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  1. This is the start of a Skyrim parody that's been rattling around in the head for a while. It is Dragonborn-free, though may contain references and after effects of his actions. As a disclaimer there is or will be violence, swearing, sarcasm, (possibly) sex, references to mods that people may or my not have, references to events in Skyrim, use and abuse of NPC's to further the story and the occasional special guest star. Any resemblance to persons or institutes (living or dead) is purely in the delusional mind of the reader. Special thanks to Schaken as he is entirely responsible for Teens and Dolls . Enough of the wordy bits, enjoy (I hope) Having completed chapter two I've decided that any carnal activity will be consenting, vanilla and created as an interlude between chapters. That way if you want sexy times you can have them, if you don't then the chapters will flow without them. There will be innuendo and saucyness but no long descriptions of velvety walls and fluids in the main files (the optional interludes are a different matter). Distances and times are variable - we all know how accurate and demanding Bethesda are with such details....... Yeah, right. Some descriptions are vague, specifically to allow the reader to conjour their own imagination. Chapter_01.doc Chapter 02.doc Chapter 3.odt
    Excellent outfit, the textures are a treat and the translucent skirt really works nicely. Ideal for the fashion conscious mage or that sassy teen with attitude.
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