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  1. Schaken might be able to do it, my suggestion would be to grab the seam areas from the original SMMB skin and use them instead of fixing every other file.
  2. You may have to play with the configs, the latest versions of Teendolls doesn't have the child flag.
  3. I will only support using this with Fertility Mode - Doll Children. You could move over some of my changes to the original Fertility mode if you want to, but some will not be able to be moved, you would have to modify those ones to the TKAA races.
  4. Inside the installer of SMMB there is a option for Modders Tools, it includes a reference file that adds relevant SMMB files to the reference list. And of course you can upload the conversions here, we will be happy to help in the discord(the fastest method) or on the website here.
  5. No, the textures have to be made for SMMB to work with the body.
  6. If you have iAS make sure you get the club version, you may have to reinstall it after this is installed
  7. That sounds good, I will add some of the optimization tips there to the SMP files.
  8. Ill be doing some more work and testing on them for the next update, its still mostly a WIP.
  9. Revealing Armors would need to be converted to SMMB, it uses the regular SOS body, and building all the SMMB outfits in bodyslide would overwrite it with regular vanilla outfits.
  10. I cant really do anything about that, external programs such as bodyslide always make certain mods difficult to uninstall.
  11. I cant find any problems with that option.
  12. Must be the SMP config that Sun used for those outfits, I cant do anything about that.
  13. Opps, that happened because I usually have both the high poly and the low poly(for reference) outfits loaded, I usually delete the low poly one after finishing the high poly one.
  14. Nope, CBBE, like everything on the website is.
  15. Skykids iAS Addon View File Skykids iAS addon, this allows Skykids to use the iAS swapper system, instead of the original Skykids one that Zelden made. Incompatible with Skykids DLL, as iAS and Skykids DLL do the same thing, but in different ways. Requires iAS Club or iAS Public Also includes a iAS Manager part 2 file to be used to create armors for Skykids(I suggest only use it for UUNP armors, since Skykids is UNP based) Submitter Jobobby04 Submitted 08/23/2019 Category Skyrim SE  
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