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CBL - Nude Body Preset/Mesh (CBBE SMP) 1.0.1

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So this is my "custom" nude body that I use for my SE playthough and have done for the last year or so. Most armors i upload/modify are usually based around this. It's a CBBE SMP body mesh, so as long as you have that + HDT SMP + Bodyslide, you can use this (these) presets.
This mod contains the following:
4 Bodyslide presets;
the nude preset (where breasts sag freely, obviously best for a nude body)
"No support" preset, where breasts are, say, held down by robes - no boobie support.
A "Half Supported" preset, where breasts are held up slightly.
A "Full Supported" where it's cleavage heaven.

Use whatever preset best suits the armor being built.

pre-built ready to be used nude body preset meshes.

This coincided with some good armors and physics is what allows me to make some pretty GIF's.
This will compliment any armors i upload nicely and give you some "boobie consistency" (no big tittayes in armor, small naked scenario)  as i hope you can see from the included GIF's of this mod. (The armor in the GIF is also uploaded here, btw).

I titled it "Custom Bustom Lustom" (CBL) through a lack of creativity to think of a name. Don't judge.

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


forgot to include the CBBE.XML (HDT SMP) preset. Sorted it.



Pubic Hair for Females (SOS Addon)

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