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By Schaken


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By Schaken

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  1. Thank you for you most gracious words. We will continue to strive to be as you have stated.
  2. I have been following your comments. It is refreshing to see an author that takes pride in their work. This to me is a distinguishing feature of a true Artist. Glad to have you here.
  3. Schaken, The install gives the error that it can not find the meshes.
  4. Flowergirls is actually my preferred mod as well. However when I did this mod, I did not get nor have the cooperation of the author of Flowergirls to utilize his mod. Meanwhile SL is much more open sourced solution.
  5. Hello, I glad your uploading your work here and it is very welcomed. Your obviously very talented. Why have I not seen your presence on Schaken discord? We are a community that loves authors. If you feel uncomfortable in anyway responding to me in the open, please just PM via discord.
    Very good work. I will remember your prose.
    당신의 작품은 첫 번째 평가입니다. 나는 매우 감동합니다. 작업 내용을 여기에 계속 게시하십시오. 또한 가이드를 찾고 있는데 찾을 수 없습니다.
  6. Thank you for joining please consider joining discord or our site RocketChat. Which mod are you looking to download. Most mods that have that requirement that your not permitted to download are in various clubs. Go to club and join it. Most of the clubs are free to join. Only club that requires paid membership is Mod-For-Money. Which is this sites Only source of revenue to pay for It's costs and upkeep such as server. If you like the site or wish to support artist here. Please consider joining it.
  7. Well I glad you found the problem. We try to make our mods user friendly. We here also on our site Rocket.Chat or Discord if you have any further problems.
  8. Which cloak? Other then your cloak is physics working boobs bounce?
  9. No there is no esm or esp for hgt-smp it a dll file which you will not see. If you see high heels.esm then it was installed. You might want to check out Discord. We love to help people new modding. You will fine no question goes unanswered
  10. It is actually the teams hope to improve the framework to make it better than just bug fixes. Now that we have access to the source code.
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