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  1. The only one listed that I had before was the Female Cicero but I don't have it in my list now. Was having some sort of glitch with it and the voice would randomly change from female to male any given time that you talked to Cicero. Or the body would change back and forth sometimes. First female then at some other time you encounter Cicero it might be male body and may or may not correct back to female. Weird stuff like that so I removed the mod after that one run and never put it back in. The other few replacers that I have are not on the list.
    Good Job Ezra! This is a perfect little starter home or even as a home base in a great spot in the late game stages. All the needs are met, clean and uncluttered. This just proves you don't really NEED a castle because this has everything covered nice and neatly.
  2. Due to the demands of the LE engine AND my machine's ability..... I find that I can run TEENS Lite or Female Only but NOT with Dolls also added. I have to pick and choose what I want in game that doesn't make it unstable at the same time. Currently I am deprived of Teens in LE as I really DO love the Dolls Children Re-placer. I have hated those potato head looking children from day one back in 2011. To sum it up: Use what your game and machine will comfortably handle and still let you have a trouble free, fun game experience.
  3. Would be pretty cool to add some "college kids" to this one. A few Teen apprentices to help out the old, retired Master trainers and pretty up the place a bit making it feel a little more like an actual college, ya know.
    This is another of my favorite LE mods that I have used for years. To be quite honest, I don't really use all the skills gained that much. Mainly what I use is the "Void Leap". THAT one is super handy is you are like me and don't usually follow roads when traversing the rough Skyrim countryside. It will also allow you to do some other sneaky kinda stuff that you'll just have to whisper me to find out about. I glad to get this over to SSE and back into my lineup.
    I really love the little things that this mod adds in. If you are going to spend your precious perks in Smithing, this mod is a MUST HAVE.
    I have used this mod in my LE for years. You have no idea how handy that extra jumping ability is until you don't have it any more. When I started playing SSE and could barely jump up on a knee high rock, I knew I needed to get this mod ported over. The only real drawback I noticed that followers have much harder time keeping up with you as your movement speed increases dramatically. Having the extra stamina regeneration does away with the need to put stamina regen enchantments on armor/clothing/jewelry and leaves that open for a different needed enchantments.
    This places Master Level skill trainers for ALL of the skills in one easy to get to central place. In my LE game the pickpocket guy was glitched tho and always says he couldn't teach me any more no matter what my skill level was at. All the rest worked perfectly. In addition to training there is the merchant factor. Got a lot of loot to sell off..... plenty of merchants here to help ease that heavy backpack. Definitely a 2 thumbs up addition for the game. Oh and if wondering since it looks in the screenshot to be the same location of BBLS... it is in the cell right behind the BBLS and doesn't conflict at all.
    Another one I have been using LE for a long time. The BEST thing is that you don't get hassled when entering Riften. You can completely ignore the Thieves guild questline simply by placing higher standards for skills needed to be recruited. You can talk and buy from Brynolfff and he doesn't bug you about joining. Lots of customization for the various stages of the quest line in there too so you can make easier or harder as you like.
