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    Version 1.0.8


    Description FOR SPECIAL EDITION VERSION CLICK HERE The first feature complete Male Bodyslide! It was made to work out of the box with Schlongs of Skyrim, allowing it to replace your male body with this one! There are over 60 sliders to use to customize your male body! The body itself is a piece of work, as it has over 20k polys, meaning it will always be super smooth! All the vanilla outfits have been converted to this Male Bodyslide, allowing you to see it all over the game. Plans to make the outfits fit to the body more are in the works, as some of them are a bit oversized compared to the body. This bodyslide is already ready for modders to convert outfits to this body, as it already has working conversions sets ranging to and from the vanilla, SOS, and UUNP/CBBE LE bodies. There are multiple skins available on the site for you to use, you can choose anything you would like(even though they are in the SE section they are LE compatible): SMMB 3MW Texture Pack Masculine Argonian Textures for SMMB Masculine Khajiit Textures for SMMB Skysight Normal Map for SMMB XPMSE is the only requirement! Link: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/1988 Options Prebuilt Meshes: Prebuilt meshes so you don't have to go into bodyslide to build your body at first, but for Racemenu morphs you will still have to batch build. Modders Tools: Adds SMMB bodies to the reference list SOS Compatibility: Adds a SOS compatible body and textures, useful for when you are using Schlongs of Skyrim CBBE Compatibility: Makes SMMB use a compatible reference file. UUNP Compatibility: Makes SMMB use a compatible reference file. Physics Body: Adds a body that's compatible with physics, I believe if you are using HDT PE that the physics will work based on your config file. For HDT SMP I believe that you need to add these lines to your defaultBBPs.xml Working with Both SMMB and a female body replacer in bodyslide Having 2 kinds of bodies in Bodyslide is a pain when they both end up in the batch build and reset to default as there is no preset being properly applied. There is an easy way around this, around the top right of Bodyslide there is a group filter, using this will allow you to only generate 1 type of body. If you search SMMB(or select the SMMB group in the icon beside it) in that group filter it will come up with everything assigned to the SMMB group. Batch building will then only generate everything in that group. Modders can add their clothing to the SMMB group by using the group manager at the top right to create a group file and input their clothing to the SMMB group. TODO Add compatibility options for some mods that use custom armor meshes Make more default presets, maybe rename the current ones Tweak chest physics Regards to SAM Yes the original body is from SAM, but the author has since stopped development for SAM, leaving it dead in the water stuck in LE with no dynamic schlong support for SE. One of the reasons this was made was because there was no dynamic schlong support. What has changed since the original Sam body: SOS support inherently in the body, no support for the original SAM schlongs Bone weights are being made smoother, fixing some issues with bone weights Fixed hand weights being broken as hell The mesh has been altered, but leaving the UV map the same to be compatible with sam Textures All sliders are added to the body which I have spent almost a solid week perfecting Smoothed out all the crazy low quality edges. Made proportions more realistic. --- Much more that I cant even remember ===== For all the people saying I "Stole" the body ===== ALL verticies have been edited. Some texture files Fixed. Nif files were upgraded to SSE style. So the body is completely different. When someone makes a NPC actor, are they a thief for using CBBE body? or maybe Caliente's head mesh? Use common sense and stop being jealous.
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    Version 1.1


    [COCO] Caress of Venus (Official)
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    Version 1.2


    JoBobby10 and Schaken Presents - - SexLab - Install over SexLab, If you Update SexLab, then do NOT overwrite this mod. Are you tired of Forbidden Factions? Cant do this, Cant do that?! This is YOUR game, so why cant you play it YOUR way? I for one never enjoyed people forcing their beliefs into my life, i live the way im happy, and so should you! Thanks to the hard work of People from Schaken-Mods, you now get to have freedom! This mod will remove the forbidden factions from Sexlab allowing you to do as you wish. - Go ahead, Play free!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Uploaded by Seetruck-2000 I did not create this mod. Currently the bodies and armor/outfit is a B-cup if you wish you can customize each NPC individually. Seetruck-2000 created the Bodyslide files and customizable bodies. I have made this to be highly Customizable for the each individual Harem NPC If you would like to have matching bodies with armor select the NPC and armor that goes with her, match the body to the armor in Bodyslide Requirements Bodyslide and Outfit Studio Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- CBP physics and all of it's requirements for the Physics XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Edition Skyrim Special Edition Credits Complete conversion to CBBE/w Physics by Seetruck-2000 Syer10 for assisting me with some Bodyslide Files Toki7 - Ported to SSE by bchick3 and Gromilla
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    Version 2.0.0


