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  - There is no taking other people’s work and calling it your own. If you can drove your Nif and esp file is %100 unique, then you qualify. If you can prove the original author is ok with you using their assets, Then that is acceptable. If your caught red handed you will receive 2 Against you for stealing, your mod will be handed over to origional Author. Anytime you are given points against your profile, you can The points with a group chat between any administrator, and the Mod Author.
  - There will be no nudity of any female/male that the age is Questionable, the loli/shots content can be placed I a club with the Settings no lower than private. Of course there will be no tolerance for Real life underage pictures on this site at all. You will be banned on this Site without warning. Payment to modders: - You must be in the “Club” called “mod-for-money” and be paying The club dues in order to qualify. There is a $5 minimum payout, Anything below will not qualify for rewards. Anything above $5 will Receive free membership for the following month minus $5. For example If your payout is $6, you will receive free membership for a month plus $1