  4. I only ave one ENB running: ENBoost memory speed hack. Only other graphics enhancements I use in LE is the Hi-Rez Texture Pack My stable running LE load list looks like this: 0 0 Skyrim.esm 1 1 Update.esm 2 2 Dawnguard.esm 3 3 HearthFires.esm 4 4 Dragonborn.esm 5 5 Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp 6 6 hdtHighHeel.esm 7 7 TeenVoice.esm 8 8 TERAArmors.esm 9 9 BBLuxurySuite.esm 10 a AP Skyrim.esm 11 b Dolls.esm 12 c Apachii_DivineEleganceStore.esm 13 d ApachiiHair.esm 14 e ApachiiHairFemales.esm 15 f RaceCompatibility.esm 16 10 battlenymphs.esm 17 11 SGHairPackBase.esm 18 12 HighResTexturePack01.esp 19 13 HighResTexturePack02.esp 20 14 HighResTexturePack03.esp 21 15 Unofficial High Resolution Patch.esp 22 16 LegacyoftheDragonborn.esp 23 17 Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp 24 18 homes remodeled Windstad Manor.esp 25 19 homes remodeled Heljarchen Hall.esp 26 1a homes remodeled Lakeview Manor.esp 27 1b ravensloft.esp 28 1c twilight watch - nightingale player home.esp 29 1d the void walker.esp 30 1e Book of UUNP Iron And Steel.esp 31 1f Dragonborn Longhouse.esp 32 20 betterdarkbrotherhood.esp 33 21 ebonvale.esp 34 22 Bluecreek Estate.esp 35 23 smithingtree.esp 36 24 10 extra effect.esp 37 25 homes remodeled Vlindrel Hall.esp 38 26 book_seller.esp 39 27 SkyUI.esp 40 28 homes remodeled Honeyside.esp 41 29 Dolls - Children Overhaul.esp 42 2a more idle markers.esp 43 2b Thieves Guild Requirements.esp 44 2c homes remodeled ProudSpire Manor.esp 45 2d homes remodeled Breezehom.esp 46 2e homes remodeled Hjerim.esp 47 2f dovahkiin_mountain_retreat.esp 48 30 riversidelodge.esp 49 31 DRUcroft.esp 50 32 Hunterborn.esp 51 33 better blacksmithing.esp 52 34 QaxeWinterholdRebuild.esp 53 35 Random Alternate Start.esp 54 36 FlowerGirls SE.esp 55 37 SexLab-AmorousAdventures.esp 56 38 addchoices01.esp 57 39 aetherial forging.esp 58 3a barenziahquestmarkers.esp 59 3b craftablegold.esp 60 3c dragonblood.esp 61 3d enchantingpotion.esp 62 3e Nocturnal Spirit.esp 63 3f smeltdown_ingots_osr.esp 64 40 SpeechTree.esp 65 41 hearthfire cheat chests.esp 66 42 alchemysupplies.esp 67 43 RePerk_Archery.esp 68 44 AK_RM_Tattoos_All_In_One.esp 69 45 SBP_SimpleBellyPaints.esp 70 46 SOSRaceMenu.esp 71 47 XPMSE.esp 72 48 AMB Glass Variants Lore.esp 73 49 Differently Ebony.esp 74 4a Jojjos Warglaives.esp 75 4b WildHuntress.esp 76 4c Book of UUNP - Textures.esp 77 4d MashupUNP.esp 78 4e TheCoenaculiUNP.esp 79 4f TheEyesOfBeauty.esp 80 50 UIExtensions.esp 81 51 UNPArmoredBikini.esp 82 52 AK_RM_PubicStyles_All_In_One.esp 83 53 MarkofDBFinal.esp 84 54 MoreThievingReward.esp 85 55 MasterEnchanter.esp 86 56 Merta Assassin Tattoos.esp 87 57 MOD - Simply Better Torches.esp 88 58 Neithteam Warpaint.esp 89 59 PS Armored Chainmail Bikini UNPB BBP.esp 90 5a PS CTA Armored Chainmal Bikini.esp 91 5b RaceMenuOverlayCompilation - CBBE.esp 92 5c RAS - Riverwood CharGen.esp 93 5d RDO - USLEEP Patch.esp 94 5e RutahTattooPack.esp 95 5f Schwertleite Set.esp 96 60 Serana Reborn.esp 97 61 SGEyebrows.esp 98 62 ShShortswords.esp 99 63 Silverlight Armor.esp 100 64 SuccubusUNPByNausicaa.esp 101 65 Sucker Punch.esp 102 66 Brows.esp 103 67 Eyes of Aber.esp 104 68 FNIS.esp 105 69 FNIS_PCEA2.esp 106 6a FNISSexyMove.esp 107 6b HearthfireMultiKid.esp 108 6c HearthfireMultiKid_LastName.esp 109 6d JaxonzEnhGrab.esp 110 6e JessJewelryArmor.esp 111 6f KJ Tattoos 2K.esp 112 70 KJ Tattoos 4K.esp 113 71 KS Hairdo's.esp 114 72 000playground.esp 115 73 Apachii_DivineEleganceStore_Patch.esp 116 74 TheAmazingWorldOfBikiniArmor.esp 117 75 communitycollege.esp 118 76 homes remodeled Severin Manor.esp 119 77 rangerslodge.esp 120 78 enchantfreedom.esp 121 79 FlowerGirls SE - Adventures.esp 122 7a Whiterun Home.esp 123 7b TheAmuletOfSkyrim.esp 124 7c TemptressVixen.esp 125 7d craftersstorage_dragonborn.esp 126 7e testacrobat.esp 127 7f House Map Markers Legendary.esp 128 80 SkyrimShowRoom.esp 129 81 Map Markers Complete DLC.esp 130 82 aaaflaggonmissiondoor.esp 131 83 amulet of shouting.esp 132 84 