    So this is my "custom" nude body that I use for my SE playthough and have done for the last year or so. Most armors i upload/modify are usually based around this. It's a CBBE SMP body mesh, so as long as you have that + HDT SMP + Bodyslide, you can use this (these) presets. ----------------------- This mod contains the following: 4 Bodyslide presets; the nude preset (where breasts sag freely, obviously best for a nude body) "No support" preset, where breasts are, say, held down by robes - no boobie support. A "Half Supported" preset, where breasts are held up slightly. A "Full Supported" where it's cleavage heaven. Use whatever preset best suits the armor being built. pre-built ready to be used nude body preset meshes. ------------------------ This coincided with some good armors and physics is what allows me to make some pretty GIF's. This will compliment any armors i upload nicely and give you some "boobie consistency" (no big tittayes in armor, small naked scenario) as i hope you can see from the included GIF's of this mod. (The armor in the GIF is also uploaded here, btw). I titled it "Custom Bustom Lustom" (CBL) through a lack of creativity to think of a name. Don't judge.
  11. 2 points

    Version 1.0.0


    Schaken-Mods EXCLUSIVE! (Upload NOWHERE ELSE!) Mjoll the Lioness is a Nord vigilante. She has traveled Tamriel extensively and claims to be as experienced and well traveled as one can be. She and Aerin may be found in the Bee and Barb inn, wandering around Riften, or in Aerin's House at night. Name: Mjoll The Lioness Location: Riften Race: Nord Reference ID: 00019DF7 FOMOD Options: - New, high-definition "Charmers of the Reach" head mesh - Choice of UNPB (HDT special) and CBBE (COS) - Custom outfit included: BDO Gotha Rensa - 2K or 4K textures - with custom made tattoos and pubic hair - Choice of 7 hairstyles YES! This mod does work with "Amorous Adventures" by Foxfingers Bijin Skin by rxkx22 BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente CBBE by Caliente Charmers of The Reach by m4mk203 DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99 NPC Nif Merge by Turulo RaceMenu by Expired The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam KS Hair by Kalilies KS Jewelry by Stealthic Khaos BDO Gotha Rensa conversion by Nam Thanh Tran Holiday Hairdos by Summerdew
  12. 2 points

    Version 1.0.1


    A SMMB texture mod with a ton of options, all converted to work with SMMB. Originally from the Sam website. Options are available for the head texture, the skin textures, the normal maps, and Argonian and Khijiits!
  13. 2 points

    Version 1.1


    A mage follower, converted for SE. She can be found in the Winterhold College's Arcanaeum (the library, first door on the right). Credits: Original follower and picture by tetrodoxin. Mesh fixing by Schaken. (Wouldn't be possible without his help) Conversion by me.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Sassy Teen Dolls - Body Replacers What is this? This is a mod that will add give you breast sizes options for the Sassy Teen Dolls It replaces the previous versions because it has many more options and it contains all the other versions. The old options were a static body, a physics body, and a BS and iAS Manager preset, the new options are CBBE Special, and a teen CBBE SMP body! Sassy Teen Dolls SE
  15. 1 point

    Version 1.2


    To Aquire the outfit use AIM or Console The skimpy version is a Zap in bodyslide. This outfit has the FOMOD options: - Teen Body - Doll Body - CBBE Body - iAS - Physics -Bodyslide Files for CBBE
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    Version 1.1.0


    Teen House Vendors This was inspired by "SexyHouseVendors" mod on Nexus. He is not ok with anyone altering or using his assets, So ezra made this from scratch, and used the same ideas. Basically there is a vendor in any house you buy in the vanilla game.There is a Game bug that messes up the vendors gold when they get over 30K gold, so they all have 28K goild in the inventory. Happy hunting!
  18. 1 point
    I am thinking of releasing a small update to fix those things, I dont know if CBBE SMP or 3BBB support will be included.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Drunken Teen Sluts Created by Cricket Uploaded by Seetruck-2000 for Cricket. This mod replaces the three drunk men roaming about Skyrim with Three Drunken Teen Sluts The drunken Teens has there own custom voices and will love you to join them in there festivities Just install the FOMOD and all will be ready for your search of the Drunken Teen Sluts DawnGuard Dragonborn Hearthfire Skyrim SE Update Link Teen Dolls Link Link UnofficialSkyrimSpecialEditionPatch Link Link Sexlab SSE Link CREDITS @Pixie #6082 for the voice she did an amazing job. Seetruck-2000 for uploading it for Cricket And most of all for Cricket for making the Drunken Teen Sluts for everyone to enjoy
  21. 1 point

    Version 1.0.0


    (Image by Melodic) (Bodyslide files are included in the FOMOD) Original Author: Melodic Fomod, Repacked and made iAS compatible by the Schaken-Mods Team Mod Contains: Suit Hair Earrings Gloves Belt Panties Wings unfolded Wings folded None
  22. 1 point

