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    iAS Manager

    If you use vortex then you'll need to go into Skyrim Special Edition\Data\CalienteTools\BodySlide\SliderSets and check for a file named "__folder_managed_by_vortex". If its there move it out of that folder then generate and after you can move that file back. You can also check the folder you installed iAS Manager to and go to the resources folder and find the file "ias.log" to see the last file it worked with and where its stopping.
  2. HDT High Heels is included with the HDT pack available here
  3. It has bodyslide files included. Just build the CBBE Physics or Special with your preferred Teen Dolls Preset to get the physics you want. You can hold CTRL when you click build and it will build them into your bodyslide folder instead of overwriting the default body meshes and then you can take the meshes from the Bodyslide folder you just built and overwrite the ones included with this.
  4. I think you need these if you're using the public version: https://schaken-mods.com/index.php?/file/17-playing-as-a-teen-fixers-se/ for SE https://schaken-mods.com/index.php?/file/58-playing-as-a-teen-fixers-le/ for LE
  5. The patch in the fomod may cause black face bug for the shop keeper. This one should keep her face looking normal. You can always export the facegen in CK though too.
  6. Heres the patch for Cannabis in Skyrim. Thanks to Ezra for his efforts in making it. helens_cannabis_patch.esp
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