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  1. Hmm had to ditch sexy captives, now using Teen version, I go to Halted stream camp, the pillory is there but no captive?
  2. New game and everytime I approach a captive my game CTD's. Seem to have have all the masters?
  3. I think the addon is for Oldrim
    She is a incredibly hot babe now and great to shag, using Fishburgers Sex Slave
  4. any conflict with sexy captives?
  5. Had the old LE version, thanks I really like this, some quirks not sure if related to my game which is heavily modded. Solitude=great, Markrath, at first they had helmets and then in a bit the full face helmets disappeared, then they looked good, but no boots? Raven Rock, Falkreath and one other place had the guards with no head naked, and in the T-pose. I hit them with Vilja's Reset spell and that fixed them. As I said, might be more my game than your mod, but very happy with it. Here are the before and after of a Falkrath guard being reset.
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