    Version 1.0.1


    Schaken-Mods EXCLUSIVE! (Upload NOWHERE ELSE!) Mjoll the Lioness is a Nord vigilante. She has traveled Tamriel extensively and claims to be as experienced and well traveled as one can be. She and Aerin may be found in the Bee and Barb inn, wandering around Riften, or in Aerin's House at night. Name: Mjoll The Lioness Location: Riften Race: Nord Reference ID: 00019DF7 FOMOD Options: - New, high-definition "Charmers of the Reach" head mesh - Choice of UNPB (HDT special) and CBBE (COS) - Custom outfit included: BDO Gotha Rensa - 2K or 4K textures - with custom made tattoos and pubic hair - Choice of 7 hairstyles YES! This mod does work with "Amorous Adventures" by Foxfingers Bijin Skin by rxkx22 BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente CBBE by Caliente Charmers of The Reach by m4mk203 DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99 NPC Nif Merge by Turulo RaceMenu by Expired The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam KS Hair by Kalilies KS Jewelry by Stealthic Khaos BDO Gotha Rensa conversion by Nam Thanh Tran Holiday Hairdos by Summerdew
  23. 1 point

    Version 1.0


    [COCO] Black Cat
  24. 1 point

    Version 1.0.0


    Sexy_Bandit_Captives_KSHair_Conversion.7z Botoxed
  25. 1 point

    Version 1.0.0


  26. 1 point

    Version 1.0


    Ported from -= GENESIS 8 =- To Aquire the outfit go to the Riverwood trader, upstairs, its sitting on the chest. This outfit has the FOMOD options: - Teen Body - Doll Body - CBBE Body - iAS - Physics -Bodyslide Files for CBBE
  27. 1 point

    Version 1.4.0


    Warning: this is explicit content view at you own discretion Big trouble in little lamp light Episode 0 Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 MP4 (720) Video player that will play MP4
  28. 1 point
    I have it fixed on my end, I should probably just do a small update. Thanks for reminding me.
  29. 1 point

    Version 1.0


    [COCO] [Gift] Leggings
  30. 1 point
    DUDE,Can i transelate this to my lang and post it on 9damao.net?
  31. 1 point

    Version 1.0


    [COCO] MiYo Suit Full
  32. 1 point

    Version 1.0


    [GIFT] The Bat
  33. 1 point

    Version 1.0


    [Gift] Night Secrets
  34. 1 point

    Version 1.0


    [COCO] Lolita v1 Full
  35. 1 point

    Version 1.0.0


    Schaken-Mods EXCLUSIVE! (Upload NOWHERE ELSE!) Echo is a complete heal / buff / support / control follower. AI Overview: - Does not initiate combat. - Goes invisible and moves quietly when sneaking. - Gives light to player in caves, ruins and on player's command. - Converts ores automatically and on players command. - Calms targets when player does not want to fight. - Summons animals in combat. - Fears targets around herself. - Infuriates targets around her enemy. - Debuffs and poisons her enemy. - Buffs player and allies when combat begins and on player's command. - Heals player and allies in combat. - Removes all hostile effects from player after combat. - Resurrects target under player's cross-hair on player's command. - Allows player to breathe under water on player's command. - Cooks food Name: Echo Location: Temple of Kynareth, Whiterun Race: Nymph Class : Mystic/Priest Level : 4 - 150 Flags : Essential, Marriageable FOMOD Install Options: - New, high-definition "Charmers of the Reach" head mesh - Choice of UNP (HDT special), 7B (HDT Special) and CBBE (COS) - Custom outfit included: DX Spartan Bard, with choice of 4 tunics - 2K or 4K textures - Choice of 4 hairstyles Uninstallation: 1. Disable "Enable Custom AI" from Mod Configuration Menu then close the menu. 2. Dismiss her from your followers in-game. Travel to a different cell. Save your game and quit. 3. Uninstall and delete files Info She will cast/dual cast the custom ai spells only if all the following conditions are met : 1) Spells are enabled in MCM. 2) She has the skill to cast it. 3) She has enough magicka to cast it. She will cast the spells in the following scenarios : 1) Magelight : In caves, ruins and on player's command via command menu. 2) Transmute : When she has iron/silver ores in her inventory and she is out of combat. 3) Waterbreathing: When player gives the command via command menu. 4) Muffle, Invisibility : When player sneaks. 5) Lesser Oakflesh/Stoneflesh/Ironflesh/EbonyFlesh/Courage/Rally/CallToArms : When combat starts with player's weapons out and on player's command via command menu. 6) Calm, Pacify, Harmony : When combat starts with player's weapons sheathed OR when player sheaths weapons in mid combat. 7) Fury, Frenzy, Mayhem : When surrounded by multiple enemies. 8 ) Fear, Rout, Hysteria : When an enemy is near her. 9) HealingHands, HealOther, GrandHealing : When an ally OR player loses more than 25 hp. 10) Cure Disease : After combat ends, If player has harmful effects running. 11) Resurrect: On player's command when player crosshair is on the dead target such that its name is visible. 12) Lesser Poison, Poison, Greater Poison : In combat, on her enemy. She can use various furniture on players command via vanilla follower command system : - She can use cooking pot to cook food. She knows the following recipes : Beef Stew, Elsweyr Fondue, Horker Stew, Vegetable Soup, Venison Stew. Notes & Troubleshooting 1) She can miss her spells if target keeps moving and / or out of range. 2) It takes time for her to cast spells out of combat so wait for few secs. 3) If something is not working right or you do not want to use some spells then you can always disable them from MCM. 4) If "HG_Echo" does not appear in your MCM immediately after recruiting Echo, do a Quicksave and reload from that. 5) Do not force her to your location through console mode. This often causes a delay with MCM appearing. Bijin Skin by rxkx22 BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente CBBE by Caliente Charmers of The Reach by m4mk203 DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99 NPC Nif Merge by Turulo RaceMenu by Expired The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam KS Hair by Kalilies KS Jewelry by Stealthic Khaos DX Spartan Bard by Deserter X Scripts and Quest AI have been adapted from the mod 'Celestine' by techprince (used with permission) Thanks: Searinoxii (help with papyrus), Seetruck (help with CBBE mesh), Syer (advice on MCM), Schaken (SE port and general support)
  36. 1 point

