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  1. Finally got it working; had to manually install it. I do think its in issue with vortex tho because it happened as soon as i updated it. I also got a message that said my vortex is corrupted. I uninstalled and redownloaded Vortex, but i still couldn't install in vortex. So hope its just my computer, but heads up if it isn't.
  2. I have multiple times. That's why I am confused. It should work after a reinstall but it wont. I have also deleted the mod from my computer, and reinstalled the mod from this website. that didn't solve it either. ps: thanks for the speedy reply.
  3. I really like this mod, but it stopped showing up in the load order all of a sudden it also doesn't ask me which body to use Body A = CBBE. I use vortex is that the problem.
  4. Hi thanks for all that you do but my vortex wont install this mod. All your other coco mods work fine just this one. It says "Invalid installer script: the element 'pattern' has incomplete content. list of possible elements expected 'dependencies'. please inform the mod author." So is this just my computer or the mod. please get back to me at your convenience. ps: all the other mods look and work great.
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