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  1. Mox

    Sassy Teen Dolls LE

    This is the second report of ctd near sleeping giants inn and of course the riverwood himself, also there is a strange lag in dawnguard fort, i don't know how to explain, no ctd so far but there was a black skin problem few times when entering the fort ,and a long loading.
  2. This sounds interesting great news indeed
  3. Mox

    Bthardamz Arena Online

    This sounds interesting, pls continue
    I would love to say that this looks yummy as quality, it is pretty fine mod and fun a little replace on those oldies from winterhold is needed and this perfectly fits. Thank you.
  4. Mox

    Sassy Teen Dolls LE

    The NEW 1.5.2 works like it should, it is finally stable and ready to have fun. I love the new hi-poly faces , so adorable. Thanks Syer,Schaken and the rest who had their fingers in this. luv ya! you are great guys
  5. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98802?tab=description The Belle goes well with this , 4fun ofcourse
  6. Mox

    Sassy Teen Dolls LE

    Glad to hear that its working to you.
  7. Mox

    Sassy Teen Dolls LE

    This is strange because i tested that one.It was one of the priorities. if you are using FNIS or any other mod that adds a huge number of animations you should consider to disable them before the test. Can you provide exact "cannot load save game" reason ,because if its about CTD while loading you could try LOAD GAME CTD FIX or SAFETY LOAD mod. I doubt that this comes from old< to >new version of teens or maybe I'm mistaken. Skyrim482, what was the last version of STD LE you used before applying the patch to the game? This one which i worked on is based on 1.4.
  8. Mox

    Sassy Teen Dolls LE

    The feedback is important, I am still trying to figure out how to deal with few problems.
  9. Mox

    Sassy Teen Dolls LE

    I got permission from Schaken. Here is the link: https://mega.nz/#F!dPwxmCpS!FdPGE37o6PmXjb6643Nkgw Check the readme included!
  10. Mox

    Sassy Teen Dolls LE

    The club version is same. I got the files yes I am not sure if i can share them since the Schaken is the boss here and i touched his work and i made this on my purpose to help him one day. But i guarantee that it is working fine with no ctd, except the mentioned Riverwood problem. I will get in touch with him and ask. So be patient a bit, please. thank you
  11. Mox

    Sassy Teen Dolls LE

    I know this has to do something with .ESP (the plugin), i tested hours and hours, some of the teen npc's cause this ctd. The .ESM file is involved when ESP is ticked, you can try deactivate .esp, start the game, go through the creation process then when you are done with it and made first save, go to your mods again and activate .esp ,BACK TO THE GAME ,go to Riverwood and in the Sleeping giant inn you will notice in two or three entry that fps is getting HUGE, not every time, and npc's there their skin will turn black or purple. I guess those npc's need to be repositioned over the skyrim world and that some of the npcs 'for the LE version' need a good clean up (get removed). I showed Shacken the esp's of all version(full,lite and female only) which i modified for my purpose of testing and they worked fine without CTD, but the Riverwood still persist with the problem which is in the .ESM. So, try methods or untick ESP's. For now.
  12. Mox

    TeenDolls LE - Morrigan

    One of my favs clothes and chara. Works perfectly fine. Thank you Schaken for conversation.
  13. Np Schaken, i just tought that you have some LE too..i think i'll find a way to make it teenie. Thanks anyway
  14. This looks good, Schaken, can you link the LE version? I think there is more of this FOX merged stuff like "diemaler" said. Can't remember precisely which ones. I know i used this in oblivion too
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