    Version 1.5.2


    Finally, Sassy Teen Dolls! (Legendary Edition Click Here) Have you ever felt that Skyrim lacks age variations? Well i have found a way to solve this. Every city, town, village will now have teenage boys and girls, mostly custom armors, custom body's, custom textures, Custom voices, Custom outfits to fit the new body's. While traveling you will find a total of 228 teens, a few will love to accompany you on quests, some are Friendly and (yes, you guessed it) Sassy! Obviously, my initial intention was to expand "Sassy Teen Girls" as we all watched that mod disappear. but after messing with everything, I had realized, nothing of the original mod was left, so this was greatly inspired by the long gone mod. - German Translation by Rore - French Translation by Abaddon Features: - Followers all have Full immersive AI. - Many variations of sizes and looks, even has 3 new races seen in previous Elder Scrolls! - Designed to be compatible with as many other mods as possible. Please, if you have any questions, comments, bugs, go to my Discord page where my team is there to help. Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch After installing the mod, the following general load order needs to be followed: Skyrim.esm Update.esm Dawnguard.esm Hearthfires.esm Dragonborn.esm Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp TeenDolls.esm (All your other crazy mods) Sassy Teen Dolls.esp OR Sassy Teen Dolls - (Lite).esp OR Sassy Teen Dolls - (Females ONLY).esp TeenDoll - (Any and\or all Replacements) TeenDoll - (Any and\or all Followers) (Any other mods that alter the Follower Interface, Like AFT for example) For getting load order set with other mods loaded, please use LOOT. It will provide you a solid starting point for everything that you can then tweak as needed. There is Four steps to this FOMOD Step 1. - This will basically install the framework, no options are given Step 2. - This will install 1 of the 3 Sassy Teen Dolls, Options are as follows: - Sassy Teen Dolls (Lite) - Sassy Teen Dolls (Female Only) - Sassy Teen Dolls (Full) - Special Option: - I want them protected(makes them not able to die by non-player interactions) Step 3. - Vampire Patches: - TeenDolls - Vanilla Vampire - TeenDolls - Better Vampires Patch (BV) - TeenDolls - Dolls Patch - TeenDolls - Dolls and Better Vampires Patch (BV) - TeenDolls - Racecompatibility - TeenDolls - Racecompatibility iAS - This will give you 5 Different Patches, Install all that apply: - TeenDolls - All Hairs And Eyes (Allows you to use KS hairs and ect) - TeenDolls - Racemenu Patch - TeenDolls - Default Outfits(vanilla outfits on teens) - TeenDolls - Beyond Skyrim Bruma - TeenDolls - Desaturated Outfits - TeenDolls - DVA Dynamic Vampire Appearance * - TeenDolls - The eye of Beauty - TeenDolls - Vampire Lord - TeenDolls - Heterochromia Eyes Step 4. - TeenDolls - Ahsoka Tano - TeenDolls - Hidar(Hiemskr Replacer) - TeenDolls - Housecarls(All Female) - TeenDolls - Janessa - TeenDolls - Kitsuna - TeenDolls - Laeeagh - TeenDolls - Lolidia - TeenDolls - Mhavragch Sisters - TeenDolls - Morrigan - TeenDolls - The Replacments - TeenDolls - Serana - TeenDolls - Shizuka - TeenDolls - Valerica - TeenDolls - Wednesday Addams - TeenDolls - Ysolda * I am Aware "Dynamic Vampiric Appearance" is only for LE, i ported it and made it for SE, and the one here is Made specially for the teens. Your welcome. There is a Lewd addon inside my club here on the site. There is also some body replacers and physics addons. Feel Free to join the club and get them. CLICK HERE! Special Thanks I wanted to make sure I gave credit where its due, I feel that without the help of Ezra, none of my mods would be possible. Even though I made, sculpted and put everything together, he went through every single NPC and made sure every one of them were unique in every way. he picked out which one wore what armor, what they had in their inventory. Again Ezra, this mod feels like its just as much you as me.
  37. 1 point

