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  1. the mod is uploaded... happy modding
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Tessa FowlerDescription of the model Tessa Fowler Very cute, busty, and shapely 5'1" redhead knockout Tessa Fowler was born on January 23, 1992 in Columbia, South Carolina.' Sher grew up in South Carolina with her mother and two sisters. Tessa was discovered by Playboy scouts while working at a Hooters restaurant: She was not only the Playboy Coed of the Week for January 26, 2012, but also was featured in both the November, 2011 issue of Playboy magazine representing the University of South Carolina and the January 2012 College Girls Special Edition of Playboy. Fowler subsequently went on to model for the adult website Cosmid under the name of Tessa. She launched her own official website in July, 2014. Her equally well-endowed older sister Kelly Rich has also modeled for the website Cosmid I put a lot of efforts creathing her cause i am agreat fan of her from a lot of time. Description of the mod You will install a photorealistic reproduction of the famous adult model Tessa Fowler aka Tessa Rich Its a fan/made creation, my best all time creation and probably the follower i worked over the most until now. Tecnical considerations: Its a very demanding handmade follower sculpted in zbrush outside racemenu. I pushed system quality to the limit : meshes size is near to the skyrim se crash limit: 28000 vertex. Both head and body,and also the other faceparts are hipoly and all tri are custom edited by me so she has custom face expressions. The texture maps are created from tessa high resolution photos, so they are unique. Basically she is a peace of fan made art. You will have a lot of options in fomod, you have to experiment what is best in your skyrim. My skyrim is Lexy install with silent horizon enb. So i can say what is best for me, but it can be totally different for you. About the follower: She is in dragonreach on the right balcony on the first floor in Whinterum She has a zbrush sculpted body so she is not compatible with bodyslide, you have to use the dresses in her inventoy, they are all original daz ports. I apologise for not making a preview of the dresses but it was a bit late so i didnt add , probably i will make for the next one You have 8 hairstyle that you can select in fomod She has 3bbb weighted body She has dependancy: /highheel system /3bbb cbbe Frequently asked questions 1) Hey Prince can you make her for skyrim le? My followers (except Artemisia) are Catheral asset friendly so converting is one click, remember to resave the esp in le ck... you can do it by yourself 2) Hey Prince i want Tessa but its too demanding, what i have to do? Resize textures to 2k or 1k, but you have to do for yourself 3) 700 mb? its too much, hey prince why? She is an artwork, no other follower is like Tessa, if you want to make a racemenu shit and move a couple of sliders pretending you did something interesting, you know nothing John Snow. Its up to you remove unnecessary options HAPPY MODDING GUYS Mod Authors Princelll Syer Hierogliphycs
  3. The esp need to to be replaced. thx to Leafblighter ( i always credit help), the old esp in the mod has unwanted navmeshes, you have the new esp, just substitute manually the esp
  4. Come on schaken discord noreg . send me a message so we can exchange ideas
  5. ok, yes the gnd probably useless, but you made me think about adding a preview of the dress as a image, cant do this on tessa, that is in a very advanced state, but i will keep in mind your suggestions for next creations.... yes you correct: body are made for naked, i would have to make modification for dresses , probably use a second body. You can modify in os, reducing and push up, the problem is outfit studio move command a shit compared to move in zbrush that i use. so doing this in os is a pain in the ass. Its my fault but i dont use bodyslide for a reason, cause zbrush deformation tools are in another universe than using os, there are outfit studio files ichy made for me. you can bodyslide and improve and modify my follower, only publish her on schaken and not on other sites
  6. Version 1.0.1


    Busty Amanda Dawn aka Amanda Love There is no doubt that Amanda Love is one of the best busty girls to ever graced the internet in many many years. After becoming the super star from Cosmid, Amanda just did not go ahead with topless modeling. She was contacted by several sites from the US and Europe to further her topless career, but Amanda either did not reply or said she was no interested. The reason behind it is that she is in a relationship and thinks that posing topless would damage it. Amanda is not only a pair of big natural perfect tits. She has a cute face and seems to have charisma and joy which makes her stand out from the rest of the pack I reproduced her at my best as a follower for skyrim game, cause i am a great Amanda fan Consider this mod as a unique expression of fanart: She uses custom hipoly meshes i sculpted in zbrush, and 4k textures i tweaked from her photos, to reproduce her at best She has almost all original dresses in her inventory ported from Daz The body is a realistic reproduction of her real body, so no bodyslide guys. She has a 3bbb body, needs the highheel system. She is located in Dragonreach balcony Frequently asked questions: -The mod is amost 900 mb, is not too much for a follower? Thats not a normal follower you create in racemenu, moving a couple of sliders, but an artwork, texture maps and mesh are made by me to recreate this character at best, so very high quality, up to you to reduce size and remove unwanted options -The follower not appear, why? Cause she has dependancy: 3bbb system, highheel system - whats so special about this follower? / you can choose 6 hairstyles / Amanda dawn is photorealistic, has custom face expressions, the head and body are very high poly , more than any body or face existing, textures are produced from her photos / almost all dresses are original ports from daz, there are a lot Princelll Syer
