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TeenDolls LE - Janessa 1.0

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About This File


TeenDolls - Janessa

This is Janessa, she can be found at the Honey-Brew Farm near Windhelm.

After the invasion of Cyrodiil by Lord Naarifin and Lady Arannelya, the hate of a part of the High Elves for the empire and the worshippers of Talos lead to the creation of the Thalmor, a very secretive organization that claims to represent the Aldmeri Domain in Skyrim. Lady Arannelya had an adopted daughter. Her parents were killed during the war, and somehow she became affectionate with the little girl, and decided to take her under her wing. She raised her and trained her to become a high member of the Thalmor. After Arannelya and Naarifin proclaimed themselves High King and High Queen of the Thalmor, Janessa was raised to be and recognized as the Heir Princess of the Thalmor. She never learned about her “sister” Lolidia, but they had one thing in common: Janessa didn’t like the Thalmor’s way of doing things. Even though they claimed to represent justice, everything they did looked unfair to the young princess. One day, she raised against this violence. She thought that her rank would allow her to make those injustices cease, but the Thalmor was more powerful than her. Her mother loved her, but the power didn’t belong to her anymore. The Justicars grew too strong. They stopped and arrested her for so-called high treason. Knowing the Thalmor headquarters perfectly, she managed to escape. Ever since, she is doing anything she can not to get noticed, so the Thalmor can’t find her. She is not a princess anymore, and she is now working at the Merry-Brew farm near Windhelm. She’s not happy, but at least she’s alive. She managed to learn about the existence of a possible sister of hers, Lolidia, but she can’t officially look for her, not now. But what if some hero could bring the sisters together and restore justice by destroying the corrupted power the Thalmor has become? Their fate is yours to decide now.

This File Requires Sassy Teen Dolls

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