    Version 1.0


    Loli Nord Race (Remastered) This is a conversion of Lumina's UNPnano body for SSE, as well as Fair Skin Complexion, and Adorable Face meshes and textures. You will be able to create some very high-quality loli (and shota) characters for SSE now. This race requires, and replaces, the Young Nord race (YgNord) from YgNord Race (Racemenu Version). This also includes, optionally, additional eyes and brows, loli (and shota) player voices, and an equipable Schlongs of Skyrim penis, if you want to make a trap (or shota) character. YgNord Race (Racemenu Version) - by the Schaken-Mods Team ApachiiSkyHair SSE - by Apachii KS Hairdos SSE - By Kalilies Imperious - Races of Skyrim - by EnaiSiaion Subtle but Classless - Chocolatenoodle Race Compatibility Dialogue SSE - By Aelarr This race replaces YgNord Race (Racemenu Version), so install that FIRST, with any/none/all of its options. DO NOT install ECE's Race Compatibility options! Install the latest Race Compatibility from Nexus. Then install this, using your method of choice, and overwrite everything. The new plugin is tagged for Wrye Bash and Mator Smash users, and is also mergable. Use LOOT Load Order. Original Mod - Wasabi Ice Cream DIMONIZED UNP female body - dimon99 UNPnano Body - Lumina Adorable Face - Lumina SkyKids - en_hawk Children of the Sky -R2 - jiitek Fair Skin Complexion - HHaleyy High Poly Hands and Feet for UNP/7B bodies - Halofarm True Eyes SE and True Brows SE - JimtownIrish SOS Equipable Schlong - b3lisario Ly Player Only Voice Replacer - lylion12 Additional Player Voices for Skyrim - nanahane Loli voices compiled by Ulithium_Dragon Additional loli voices, and shota voices compiled - Johann7124 the Pure skin textures - Anini and Regenbot03; Lolified by Torpedo
  38. 1 point

