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  1. Tlam99

    Aja and Kaida

    there is a patch, will upload it. OK, uploaded. Follow the instructions and see screen. Release her before in any follower framework. This patch changes the old (single) Faerie, not Aja/Kaida.
  2. Tlam99

    Aja and Kaida

    Version 1.0.0


    Two sisters, experimenting with ingredients. Both want to be able to fly. They in some sort succeeded. But one of the sisters started to shrink..... Aja, 2handed very special weapon, Kaida, mage with a special spell. Both together an unbeatable team. You will find Aja in the ragged flagon standing in the pool. Kaida Whiterun castle. Soft depency DAR, to get floating animation https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/33746 They use your body
  3. Version V5.1


    fixes the Serana sneak bug. Should be LE compatible
  4. was unsure, which Caliende folder to use. Decided for the top one to test. Hit ! need to move the esp, texture, meshes folder on top and deleted 2nd Caliende. 7zip again and installed as regular mod. But then, it looks great ! Ty for this.
  5. WOW Finally this outfit 3BA. Actually, I left in one follower from teens just because of this outfit. Even it was UNP without physics. Thank you, Ash
  6. No, not working. Now the inventory looks like this, too. attached a BS generated file in Nifscope. As all other outfits work ( tons of yours ) there must be something weird in the caliende file.
  7. I use the last, but the outfit not The sliders do not react on building with 3BA V2 on jeans.
  8. OK, old 3BA in Caliende Jeans. Replace with 3BA V2 fixes it.
  9. jeans do not align with body in BS. will doublecheck, but all your mods are working, except this one.
  10. There is a "not real" conflict with Lilikh Boots gnd nif. I just hided this one, it's only for your info. No need to do anything
  11. Thanks for the info. Btw, it's great that footsteps are included now. Makes it much easier to include heelssound
  12. Ty Ashtoreth. Was not Caliende, just for infoo. What was the issue ? New texture or something like this ?
  13. Reverted to former version fixes it. It's the caliende nif I assume. You inserted the missing body part, this might cause an issue. Actually, just a new Caliende nif would do it ESP is fine, everything points to alternate textures. I had a similiar issue, when I made a armor piece myself. The order of Trishapes got messed up causing this issue.
  14. red dress is blue after update I assume, only Calienda part has changed, would a patch do it ? To prevent the huge download again.
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