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  1. Jobobby04

    Sassy Teen Dolls LE

    Nope, it was totally ported to LE. This is the whole mod ported to LE, so its not compatible with SE.
  2. Jobobby04

    Sassy Teen Dolls LE

    For some reason Skyrim LE does not like our Sassy Teen Dolls plugins, I suggest unchecking the sassy teen doll(full, light, or females only) plugin and starting a new race. And then checking them after you have started somewhere.
  3. New update should fix the eyebrows
  4. Nothing can be done about that, its not made by the Schaken-Mods team. Either extract what you need from it, or extract regular SOS, then extract the collision converter over it, and then repack it and install through your mod manager.
  5. Version 2


    The dolls update preview patch includes many fixes + edits that are going to be in the next update. So far the preview includes: - Fixed Dolls vanilla vampires - Fixed Dolls BV - Fixed Dolls + TeenDolls vanilla vampires - Fixed Dolls + TeenDolls BV - Added Racecompatibility Vampire system for compatibility - A updated and customized skeleton that allows you to choose the base height of dolls - Fixed Doll Ulfric crash - Removed child flag - Outfit fixes, mostly fixes clipping but it also fixes for outfits that has physics while the body didn't - Super experimental head update, only use it if you want issues Reccomended way to install 1. Install Dolls 2. (optional)Install Racecompatibility 3. Install this update patch
  6. Fixed, at the loss of hair for the no hair mods version lol
  7. Its probably just the performance group, all configs were gotten from elsewhere.
  8. Version 1.0.2


    Description The first feature complete Male Bodyslide! It was made to work out of the box with Schlongs of Skyrim, allowing it to replace your male body with this one! There are over 60 sliders to use to customize your male body! The body itself is a piece of work, as it has over 20k polys, meaning it will always be super smooth! All the vanilla outfits have been converted to this Male Bodyslide, allowing you to see it all over the game. Plans to make the outfits fit to the body more are in the works, as some of them are a bit oversized compared to the body. This bodyslide is already ready for modders to convert outfits to this body, as it already has working conversions sets ranging to and from the vanilla, SOS, and CBBE SE bodies. This bodyslide will not always be a Club only download, I am planning on a public release in 30 days from when this is released. Modders wanting to convert outfits to this bodyslide can message me to request access to the early release, I want this bodyslide to be a big success. XPMSE is the only requirement! Link: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/1988 Options Prebuilt Meshes: Prebuilt meshes so you dont have to go into bodyslide to build your body at first, but for racemenu morphs you will still have to batch build. Modders Tools: Adds SMMB bodies to the reference list SOS Compatibility: Adds a SOS compatible body and textures, useful for when you are using Schlongs of Skyrim CBBE Compatibility: Makes SMMB use a compatible reference file. UUNP Compatibility: Makes SMMB use a compatible reference file. Working with Both SMMB and a female body replacer in bodyslide Having 2 kinds of bodies in bodyslide is a pain when they both end up in the batch build and reset to default as there is no preset being properly applied. There is an easy way around this, around the top right of bodyslide there is a group filter, using this will allow you to only generate 1 type of body. If you search SMMB(or select the SMMB group in the icon beside it) in that group filter it will come up with everything assigned to the SMMB group. Batch building will then only generate everything in that group. Modders can add their clothing to the SMMB group by using the group manager at the top right to create a group file and input their clothing to the SMMB group. TODO Convert more skin textures to SMMB - Finished the main ones Make a Racemenu morphs plugin Add compatibility options for some mods that use custom armor meshes Make a Physics compatible body(yes, the whole Boobs, Belly and Butt shazam, it will be optional) Make more default presets, maybe rename the current ones Make a version for Legendary Edition Fix Feetsize slider
  9. That is because the Dolls have the child flag, that can be removed by Dolls Natural or immersive armor swapper. If you want you can just install the Playing as a Doll Fixers mod instead of one of those, but that is more of a workaround for most things.
  10. @KhrysINXS You should have looked for the description of 1.5.80 in the installer, it says right there that HDT HH didn't support the new version of skyrim. It just updated so now it will work.
  11. Northgirl is built for the teens body, it doesnt use the prebuilt stuff that those 2 options are. For Daedric Chainmail I think I used the HDT High Heels version or none at all.
  12. Yes this is unfinished, but we have big plans for it. We have done the first part of converting it to CBBE SE and even that took weeks to do. If you could put a list of all the problems you can find that would be awesome, as it would help us with fixing everything that needs to be fixed. Also physics will be added when we get everything fixed.
  13. We have multiple skin mods converted to teens in the Skyrim SE NPC Catagory
  14. I know, but for some reason I have gotten reports saying it wasn't working.
  15. Are you on 1.5.80? I have heard that the 1.5.80 update isn't working that well.
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