    Version 1.4.2


    About This File What does this mod do? This mod adds small, conditions-based dialog choices to female NPC's throughout Skyrim that the Dragonborn can attempt to seduce, feed, and then have sex with using. The dialog is voiced using vanilla assets on MOST of the NPC's. Most meaning that NPC's that use unique voices, such as Delphine, will not be voiced and have silent dialog. This mod was heavily inspired by FoxFinger's Amorous Adventures and by the blood doll seduction in the game Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. How do you seduce NPC's? Conditions for seducing NPC's varies on several factors: First, you must obviously be a vampire. Second, you must be indoors or outside from the hours of 7pm to 5am. I did this for personal lore reasons. Some people may overlook a couple getting a little nookie out in public and others may pretend that your little nip on the neck was just a playful kiss, but naked feeding and fucking in broad daylight was a bit too much for my tastes. Third, you must seduce the target by passing a speech check. The difficulty of the check depends on whom you are trying to seduce. A commoner will be an easy check requiring a speech between 18 and 25 (depending on perks). Trying to feed on another vampire will be a bit harder, 35 - 50. The Thalmor aren't exactly the most forgiving of people, so feeding on one of them is hard, between 53 and 75 speech required. Trying to feed on a Dawnguard woman will be the hardest challenge for your vampire, between 70 and 100. Commoner NPC's will also require you to have some form of trust between the NPC and your character, so a relationship level of 2 (confidant) is required. Dawnguard characters must have a relationship level of 1 (friend) before you can ask to feed upon them. You achieve these through normal questing and favors throughout the game (or console it in.) Each group also has slightly different dialog. Be warned, if you fail to seduce a commoner or vampire, you can always try again later, but failing to seduce a Thalmor or Dawnguard will cause them to attack you! After you successfully seduce a woman, she will be added to a new faction of seduced victims, giving new dialog (based on faction) that does not require a speech check. You can only ask every couple of hours. Be careful on feeding too much on non-essential NPC's, just like normal vampire feeding, they can possibly die from overfeeding. What's new in 1.4? Finally more animations! Special thanks to AnubiSs2167, SirNibbles, Funnybizness, and Leito86 for not only creating the amazing animations, but also for giving me permission to use them in my mod. Please be sure to thank them if you enjoy the new animations. Also special thanks to Orxx for SexLab Animation Loader SexLab Animation Loader (SLAL) and the Sexual Vampire Feed SLAL pack in the download section are now a requirement for all vampire animations to play. While the feed script will still sate your vampire's thirst, you will not be able to play any of the new animations without my pack and only a generic sex animation will play instead. But why would you want that? New animations finally include three dedicated lesbian animations and two more male vampire/female animations for ten total, with more possibilities in the future! No more females wearing a strap-on using male animations! Also, Sexual Vampire Feed now allows players to feed upon NPCs outside, but only between the hours of 7pm and 5am for more role playing goodness. Lastly, the script has been updated so that only context appropriate animations will play. Tired of non-vampire NPC's using the feeding on your vampire? Well that's no longer a problem! All this was done while keeping the script increasingly light, just as before, since it only activates during specific dialog and directly to the animation hook. No worries about script lag here! What's new in 1.3? Finally some variation in animations! Sexual Vampire Feeding's script used to use the key word "Xandero" so that only the feeding animation would play, which was only the same one. 1.3 has had a small script change to allow any animation with the tags with either "Vampire" or "Feeding" to play instead. With the release of SexLab Animation Loader, NSAP is no longer needed, but you can still use it and will not interfere in any way. Any animation pack that is released that has those tags will be able to be used. Simply follow the instructions of SLAL and then head over to here to get some preloaded packs that already have animations that have vampire feeding and properly tagged! I recommend Anubs', FunnyBizness', and Xandero's packs. You can even easily edit the packs to allow any pack to sate your thirst when seducing. Now, you get to pick which sex animations will sate thirst! What's new in 1.2a? 1.2a has no new content, but comes with one change. I was tired of every normal indoor female having the option to reveal yourself and I prefer some RP when I play. You wouldn't just come out to every person on the street that you are a secret vampire, so some trust between the NPC and player is needed. So I made it a requirement for normal NPC's to have a relationship level of 3 with the player. This will come normally over time as you do quests. Only normal NPC's were changed. Vampires, Dawnguard, Thalmor, Delphine, and the Prostitute are unaffected with this change since they have their own difficulty. Also added an Omnisexual version so you can seduce both men and women. The relationship change is also in affect. Pronouns were fixed to apply no specific sex to your target. 1.2 will be left up for people that do not want the relationship change, but it will be a part of every update going forward. Pick only one version to install. New NPC in 1.2! I kinda made her while messing around, don't click if you want to be suprised Reveal hidden contents Previous NPC in 1.1 Reveal hidden contents Are there any bugs/issues? I have only tested this with Better Vampires and Vampiric Thirst, since I'd be hard pressed to find a person that doesn't use one of them. I have no intention for adding support for vanilla Skyrim. Dawnguard is a hard requirement for this mod. Sometimes upon first starting a new game, the dialog will not show up until you reload/restart the Skyrim. This is only an issue on brand new games. This is my very first time scripting, but I took efforts to make the script as simple as possible. There seems to be a small issue with Vampiric Thirst if you are using blood points. That script is independent of mine and I will change Miss Leeches script. Better Vampires has no issue with blood points. Will this mod be expanded? It was much easier than I thought to add more and more dialog options once I got used to it. I've also had some practice editing voice files. That means I may possibly emulate Amorous Adventures by giving unique dialog to NPC's and even making small quest requirements for them to allow you to feed upon them. One thing I will NOT do is add rape options into feeding/sex. There's plenty of rape mods here and it is not my fetish. Never gonna happen. Requirements and installation 1. Download the main file for male characters seducing female NPCs and female characters seducing male and female NPCs. Download the SLAL pack as well. (Optional) The Omnisexual file to allow males characters (or anyone with a male flag) to seduce both men and woman. Download and overwrite the main file. 2. You'll need Dawnguard, SexLab, Sexlab Animation Load and anything those mods require to function. Fuz Ro D-oh is not a hard requirement for the mod to work, but any unique voiced NPC will skip their dialog without it, but the sex should still work fine. I recommend installing it. 3. To install, I highly recommend using Mod Organizer. Just install it like a regular mod. There should be no issues installing through Nexus Mod Manager. 4. Place the Sexual Vampire Feed esp below any vampire mods you have, such as Better Vampires or Vampiric Thirst. Shouldn't be required as it doesn't edit any of their stuff, but it can't hurt either. 5. Follow instructions of SLAL and the packs. Be sure to 6. Go to SLAL in the Skyrim MCM and find the Sexual Vampire Feed pack. Pick the animations you want and register them. 7. Become a vampire, make sure your speech is high enough (or not), go find a woman indoors (or outdoors during the proper time) that you have the required relationship level with, and ask her about vampires. Please enjoy this mod and give me feedback and suggestions. The better the feedback the better I can make it, assuming it is within my ability. Special Thanks and Credits Xandero for his animation that gave me the idea. AnubiSs2167 for his vampire animations and permission to use them. Excellent work. SirNibbles for letting me use his fantastic animations. Funnybizness for always making more animations and giving me permissions to use them. Leito86 for all the loving sex animations and permission. I really appreciate all the hard work that animators put into their work. Without it, there'd be nothing here. Miss Leeches for helping me with the vampire script and Vampiric Thirst. Ashal for SexLab and making my script better. KS Hairdos
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    Version 1.5


