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  1. You shouldn't change the defaultbbps file, it's made in the way that it allows HDT SMP to work with CBPC. All you need to do is enable male physics inside the CBPCMasterConfig
  2. Finally figured out your issue, you have CBPC. That means you cannot use the defaultbbps file. But you can enable male physics inside CBPC
  3. Make sure SOS is not overwriting XPMSE. And if need be, try reinstalling, this mod should not need the extra lines added to the defaultbbps file, they should already be there.
  4. Thats what happens to mods with tons of options, dont even take a look at the Leyenda installer
  5. The new update should fix the bug
  6. This needs to be updated to work with a few things, ill update it today.
  7. Just got home. To answer your question, its because there are 2 ways to reference a body/clothing, the _0.nif and the _1 nif. Each represents a different weight that is used by npcs and your character. CBBE is a bodyslide body, that means it has 1 standard weight that is used and then made into a _0.nif and a _1.nif by bodyslide. While Vanilla low represents a vanilla body _0.nif, and a vanilla high represents a vanilla body _1.nif. Same with SOS
  8. Possibly, if the custom skeleton is really old, any mod older then the last update to XPMSSE should not be overwriting it
  9. Can you try equipping and unequipping different pieces of armor? It might be some body part or a armor your wearing
  10. Jobobby04

    iAS Manager

    I am not sure, but you can right click the installer and if you have 7Zip or Winrar you can extract it and run it, just make sure to try running as admin if you have issues.
  11. 1. 2. Most likely not, since this uses SAM assets(against their TOS), nexus will always delete it 3. Morphs will not work, if you changed the base body in bodyslide its possible armours may cause seams, my suggestion is to make a bodyslide project for that armor. Here is a step by step guide on converting a Sam armour to SMMB 1. Use the file-> load outfit button to load the _0 version of the outfit 2. Use the file-> load reference button to load the SMMB body, hands, or feet. 3. delete the old base body, go to slider -> confirm all 4. if it had a zapped body(parts of the body was missing) attempt to recreate the zap by masking and zapping, Ousnius has a good guide for this on Github 5. Save project, name it something real without conflicts 6. Build it in bodyslide The reason why I didnt mention copy bone weights was because SMMB uses similar bone weights compared to Sam, and you will probably not need to edit/fix them.
  12. Thats really weird, your making that you are saving your slider edits as a new preset in the SMMB group, and am using it in the preset section?
  13. Jobobby04

    iAS Manager

    Even I didnt know this, thank you, knowing this will help people later on
  14. Jobobby04

    iAS Manager

    What would have been the next file it processed? Try deleting the next file in the list
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