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Naked Dungeons SE

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(Bodyslide files are included in the FOMOD)
Original Author: galahad_69
Fomod, Repacked, and Ported by the Schaken-Mods Team

Tired of being capable of rushing through every single dungeon of Skyrim with no difficulties whatsoever, killing any enemies in your way single-handedly thanks to your kick-ass weapons and fancy armor? 

Rumors has it that some (or all) dungeon entrances are cursed with an inescapable magical trap, which forces you to leave almost all your equipment outside. To make things worse, the curse is permanent, resulting in a self-recharging trap, therefore it works on every single living being trying to enter the dungeon, so you cannot have very high expectations about easy looting from slain enemies and other dead bodies. This means that you must fight yourself through with whatever weapons and armor you can find inside, or rely on your magical abilities.
There is no need to worry about your precious gear being lost for good, however, for it is kept safely in a package outside (in front of the dungeon entrance), so you can recover it any time from there, the only thing is that you have no way to get them though he entrance.

If you happen to encounter any problems with the mod (e.g. traps not triggering when you think they should), first make sure to enable the debug mode in the MCM (Naked Dungeons -> Debug -> Show debug messages; it is no longer enabled by default) and see if any messages appear on entering or exiting dungeons. If there are no messages at all, make sure the mod is enabled (MCM: Naked Dungeons -> Debug -> Enable mod), or try to disable and re-enable it.

If your character is a "sneaky archer" type, then it may be rather difficult to fight without your usual weapons. This is why the bound weapon spells are given to the player if you enable the mod with the "Show debug messages" option also enabled.



What's New in Version   See changelog


Fixed invalid operator bug on vortex for good this time


komotor (http://komotor.tumblr.com/mods) for the anal gaping meshes and textures
 for the mod organizer friendly version and also for the German translation
zeldashu for the Chinese translation
donttouchmethere for the extensive beta testing
and many other LoversLab users for all their good ideas and suggestions

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