    Contains 6 English Female voices: 7 Elf Chick, 3 Orc 2 Demon 2 Human Female, 1 Sexbot and one creature? Voices are English (or at least western) and have both moans and words. Install File with your favorite mod manager. Load game and open Mod Configuration > SexLab > Rebuild and Clean > Reset Voice Registry. Wait for the message that voices have reset, then you can open Mod Configuration > Sexlab > Voices and SFX and deselect checkboxes for voices you don't want to hear. You will at least want to disable Pigmy, the joke voice, but the rest depend on your taste. It doesn't work? - Try starting a new game, wait until SexLab is installed, and check to see if the voices are in the Voices & SFX menu. If that works, it's likely either this mod or SexLab itself wasn't upgraded correctly. Try clean saving Nusbie's Voices as explained below first, then SexLab if nothing else works. Removing Words - You can remove words you don't like. - Open the installed mod files (Data/Sounds/fx/Nusbie), play the audio files until you find the one you want to remove, and either copy a voice you do like over it or just delete it. The first is safer, but users have reported that deleting works without problems. Manually Setting Voices - You can now set a voice for a specific NPC, or return it to random. - Put your crosshairs over an NPC, press the SexLab selection key (default N), and the option will appear under Mod Configuration > Sexlab > Voices and SFX. Clean Saving Nusbie's Voices Use if upgrading Nusbie's Voices makes your Nusbie voices disappear. *thanks Sigure!* - 1. Disable NusbieVoices.esp on your favourite mod manager. - 2. Load the savegame, and reset the voice registry in the SexLab MCM. - 3. Save the game again to a new save file and close the game. - 4. Activate NusbieVoices.esp again and load the game. - 5. Reset the voice registry in the SexLab MCM. Clean Saving SexLab This can fix a lot of problems, but you will lose all your SexLab data. Only use if everything else fails. - 1. Use SexLab Clean System first wait for it to finish save & close the game. - 2. Go into your mod manager and disable SexLab.esm and all mod dependencies. - 3. Load up your save game without SexLab & dependent mods and make a new save file. - 4. Go into your mod manager and enable SexLab.esm and all mod dependencies. - 5. Load that recent save file you just made and they should work. SexLab Framework v1.5+
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    Version 1.0.0


    Mod was done by By zaizai and Kidd! Downloaded by Seetruck-2000 from ATF web site The Girl follower is added to the game They are located in Dragonsreach Whiterun Armor Not included with this mod Dress is from the TTL ship mod CBBE body KS hair Nexus SG Brows
  41. 1 point

    Version 1.0.0


    This is the R-cots Mega Hair Pack mod from ATF Adds lots of different hairs to the game Downloaded from ATF by Seetruck-2000 The R-cots Mega Hair Pack mod was created by Glouf None
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    View File Winterhold College Character Overhaul Winterhold College Character Overhaul Overhaul of the female characters from Winterhold College: Brelyna, Colette, Faralda, Mirabelle & Nirya. Custom textures, custom outfits, UNP. Standard college robes version available. Complete character overhaul of the female members of Winterhold College. This mod will replace not only the textures and meshes for each NPC but will also give each one a new custom outfit. All the skin textures have been individually custom layered, using Fair Skin Complexion as a base. All body meshes and outfits are based on UNP, as this is what I use in my game and I have no plans to convert them to CBBE or any other body shape. They are standalone replacers, so regardless of what body shape you normally use, you would still be able to use them. Some meshes are rigged for HDT physics extensions, so if you want to use those file versions with HDT, you will need to have HDT setup with SKSE installed, as well as a compatible skeleton, otherwise your game will crash. If you do have HDT installed or do not want the custom outfits, then use the All-In-One Standard Version. In the Main files, you have the option of installing the All-In-One version, with all plugins and folders merged or you can pick and choose which ones you want to install individually. The 2K texture replacers can be found in the Optional files. - Possible conflict with Immersive College of Winterhold mod, according to one user (see reports tab). I cannot independently verify this, since I don't use that mod. - Obviously this mod will not be compatible with any other mod that makes changes to the appearance of these NPCs. - Any mods that make changes to specific races will most likely not effect these NPCs, since they use their own edited version of that race. - Any mods that make changes to the stats of these characters, should be fine, as long as you move the relevant plugin for TCCO lower in the load order. If you experience texture glitches for any of these NPCs, such as textures turning black/brown, use the 2K texture replacer optional files. Or do a Quick Save and reload.. another option would be to go into console mode, click on the character and 'disable' / 'enable'. BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente CITRUS Heads (HD Meshes) by Blabba DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99 Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy Freckle Mania by tetrodoxin KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky NPC Nif Merge by Turulo RaceMenu by Expired Salt and Wind - Rough Hair for KS Hairdos by Jasper SG Female Eyebrows by Hello Santa The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam Wigs - so followers can use KS hairdos with HDT physics by Montyj Hieroglyphics Skin Variation Project Hieroglyphics RaceMenu Overlays Plugin Black Viper's Will - UNP-CBBE by redtox Firekeeper conversion by Xuniana KS Jewelry by Stealthic and Kalilies Leah Lillith Jewelry by Kalilies Luxurious Seduction by Raven Mage Robes (HDT BBP) V1.3 by DenassaG Opulent Outfits - Mage Robes of Winterhold v4 by BaboonCru MangoMonkey PerPero Armour Pack by GomaPeroPero Witcher 3 Female Armors by zzjay Submitter Hieroglyphics Submitted 08/13/2019 Category Skyrim Legendary Edition  
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    Version 1.2.0


