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    What is this? This is a program that allows you to generate iAS bodyslide files for selected races How do I use it? There are a few things you have to do for it, below is a step by step guide on the basic use of it Setup 1. First run the installer and install it(portable version may come at a later date) 2. Download and extract the a Part 2 iAS Manager file to programs installation directory 3. Download and install a Part 3 bodyslide preset file with a mod manager iAS File Generation 1. Select the teen or doll preset with this button 2. After selecting the teen preset select the data folder or a mod folder here: 3. After that click generate Repeat again for a different preset Close iAS Manager iAS File Building 1. Open Bodyslide 2. Click Filter by groups 3. Checkmark ONE race and press OK 4. Select a race specific outfit from here 5. Select the race's preset from here You can preview to see if it works 6. Checkmark Build Morphs, and then press Batch Build 7. Press build, if a conflicts menu comes up then resolve any conflicts you like. NOTE: BODIES IN BODYSLIDE DO NOT EFFECT THE RACES ACTUAL BODY, THEY ARE JUST A BYPRODUCT Repeat for another race if needed It is recommenced to remove the iAS slidersets after building everything, this will be a feature in the program at a later date Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
    Thanks for the SE version ! Did someone has the LE version please ?
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