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  1. I love the way these cows look. I've got this house in LE called Candle Pond Ranch, and it has a little farm behind it with animals. The cows there have a "milking the cow" animation and even puts a little bucket beneath the cow so it really looks like your milking them. Just thought I would show it to you. Thanks for these cows they really look great in my game.
  2. She's a beauty! Would love to see her as a follower.
    Awesome looking cows. I've been using these in my game on LE for a couple days now. They look great. Good job with these
    These are all awesome looking outfits. I'm using the Christmas outfit right now for my Christmas themed shots and it looks great. I see a whole lot of others I want to use when I'm done with Christmas. A lot of really sexy, hot outfits included in this pack. Thanks for converting all these to UUNP on LE and for merging them all into one convenient pack/esp. 5 Stars!!
  3. MY APPLICATION Please take a minute and tell us why you are wanting to join our Scholarship Program. I want to become a part of the Schaken-Mods Team. What are your talents? I've played Skyrim and used mods with Skyrim since Jan 2014 so I'm very familiar with the file structure and how mods work, but have never actually made my own. Shirley did walk me through the steps of making a follower in CK a couple years ago but I never did actually complete that one. I use Bodyslide for my npcs and armors, I'
  4. Happy New Year, in Feb. already...lol. She makes me Happy
    I downloaded Eleanor back in November but forgot to comment. Like all your followers, Eleanor is "special" and she's not "just another simple follower". She's beautiful, has some great perks, love her outfit and I like it that you find her in the Solitude Lighthouse and not in one of the usual crowded Inns that most modders place them in. I enjoy having her in my game and she's a great addition to my team ... along with the rest of your followers.
  5. Awesome follower and player home. She's beautiful and bad-ass, great perks and love the tats.
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