    Sassy Teen Dolls - SOS This makes Sassy Teen Dolls compatible with SOS
  44. 1 point

    Version 1.0.0


    SkyUI SE MCM Limit Upgraded Patch This ups the limit of MCMs that can be used in SkyUI to 254, making you able to use twice as many MCMs than the original. SKSE64 SkyUI SE Credits - SkyUI Team for SkyUI - Barzing for the original version
  45. 1 point

    Version 1.2.1


    Lilly - A fully-voiced female Teen courier (OVERHAUL) original Author: AlpineYJ Fomod, Repacked and Teenified by Schaken-Mods team and RockRaven This is just a patch, nothing more. Who is Lilly? Lilly is a female courier replacer. She will replace the default courier in Skyrim with the NPC you see above. She is fully voiced by the extremely talented DruunDev. When she's not out on her deliveries, she can be found hanging out with creepy slimy Belethor in his shop. Maybe they are related? NOTE: This REPLACES the default courier in Skyrim! If you change your mind later, you MUST ensure that you remove the files outlined in the Uninstall procedure below, or your vanilla courier will look pretty weird (well.. weirder than he already is). Resources Used: druundev for her incredible voice acting Enter_77 for pointing me in the right direction generating the lip files My fellow teammates at Intracloud Productions for testing Serafym71 Courier Outfit by Serafym71 - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/51290 Karliah Armor 2 by Hentai - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/10386/? Seraphim Body Replacer - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/56463/? High Poly Hands and Feet by Halofarm - http://mod.dysintropi.me/ WetBumps 1 2 3 and gp by cald123 - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57329/? Adorable Face by Lumina - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/61178/ Realistic Transparent Glass Textures by mikegemini - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33602/? Mature Skin Texture by Maevan2 - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/32986/? Sporty Sexy Map by xs2reality - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/13377/ Provincial Courier Service by Arthmoor - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/46693 Apachii Sky Hair by Apachii - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/10168 Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/51602/? SG Female Eyebrows by Hello Santa - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/35327/? Bodyslide 2 and Outfit Studio by Caliente - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/? Mesh Rigger by KGTools - http://kgtools.org/mesh-rigger/ TES5Edit by Sharlikran - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25859 NifSkope - http://niftools.sourceforge.net/wiki/NifSkope Blender - http://www.blender.org Dark Creations - http://www.darkcreations.org/ Sassy Teen Dolls Provincial Courier Service Lilly - A fully-voiced female courier replacer and follower (Not compatible with the just a courier patch) RockRaven for her wonderful Talents!
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    Version 1.1.2


    Sassy Teen Dolls - Hostiles - Skyrim.esm - Hearthfires.esm - Dragnborn.esm - Dawnguard.esm - Update.esm - Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp - TeenDolls.esm This mod will add 526 ALL UNIQUE hostile Teens All over Skyrim, mostly Caves and Ruins. You will of course need The master file "TeenDolls.esm" and all its requirements. Yes, if you have the Full version of teens, plus this, plus The dolls mod, you are hitting over 1000 new High quality NPC's to your game.
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    One fix I think you could try is to download the original mods for LE and let it overwrite the textures from this mod.
  48. 1 point

    Version 1.0


    Dolls - Natural Version This mod removes the "Activate" error, and makes them fight instead of running away, and lets the game treat them as adults. When you install this, it will overwrite the "Dolls.esm" this is ok, hit accept.
  49. 1 point

    Version 1.1


    TeenDolls - Laeeagh (Special Edition Here) This is Laeeagh, She can be found in the halls of the dead in whiterun. Little Sister of Xymena She has a custom voice and dialog. custom magic, very useful Follower. This File Requires Sassy Teen Dolls
  50. -2 points

    Version 1.0


    Original mod by === FadingSignal This is a NUDE version, Only available here! The classic comes to SE! Completely new, digitally hand-painted textures, specular maps, and re-worked normal maps for all non-beast male races AND REAL FEET MESHES. True to vanilla style, extremely high detail, highly optimized. Includes both face and body textures, with alternate options for body hair, and dirt. 4K/2K/Performance. Click HERE for Original mod description NONE! CREDIT TO FAVORED SOUL AND CHRIS57 FOR BETTER MALES FEET which I used as the basis for the new feet meshes here.
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