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  1. modder that made the mesh is a console modder once outfits and ref. to body have been done she's going to teach me how to put convert to xb1 and upload to Bethesda for download in the console.
  2. Main body mesh is complete the modder forgot how to build body reference to body for bodyslide so all armours generated for any body type will fit the body type sshe is available as main body now without hands and feet if someone knows how to build the references into her let me know. dembase shape.7z
  3. so each outfit is a little different you will need to do minor conforming to body to get to work but have conformed body to daggermaster and dress collection as much as possible
  4. testing and fine tuning body with demonica outfits now still need to do hand and feet morphs using demonica geomitries in cbbe body but almost done with dev when done the demonca outfits should conform without or with very little modifications in outfit studio
  5. This is not Krista's Demonica 3.0 body but a completely new mesh made for cbbe hdt her geometries copied into Not a pirated body or cbbe bodyslide rework. If you use with her mods you need to rework the plugins to use this is just a cbbe demonica body replacer.
  6. So anyway I got a new cbbe hdt body of demonica 3.0 by Krista will upload body when it's through being fine tuned all of Kristas mods can be gotten from http://modding.club/ You can rework plugins to be compatable with this body or use the body to convert her outfits to teen dolls.by making cbbe compatable then then using bodyslide to convert to teen dolls version
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