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  1. Version 1.0.0


    SE Conversion of Forges2369's Sexy Lingerie Set CBBE + ESL Includes Bodyslide
  2. It's been over a week, anyone interested in doing this ?
  3. New Request: Category Followers Mod Author Requested Schaken Souichirou Disclaimer: The mod author requested has the right to deny the request. Mod Request Description As already partially discussed with Schaken (this is a re-submission of a previous request, changed) I would like followers created from NPCs within this mod and the ability to create new NPCs based on the races within CK/Rune's Castle and be able to place the NPCs in Rune's Castle: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19484?tab=description There appears to be 4 races already created which might make it easier, the one I am specifically interested in is whatever "race" the 2 Generals are made using. In total there are 10 followers who can basically stay close to their current abilities/setup. Males must be "complete" and not have missing body parts. CBBE if possible but as they come is fine otherwise, as long as other outfits/armours work on them. All 10 need to be Vampires/Bloodthirst compatible even though they are technically Daedra. The deadric armour is not required, neither is anyone of the weaponry. The spells in tome form on one of the followers would be a bonus. All will be given NEW names, provided later. A donation to start has already been made. They MUST look exactly as they do below other than maybe slightly less "blue". FilesIncluded Donation $ USD Disclaimer: The mod author will receive 90% of this amount upon completion.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This mod adds a set of 23 dresses based on the barkeeper outfit mesh. UNP\Vanilla compatible. Should be ok with CBBE too. No Bodyslide file included. The dresses can be bought at Radiant Raiment in Solitude, or in a chest in QAsmoke. you can also spawn the "maid outfit chest" with the command player.placeatme xxx 1
  5. Version 1.0.1


    SSE port of the Evil Lair of the Hydra by hydralisk77 Full function player home to store, sell, craft, enchant etc Arena, bathing suite, mannequin room, club, storage & more 67 beauties living inside bathing, dancing, waiting for you in bed... Watch half-naked amazons fight each other, or fight them yourself 62 exquisite Lydia-clone mannequins for armor display Optional dungeon to imprison, torture and execute victims No other options have been ported, this is the main file only.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    About: Emily Browning as Baby Doll from the movie "Sucker Punch", an original creation by the awesome "Trip the Rift". Not many details known but she is UNP and has a version of the "Baby Doll" outfit that is 2 piece. She can be found at the inn in Dragonsbridge. Starting stats shown in the screenshots. Installation: 1. Download the 7zip file. 2. Open your mod manager of choice and install it with that. The mod has been packaged for easy install with NMM or MO. Alternatively: You can unzip the data contents of this mod and merge it with your Skyrim SE data folder. (This is called a manual installation, not recommended)
  7. Version 1.0.1


    About: This is a fully modular outfit featuring BabyDoll's Outfit from Sucker Punch! There are four pieces to the outfit. 1. The shoes with leggings (BODY slot) 2. Bracers (hands slot) 3. Top (slot 45) 4. Mini skirt (slot 46) You can mix and match pieces even with other mods! The mod features only the clothing. The follower and weapon were removed per the request of the original poster of this thread. The ESP had its records cleaned of everything except anything pertaining to the outfits only. Nif files were optimized for SSE. This mod is intended for the Skyrim SE CBBE body and features support for BodySlide. Installation: 1. Download the 7zip file. 2. Open your mod manager of choice and install it with that. The mod has been packaged for easy install with NMM or MO. Alternatively: You can unzip the data contents of this mod and merge it with your Skyrim SE data folder. (This is called a manual installation, not recommended) BodySlide: To build the outfits to BodySlide, please look for "BabyDoll". There should be 4 clothing pieces that need to be built for your body. How To Obtain Armor: This armor is located in Riverwood. It is in one of the back houses alongside some fences. Please refer to the screenshot
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Basic info: Olive is a standalone follower. She is an archer and uses only bows. You can find her in Whiterun at the Drunken Huntsman. She starts at 10 level and level up with the player. She is essential and can’t die. Olive is marriageable follower. Her body types: ➸ CBBE ➸ UNP ➸ SevenBase Original Height 1.00 Weight 100 NFF/AFT Compatible Story Wandering throughout Skyrim, Olive - a brave archer, has already visited almost every city of this land. Traveling with her faithful bow, she is fighting with bandits and other troubles so that peaceful people can sleep. Her story began long ago, when as a young girl, Olive trained with her father in archery. He taught her everything he knew himself, but it was not enough. She wanted to be of benefit to people, but felt too weak to do so. Then she took a bow, a gift from his father, and went to travel through the lands of Skyrim. Not everything went smoothly, and at first it was very difficult. But she coped. Fulfilling orders of the Jarls and requests of ordinary citizens, she was able to save enough gold to buy her own armor and a bow, found on one of her adventures, is still with her. Olive had become too well known among the people and especially among the bandits. Not only because of her actions, but also because of a recognizable warpaint on her face. In one adventure Olive met two little girls twins. Their names Orfi and Yon. Their parents were killed, that only increased the desire to help them. So she decided to find them a place they could call home. The closest was Winterhold, where she was able to leave the sisters in the college of mages. But Olive just could not stay long in one place, so she went back to travelling, promising the twins that she would come to visit them. Now Olive is in Whiterun, at the Drunken Huntsman tavern, where she hopes to find someone with whom she could continue her adventures. Requirements For CBBE armor version: HDT HighHeels System XP32 Maximum Skeleton
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Basic info Eyvi is a standalone follower. She is imperial. She uses dual wielding custom daggers. You can find her in Solitude at the Winking Skeever. She starts at 10 level and will level up with the player. She is essential and can’t die. Eyvi is a marriageable follower. Her body type is UNPB. Height 1.00 Weight 0.00. NFF/AFT Compatible. She has a custom outfit and weapons. Story Eyvi is known to many in the districts of Cyrodiil, even as a child she managed to steal some little thing from unwary seller. It is not surprising, the girl grew up completely without parents in an orphanage. Gradually, this notoriety spread more and more, that attracted the attention of the guards. And here, being already a young girl, she was caught in a trap. Easy target, a big jackpot, why it is not suspicious? But Evie was able to escape. But she couldn’t stay in Cyrodiil, her portrait hung in almost every city. So she moved to Skyrim. Soon the Thieves Guild found Eyvi, but she preferred to go it alone, and lied that she was tied to the theft. Now she is on her own, engaged in theft and “walks” through the ancient ruins, where she found her daggers. Maybe you will become her first partner? Requirements: XPMSE Issues/Bugs: Please report any issues or bugs so they can be addressed. Complaints do not help, information does.
    Simple items and both work perfectly as described, they even work together. Some mods don't need to be complicated to be awesome.. Nice work.
  10. This sounds like a fun idea, especially if done right
  11. Incredibly nice looking kids.. downloading now.. Maybe TKAA can get the boot now.
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