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  1. Version 1.0.0


    VFX Editor for SE Uploaded by Seetruck-2000 I did NOT create this tool BackgroundAfter some previous work on visual effects, done entirely in NifSkope, I started looking into ways of automating some of the more error-prone and time-consuming tasks. With time, this grew into a standalone application for creating nif files.Don't get me wrong, NifSkope is great. Everything I know about nif files is thanks to NifSkope. But, ultimately, it is a tool for decoding, not designing.The aim of VFX Editor is to provide an interface that is friendlier for creating and editing (inspired in no small part by Blender's node editor), where as much nif-specific detail as possible is abstracted away.Note, this application is still in an early stage, and capabilities are limited. Many features and quality-of-life improvements are needed for it to be widely useful.Target audienceThis is a tool for modders who want to create unique visual effects, e.g. for enchanted items. No prior experience of NifSkope is required.If you have prior experience of computer graphics, the concepts should all be familiar. If you don't, you'll figure it out. No sweat.If you are already a NifSkope expert, you don't need this tool, but it may save you some time (and sanity).CapabilitiesAs of v0.1, the only practical use of the program is the creation of particle systems with basic modifiers (simple force fields, colour, rotation, scale).If that's all you want, no other tools are needed. The program outputs fully functional nif files (SE format).Alternatively, you can load existing nif files and attach or edit particle systems.Some files may fail to load. Others may break. Always make a backup before editing a file.Loading files is a pain right now (you'll see what I mean). Improving this is a priority.RequirementsWindows Vista or laterBasic useTo install, extract the archive to any location on your computer. To uninstall, simply delete it.To make a functional particle system (minimal example): Add a Particle system. Connect it (click and drag the little circles) to the Root (Children-Parent). Add an Effect Shader. Connect it to the Particle system (Targets-Shader). Add an Emitter (any type). Connect it to the Particle system (Target-Modifiers) and to the Root (Emitter object-References). In the Emitter, set any nonzero Birth rate, Life span and Size. Save the file and you will have a nif emitting plain white squares in game. For more advanced examples, load the example files (separate download).Refer to the Help menu (or block types.txt) for an explanation of the blocks and their properties.Source codeAvailable on GitHub.
  2. Version 1.0.1


    The Kings Sword By Seetruck-2000 Custom made Sword one handed The Kings Sword is ready for you. Find it or create it. Can be created at any forge and to upgrade on any grinding stone. The Kings Sword ESP is also ESL flagged so no burden on your load order. This Sword was created by Seetruck-2000 Skyrim SE
  3. Fixed the Nord Race name and Description and also saved to form 44. Updated mod will be updated today.
  4. I’ll look through the mod this weekend to see what is wrong and make any adjustments.
  5. You did get all the requirements and read the original page.
  6. Got started on it sometime this week end should be done.
  7. Nice in the next few days should be finished have some more unpacking to do and working time is eaten up this weekend I’m off Monday so should almost done by then.
  8. I'll do one weapon at a time so it can be tracked easier, if you want to do that is fine.
  9. I can started here in a bit just finishing the chain weapon, so if you place half of the amount I will get started.
  10. I have skulls ready for what ever and if you want I can put different types on the weapon to.
  11. I can do this and the skull version if you like. I’ve done similar weapons already.
  12. they are Ephemeral66 personal preset for his game and will not release it, many have tried sorry.
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