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  1. ilkhan8

    Teen House Vendors

    They will already be in the Homes. You should begin the game with this installed.
  2. ilkhan8


    Not sure how this was not reported yet, but the SSE version has choice between esp and esl versions. The problem can be solved by setting the FOMOD up with a "folder" for each plugin. The issue is that the esl choice is named "ArantxaESL.esp" and must be changed to "Arantxa.esp" so that the paths can be found. For anyone that already has the esl version installed, simply rename the "ArantxaESL.esp" to "Arantxa.esp". You will have to find and recruit her again, but she will be fixed.
  3. Sorry for not reporting immediately after I tested the other day...as I should have Yep, she works as intended now
  4. Sadly, that did not work. I tried 2 things: 1. Renamed Venetica's generated face tri and replaced Anna's (that made her head invisible) 2. Renamed Venetica's femalehead.tri and replace Anna's FHead.tri (no effect at all)
  5. Like before, I can see inside her jaw and her teeth/mouth moves, but lips do not. I also saw her blink, but only lashes moved... no eyelid movement. If I think about it, I do not recall her expression changing at all. I have compared and have been trouble-shooting with Venetica and Caesia along side Anna...they are perfect so far but I cannot figure out Anna. I have tried all my tricks etc to fix it myself and all the paths / file names seem to be in order, but this one has me stumped
  6. Nice, been waiting for this one. Thanks Schaken and big thanks to @Rockraven130 for sharing the preset
  7. No mouth movement when talking (tri files?) <--- do those need generated even if not changing the head? Note for description: "Uses your default global body meshes" Other than that, she works great.
  8. I like the changes you stated...very nice. Is the SE version incoming?
  9. Just reinstall and chose the other version.
  10. Also, make sure Botox.esp is active and loads before 'on top of' your other Botoxed mods.
  11. If you are also using the KS Hair patch provided by Immersive Wenches, you do not need that. The Botox patch here 'replaces' it. Hope that helps...if not, let me know.
  12. ALL of my Botox uploads here are KS Hair.
  13. Ahhh thanks for clearing that up for me as well. Much appreciated
  14. Open up xEdit ------> Armor Addon -----> 222DressAA -----> Biped Body Template -----> First Person Flags (sorted) ..... Add 34 - Forearms and 38 - Calves, then save and done. I have run across this many times with outfits and still cannot draw a conclusive pattern, but is either (LE to SE) or (UNP LE to CBBE SE).
  15. Can you be a little bit more specific so I can help you figure it out? Make sure you have the SE version of PAH_HomeSweetHome from Loverslab and of course the main Botox I have here https://schaken-mods.com/file/679-botox-for-skyrim-se-replacer-only-no-chargen-version/
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