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  1. Nice this is nice! Just add the detail on the shirt (mostly the sleeves and the pattern on the bottom of the shirt) looking good. by the way I don't mind waiting. Just keep at it.
  2. Now for the sandals and the two skirt which add to $210 I only have to pay half which is $105 so I'll will pay that now.
  3. This is what the toe ring looks like. It is a ring that you put on your toe. It can be just one on one foot or both feet
  4. Sorry my bad I should just pay for the down payment in full. This will cover the outfit that I mention $90, Jewelry $30, and the fixed redguard outfit $30 which adds to $150. For the down payment is $75. The rest will be paid at the end of the week. I have just done that I wouldn't wasted your time sorry for the confusion.
  5. Yep I want to slow down and pay at least one outfit at at time. That way I will be able to pay for the rest.
  6. Just do the top, skirt and accessories for now. As for The down payment I can pay by the end of the week. But I can pay at least for the royal redguard armor now.
  7. No at the last part I thought you need references for the outfits needed. For now I will pay for the fixed redguard royal outfit $30 This whole outfit (except for the veil not really nedded) $90 but willing to pay if it cost extra and the jewelry (All) = $30 The other outfits, the sandals and everything else will have to wait First I will give the down payment for these three first then the rest later.
  8. If the sash is hard just have it's mesh fixed. This for the new style of pants The top that goes with that outfit is good along with that skirt and the accessories. Those two outfits are also good I think I like the white one more than the red one. The red one is also good but if you cannot find the resources or don't like the outfit I can find somewhere else. I think there is some outfits are online. somewhere. But I think they have to be done in scratch if that's the case just using the first and second references is good enough
  9. I want the outfit's meshes fixed and make the sash compatible HDT. after that Make the pants, Tube top, and vest separate so it can mix and match with other outfits. Also add new tops, pants, and skirt options from the references while keeping it lore friendly.
  10. For the sandals it is set so it is a new set of four. As for the belly chain and navel piecing Those other references are for the skirt so you can mix and match outfits. You can use the redguard royal armor that was already made and add on to it.
  11. New Request: Category Armor Mod Author Requested Ashtoreth Disclaimer: The mod author requested has the right to deny the request. Mod Request Description This is a more of a refresh and a remake. I would like the tubetop, vest, pants, sash, and jewelry redone make them look better while keeping it lore friendly. This will use the BHUNP body for special edition.
  12. My bad I should show you the mods that can add nail polish to hand and feet using racemenu. If you want to test these with the sandals. I will test these myself but only the two out of 3 work with unp. This mod converted to Special edition https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49759 This one works with Special edition but for CBBE I'm testing it can work with BHUNP https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/25619 This one works with UNP but limited https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/35676
  13. Thanks this is good this is what I wanted. I have made the mistake of asking too much and not telling you exactly what I wanted. I could also ask you "which of the sandals will look good in Skyrim" and have you choose the best ones. I can do another commission on set of sandals late on the ones that did not made the cut. Also the colors you mentioned were good. If you think of any other colors that would look good in any of the footwear then that would be great too.
  14. As for the color of the sandals a good shade of browns is good along with other colors. Two tones is also good like Brown, light brown, dark brown, beige, tan. white, Blue, red, Black, silver, beige, and tan. One slight addition I would like a bandaged version of the toeless sock you can use the foot-wrap in Skyrim as a reference but make it compatible with sandals by using the calves slot. It can be like this and this
  15. As promised I will pay for the outfit which will cost $100 so I'll will pay for it for $50 for the down payment. I do want the original version of her sandals as well as the short version.
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