  7. i will improve her later, she is one of the projects
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Whats new? I created a piece of art: the final Hitomi Tanaka reproduction. its an improved version 2.0 of the Gravure and the AV versions i published on Loverslab. This version is a photorealistic Hitomi. It differs from the old ones because i have resculpted completely the head mesh, made it is very hipoly (10 times the citrus, about 20000 vertex), made custom hipoly brows, real eyes and eyelashes and i edited all the tri"s to make the best facial expressions match together. It is fully voiced with real Hitomi Tanaka voice. I have redone the diffuse and normal maps for the head, you will have a lot of options in this fomod, to make her appear as you wish. But i have included also old maps for the ones that want to have in special edition my old Hitomi apparence. The new maps are obviously very superior and more realistic and are the ones to select to make Hitomi appear as she really is. A special thanks to Hieroglyphics and Cricket that helped me to make her fully voiced (not possible without them) Enjoy More detailed explanation Hitomi Tanaka (田中瞳) creation follower I customized everything both textures and meshes to make this artwork to gain life. She was not meant to be created for Skyrim fans but for Hitomi fans, its pure fan/art from a great fan of her. (me) You can choose her apperence in the fomod. Her apparence changed during years: young hitomi different from adult hitomi, I leave to you followers to select her apparence The head mesh is custom sculpted in zbrush The body mesh is custom sculpted in zbrush (not work with bodyslide): its 3bbb only (inside the folder there is also the not 3bbb body but you have to rename manually as you wish) hands and feets High Poly Feet and Hands by Halofarm textures my original dresses convertions from various mods, a very big thanks for the author who created them (i just made hitomi) my originals the blue dress hitomi high heel About the mod: The appearance of this follower is the vision of the mod authors, requests for changes may or may not be considered. Mesh for the head parts and body are custom. Textures created and others altered to represent this character. This mod is independent of any body type or textures used as a vanilla re-placer. It is completely standalone. There will be no offering as cbbe. Use HDT Physics Extension and all its dependencies if so desired. All screens and videos by the mod author are in-game using an ENB. Mod may cause slow downs, stuttering, black textures or follower invisibility on lower end machines or game setups with Hi Res textures and script heavy mods. BE AWARE SHITTY PC USERS!!! Follower statistics: She is a companion, she will accompany you on your adventures. She uses Katana She has her own race. She has her own XPMSE skeleton. Set as essential. Weight 100. Height is 5.1 for her race like the real Hitomi. She is waiting in the Dragonsreach upper balcony. Her inventory includes dedicated outfits for this follower only 100 dresses She will wear whatever you leave in her inventory. She is fully voiced with hitomi voice (downside: not marriagable, cause idk how to setup.) i left a esp.bak tha use female sultry voice instead of hitomis but is marriagable, , but you have to rename manually as you wish t use it Enjoy Frequently questions: - hey Prince the file too big... why? she is just a follower... She is not a normal follower that you create moving a couple sliders in racemenu but a fanart masterpiece, so i wanted her to be more complete as possible , the final Hitomi, up to you to eliminate manually the option you dont like and reduce filesize - Hey Prince, she i very high demanding: sorry she is a quality artwork, thats how it is - hey prince she does not appear She has dependancy: high heel.esm 3bbb cbbe Princelll Syer Hieroglyphics Cricket
  9. le version made for followers request https://mega.nz/file/3nQinI7Y#wTl5IR3MwgvV4CKweb1LcAXBOSM8muOGasFzS7r4okc
  10. You cant convert se because the brows are custom and i havent edited the tri in old version..... Just wait a lottle because new version is something else... Its probably the best follower until now..
  11. The loverslab hitomi a nothing compared to the new one tha is also fully voiced. She is not ready yet but half work is done... She will be fully voiced also
  12. Noreg . She will be improved and ported se.. i will shoot her to the minimum detail. i started to do from old followers because they need more work but i swear she will appear in se much better. i will improve her
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