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    exceptionally high quality, I've never seen such a high quality skyrim character. I love the fact that its a replacer too because I prefer to only use follower mods with lots of dialogue. 4k Image attached of how amazing the face is for anyone interested in downloading this mod:
  1. I've noticed an issue with some of the outfits that are SMP for example "Fox 007 cuirass SMP" my characters boobs are extremely saggy when worn, like there's nothing in them lol.
  2. loving this mod. I've noticed sometimes her eyebrows go through her face when she's talking
  3. I've reinstalled several times, I'm thinking there must be something conflicting with it. I found that it was just nords that were affected also the male dolls had female dark faces. I'll give it another look tomorrow, see if I can figure it out after some rest maybe a fresh download is needed but I don't feel confident about that working.
  4. hey, I'm getting the dark face bug on all of the dolls. At first I thought it was one of the other mods I installed but it still persists after removing all the possible conflicts. any idea why it's doing this?
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