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  1. Mox

    TeenDolls LE - Morrigan

    One of my favs clothes and chara. Works perfectly fine. Thank you Schaken for conversation.
  2. Np Schaken, i just tought that you have some LE too..i think i'll find a way to make it teenie. Thanks anyway
  3. This looks good, Schaken, can you link the LE version? I think there is more of this FOX merged stuff like "diemaler" said. Can't remember precisely which ones. I know i used this in oblivion too
  4. Mox

    Sassy Teen Dolls LE

    Hey Bobby For the USLEP no big reason, it was just an custom opinion but if the uslep gives better results let it be then.
  5. Mox

    Sassy Teen Dolls LE

    I've been testing new update 1.4 The thing is when choosing any of the 3 versions of the plugin files the game still ctd at Alternate Start (and without) as soon i hit the name of my character then pOOf!, 3-5 sec after the game closes. Okay is when i choose "NONE" plugin, the game works fine and any other plugin selected works okay. I noticed that game requires now "USLEP" ,,can you make a version without it, and also is there any place i could suggest what could be also put as an option in the fomod installer? I love this mod really since the start, a lot has improved much more. I hope this ctd problem gets resolved too.
  6. Mox

    Sassy Teen Dolls LE

    I started thinking that I was the only one who brought bad news but nah... Anyway, i still have similar problems as @endline, the problem stops as long as the .esp is unticked.
  7. Mox

    Teen GRIM Outfits LE

    Is there a link to it somewhere or i have to DL it separately?
    It works fine if you follow what the description say. Works good to me, Thanks 🙂
    This outfits looks so nice on the teens i love it and the important thing to all this is that the mod works pretty fine. Thanks
  8. Mox

    Teen GRIM Outfits LE

    The outfits look quality good and fine but i ran into few problems. I will post pics. This is a missing texture i presume. Hope this gets fixed. The mods itself working fine thou.
    i love this outfit. Forgot to comment that this fit any type of teens perfectly. Thanks
  9. Mox

    Zard Hats LE

    Version 1.0.0


    This mod is older one, i think that mage character will love it. The hats look funny but some look serious. It is one of the lost mods i didn't know that it is rare so let it be here on the Schaken Mods. This pack contain: - 16 types of wizard hats NOTE: Use additem menu mod to get them. SImple. 🙂
  10. Version 1.0.0


    This is a port from original file on - > http://regidentsofskyrim.x.fc2.com/article0127.html I want to thank Schaken for this, he helped a lot. The file includes: - Clothes - Magical Staff NOTE: Use additem menu mod to get the clothes.
  11. Glad to hear that. I do vote for LE version but it is your decision, anyway thanks for the answer. 🙂
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