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immersive Armor Swapper - Public Version 1.1.7

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About This File

Immersive Armor Swapper is a dynamic armor swapper, capable of switching armors per selected body types. To make iAS recognise a race, you need to have a separate home folder for the desired race you are wanting to swap armors on, and a plugin so that iAS knows the races you want to start swapping.

With iAS, Me and Schaken (and any other person that decides to contribute) don't have to make custom plugins, convert armors so that only work with teens or dolls, and we don't have to package the original mod. We can just make a addon that makes the specified outfit appear only when a teen or a doll wears the outfit from the original mod. (View videos below for examples)

Another feature of iAS is that it does what the all hair and eyes patch does, it makes all hair and eyes available in racemenu. This does not mean that the hairs and eyes will work with them, it just makes them available.

This is the public version, so it is incompatible with Teen Dolls Natural, Teen Dolls Lewd and Teen Dolls Physics (Official). There is a version in the club for people who use those.


Known Teen and Doll iAS addons:

Vanilla Replacers:

Clothing Mods:


General Load order:

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
(All your other crazy mods)
Sassy Teen Dolls.esp

Sassy Teen Dolls - (Lite).esp
Sassy Teen Dolls - (Females ONLY).esp
TeenDolls - (Any and\or all Replacements)
TeenDolls - (Any and\or all Followers)
TeenDolls - (Lewd\Physics)
SK immersive Armor Swapper - Teens.esp
TeenDolls - Racecompatability

Bug reporting:

Before you report a bug please check the iAS log in "Documents/My Games/Skyrim Special Edition/SKSE/iAS.log"

Technical details:

When making a plugin for a custom race you need to have a few thing so that the DLL knows what to do

  • The plugin that tells the dll what to swap has to have "sk " at the start of the plugin name.
  • It has to have a special description with many things in it. Here is an example with quotes "[##IGNORED|MaleMeshFolder|FemaleMeshFolder|IGNORED|IGNORED|000800,000801,000802,000803,##]"

Now im going to explain the above content.

The first ignored in there would the backup armor directory if it was there, but it is not in integrated into the dll so it is ignored. 

The second section is the MaleMeshFolder, if it was kept the way it was currently, for a vanilla armor that was in directory "meshes/armor/elven/m/cuirass_1.nif" the armor swapper would look for male clothing in  "meshes/MaleMeshFolder/armor/elven/m/cuirass_1.nif". If there was one it would make only the specified race wear that armor. 

The second section is the FemaleMeshFolder, if it was kept the way it was currently, for a vanilla armor that was in directory "meshes/armor/elven/f/cuirass_1.nif" the armor swapper would look for female clothing in  "meshes/FemaleMeshFolder/armor/elven/f/cuirass_1.nif". If there was one it would make only the specified race wear that armor. 

The third and fourth are ignored, they both would be vanilla if they were integrated.  

The fifth are the armor races selected, not the actual races. The way this works is that there is a armor race for each race, the form id is used in the fifth section of the description. To make a armor race I suggest you take one of my templates and copy it and rename as many times you need it into your own plugin. Then put the form ids of the races into the description. If your using xedit and cant put anymore into the description, open creation kit and use that to edit the description. It has a much higher character limit for descriptions.

For each race there has to be a armor race, in the non-armor races you have to change the RNAM of the race to the armor race that corresponds to it.

And lastly you have to add the armor races to the armor addon records of the body for the race. If you do not do this each race you have edited will have invisible body parts.

Example files


Example files Explained

immersive Armor Swapper - Core Addon Example.esp - This is a normal custom race esp, with no armor swapping capabilities.

sk immersive Armor Swapper - Addon Example.esp - This is a armor swap addon example, this is what tells the armor swapper what to swap for the races in "immersive Armor Swapper - Core Addon Example.esp"

sk immersive Armor Swapper - Intigrated into Mod Example.esp - This is what a armor swapper integrated custom race would look like. 


DLL made by Zelden, tweaked by me. 
Plugins made by Jobobby04(Me)


Here is the before iAS:


Here is the after:


What's New in Version 1.1.7   See changelog


Added support for the latest version of Skyrim SE, 1.5.80

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