fasteralchemylevelling.esp 133 85 rings of power v01.esp 134 86 Gigaduex_Outfit.esp 135 87 BlacksmithSupplyChest.esp 136 88 jorrmapmark.esp 137 89 bm_SimpleAction.esp 138 8a LazyTools.esp 139 8b R18pn - Shanoa Armors.esp 140 8c TW3_femaleArmors_zzjay.esp 141 8d TAWoBA_Rebalance.esp 142 8e Gwelda Armor Pack.esp 143 8f ELUSIVE.esp 144 90 FNISspells.esp 145 91 Ladies_of_Solitude.esp 146 92 Ladies_of_Whiterun.esp 147 93 Ladies_of_Winterhold.esp 148 94 Ladies_of_Riverwood.esp 149 95 AncientDraugr.esp 150 96 Armor and Clothing for Vanilla Child Races.esp 151 97 BarbarianSteelArmor.esp 152 98 BlackSacramentArmor.esp 153 99 Crystal.esp 154 9a Demon Glass.esp 155 9b CampingKitNorthernRanger.esp 156 9c master alchemy book.esp 157 9d BBLuxurySuiteENM.esp 158 9e Dwemer Storage Cube - Fully Stocked.esp 159 9f Bikini-MTM.esp 160 a0 BlackSacramentDBReplacer.esp 161 a1 Blueprints.esp 162 a2 Cassandra Frost Witch.esp 163 a3 Character Creation Overhaul.esp 164 a4 CCO - Diverse Races And Genders.esp 165 a5 RaceMenu.esp 166 a6 RaceMenuPlugin.esp 167 a7 RaceMenuMorphsUUNP.esp 168 a8 RaceCompatibilityUSKPOverride.esp 169 a9 Race Scale Remover.esp 170 aa RaceMenu Overlays Hieroglyphics.esp 171 ab CCO - Dynamic Skill Progression.esp 172 ac Celes Nightingale Armor.esp 173 ad DLCDragonbornAmulets.esp 174 ae Gwelda Red Riding Hood.esp 175 af HentaiCasualWears.esp 176 b0 Merta Assassin Armor.esp 177 b1 Merta Black Rose Armor.esp 178 b2 R18Pn - Argent Iron Armor.esp 179 b3 R18Pn - Diano Armor.esp 180 b4 Sotteta Huntress Armor.esp 181 b5 Sotteta Necromancer Outfit.esp 182 b6 SPTDiverseGuardsSkyrim.esp 183 b7 Tembtra Thief Armor.esp 184 b8 Ursine Armor Pack.esp 185 b9 AddItemMenuLE.esp 186 ba AFT_NoFriendlySpellDamage.esp 187 bb AGGRESSOR.esp 188 bc LustmordVampireArmor.esp 189 bd Emfy Cleric Robes.esp 190 be Daedric Reaper Armor.esp 191 bf khajiitearrings.esp 192 c0 Witch Of The Wild.esp 193 c1 Norine.esp 194 c2 Dolls - Lewd.esp 195 c3 Dolls - UseAllHairsAndEyes.esp 196 c4 SGHairPackAIO.esp 197 c5 PedsPlayerManakins.esp 198 c6 Xymena.esp 199 c7 SKY_Girls.esp 200 c8 Fachry Suleen Follower.esp 201 c9 SofiaFollower.esp 202 ca Venice.esp 203 cb KNM_Mour.esp 204 cc taoxue_artemisia.esp 205 cd Heybaby_Follower_DoMiJeong.esp 206 ce Mia.esp 207 cf Nadia.esp 208 d0 HOBMidge.esp 209 d1 Syvanna.esp 210 d2 Minazuki.esp 211 d3 Minerva.esp 212 d4 Moniko.esp 213 d5 Raxys_MorriganFollower.esp 214 d6 gozaruSLR.esp 215 d7 HOBFidget.esp 216 d8 Jade101.esp 217 d9 Alva Replacer.esp 218 da Berte.esp 219 db Poison Ivy Follower.esp 220 dc Karita Replacer.esp 221 dd Lagertha Shieldmaiden.esp 222 de Lyanna Standalone Follower.esp 223 df Diane.esp 224 e0 Rhaenys Follower.esp 225 e1 HG_Cyrielle.esp 226 e2 Raxys_AlarysFollower.esp 227 e3 Diana.esp 228 e4 Bashed Patch, 0.esp 229 e5 AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp 230 e6 RDO - AFT v1.66 Patch.esp 231 e7 FlowerGirls - RDO Patch.esp Some notes on why some things are done that way: 1> All Homes Remodeled All In One was acting a bit sketchy and working sometimes not working others. I went to the individual esp for each home and haven't had any issues with them at all. 2. I use Vortex as my mod manager. I used NMM for years and couldn't ever quite get past about 105-110 mods installed before the game got too twitchy to run and be fun. After the switch to Vortex, I have much more control of how thing are managed and much better understanding on how mods are interacting. I was also able to double my mod list and still run a stable LE game. 3> You may notice that all the follower mods are grouped together near the bottom. I did this on purpose. I created a group in Vortex specifically for follower mods AFTER the default group where most mods get dumped. 2 Reasons: 1- so I can find them easily if I want to duck into CK and make some "adjustments" 2- so that it is ensured that all body, face and hair, etc mods are loaded BEFORE any followers regardless of WHEN I add them. 4> Whenever possible and available I use 2k textures instead of 4k. This is more due to my machine than LE's game engine but it DOES have a direct effect on how well the game performs. Feel free to ask me any questions on how or why I am running my LE game as is. I've been modding LE since 2012 and its been a sometimes very painful process to get it where its fun to just sit and play without freezes and CTD issues.
