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Necronomicon Book of the Evil Dead 1.0.0

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About This File

Necronomicon Book of the Evil Dead

The Necronomicon has been Tortured in the Soul Cairn for thousands of Years Waiting for some Poor Sucker Brave Adventurer to release it from its Torment.
Will that Adventurer be YOU

The Book can be found in some of the chests in the Soul Cairn under the Giant Soul Gems
Has Necromancer Pages inside

Gives the spell to Conjure Five Soul Cairn Creatures in one go which will fight for you

You will require the perk Twin Souls, if you do not have this perk it will still work But only one creature will be Conjured.
This Alters the Perk Twin Souls to give Five conjures
Requires DawnGuard 

This Is Reborn for Skyrim SE,  previously made by me for Fallout 4 But less Dangerous.

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