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  1. be careful with loot. its ok to run for the first time but it has a tendency to mess load orders up that require certain specific things. and can seriously alter the performance of your setup for the worse. manually adjusting your load order and having knowledge of what each mod does to weigh on that is a lot better by far. now having HPH is nice but it isnt a requirement for this mod. she has her own HPH and tri files. xpmsse normally goes to the very bottom of a load order but not below say ASLAL or other such things.just needs to be the last skeleton in order and needs to aslo be the winner in conflicts if using mo2. vortex is an altogether different beast entirely.
  2. have you looked at your load order? and where do you have her in placement. she only needs skyrim as a esm to use but you do need xpmsse for general skeleton use. do you have that installed as well? most modders forget to add that to requirements. the other note is only thing that was changed was 3 textures. if it loaded to main menu before but doesnt now then i can tell you will full knowledge those 3 textures in a bsa will not affect you loading to main menu. that is something else affecting your game entirely. i dont know the degree of knowledge you have for what you do now do i know what your mods are. i've had a number of people test this with me and also assisted in helping me find the original issue which seemed only affect a small amount of people. i'm in game now with her and she is running around destroying things like no tomorrow.
  3. did you try to load a save or a new game or was it just not loading to main menu. if its not loading to main menu then something else is going on. i'll do some more checking though to be safe.
  4. ok. the 3 textures that were causing issue have been replaced. tested both versions in game on multiple scenarios. everything should be good to go. any other issues please feel free to notify
  5. just a reminder to make sure to build the body just in case and there is a zap slider to hide her feet in the shoes (she apparently has big feet and is self conscious about it). other than that have fun with it.
  6. if you can provide the crash log from netscript i can prolly single it out. there was a similar issue i noticed before but i had fixed it prior to release i thought. mostly just want to verify my suspicions
  7. i'll take a took at it do you have a crash log you can link so i can see what specifically is going on? netscript framework
  8. Version 1.0.1


    Well our favorite Wicked Oni Shion from the well known Anime with our favorite Slime Rimiru is now in Skyrim! Now i've made a cbbe and a bhunp version of her. in the pics i've posted is her in the bhunp preset. in both files come with a preset for her shape and bodyslides for her body and outfit i made for her. she has her two handed sword Hercules edge which has a soul Trap ability tagged to it. i am looking into getting a script setup for it so it will grow stronger with each new activation of the soul trap ability it has so it will mimic her sword from the anime. her height is 97 which is roughly 5'7" which is what her height is supposed to be. her weight is 100. now the only annoying thing i found is because of the outfit type it made it fairly "bulky" in appearance and i am rather new at the texture color tampering area. so i could not get rid of the pin stripes for a more pure purple outfit. also i did everything i could to clear as much clipping as possible but as you know outfits with the more "well developed" types of body will tend to have more clipping. here and there. there was a great deal of resources used in making her so i hope you all enjoy her she has some custom spell abilities that so far has functioned as intended from all the testing that has been done. if anything seems odd please let me know in the chat area and i will look into it. and befor ei forget. i have her placed outside the main entrance to the Labrynthian....where the mages guild sends you to go get the staff of magus. ^^b
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