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TeenDolls LE - Lolidia 1.0

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About This File


TeenDolls - Lolidia

This is Lolidia, she can be found at the gates in Solitude.

After the invasion of Cyrodiil by Lord Naarifin and Lady Arannelya, the hate of a part of the High Elves for the empire and the worshippers of Talos lead to the creation of the Thalmor, a very secretive organization that claims to represent the Aldmeri Domain in Skyrim. Although the war had cost many lives from both side, some prisoners were taken in secret and brought to Skyrim to serve as slaves of all kind. Lady Arannelya, whose husband was sterile, took this opportunity and took one of the slaves as a paramour. He gave him a young girl, Lolidia, that was raised in secret, kept hidden from Arannelya’s husband to avoid them a tragic fate. Lolidia was taught to hate Talos and his worshipper, and so was she trained to hunt them down. One day, when she was taking a walk in Skyrim, she took a moment to sit down and enjoy the nature. Standing above a road, she saw a man shoving a Thalmor Justicar as he was running. The Justicar took him to the top of a cliff, slit his throat and threw him down. Lolidia was horrified. That wasn’t the vision of the Thalmor she had, and she realized she didn’t want to live among those beasts. She ran away. She didn’t have to hide, since the Thalmor didn’t know of her existence and would then not try to hunt her down. She can now be found in Solitude, near to the gate.

This File Requires Sassy Teen Dolls

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