  5. I am impressed on how great they look in the pics. I also have to kinda agree that without making them access limited via a crafting manual (the most common way currently) it floods your weapons crafting section list. Not that that issue is going to stop me from adding the mod since I really like several of the models and want them in my game. They are however not the ONLY sword/weapon mods I like and have in game. So just as a future thought, maybe the character finds a dusty, forgotten crafting manual that had fallen behind a convienient forge somewhere so that they can craft the ones they like and then put the book on a proper shelf for when needed again later.
    I snagged Sassy Teen Dolls when it first hit the Nexus and was completely impressed. Since then they have been refined, edited, enhanced and updated massively to give your game what it was always missing, that generation between the children and the aged adults. It matters not which version you prefer, Full, Lite or Female only, The Teens will vastly improve your outlook as you wander the cities, towns and villages of Skyrim. The FOMOD installer makes it ever so simple to add them in just the manner YOU want them in your game and even adds comparability patches for a number of other things that just further enhance the overall experience. Be warned..... Once you add Sassy Teens to your game.... you will wonder how you ever played it without them and never want to play without them there again.
    Triela is another powerhouse Mage follower. She waits for somebody to come along and relieve her boredom in Rorikstead by taking her on a tour of conquest throughout Skyrim. She's not overpowered, she just built correctly to be truly effective follower. Like Emma, her cute, innocent looks mask a powerful punch when she locks on a target. The PC need not worry about having to look back when she is following. Again... high recommendations for teaming Triela up with Emma and/or Lolidia for a Destruction Mage escort that leaves tons of ash piles where enemies used to stand.
    Emma is one of the best Mage followers ever created. You'll find her waiting patiently for you to the left just inside Dragon's Reach. She looks cute, innocent and inexperienced but that is her deception. She'll join you and you never have to worry about looking over your shoulder again because she is there keeping your back covered. Dress he up in your favorite outfits, she loves that just as long as she gets to tag along and help you conquer the bad guys all across Skyrim. If you want even more power, team Emma up with Lolidia and/or Triella. You may never have to draw a weapon again.
    Like Max said, it might still be called a WIP, but it works great for me already. Issues are being addressed as they are reported but I so far haven't seen anything in my LE game with the Dolls added that needs fixing. They are adorably cute and using the child replacement addon for me a MUST HAVE. No more potato head kids running around that all look the same. With Dolls, they are all different. PLUS there are more of them and some can even become your followers. The follower Dolls are cute, but don't take cuteness as a sign they are just decorations. The Doll followers far outperform most of the slapped together, giant breasts, eye candy followers you find polluting the Nexus lists. They are made to go adventuring and HELP the PC rack up the body count VERY effectively. Cute and Deadly to all enemies sums them up.
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