shizuka left the stronghold in search of adventure, wanting to help the people of Skyrim against the overgrowing population of bandits and scum that threaten the innocent. She stopped at Eldergleam Sanctuary, to gather her thoughts ... and it is here, you meet her.

Special thanks to Haladoon for the sword

Special thanks to 0Prime0

This is Triela, you can find her in Rorikstead wondering around town. Triela is made up to be a Ranger.
This File Requires Sassy Teen Dolls

What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


- Fixed FOMOD Installer

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